SkillsRediscovery: Connecting Learners to Mentors for Becoming Perfectly Skilled


A learning mind is insatiable for knowledge. Finding answers to the never-ending questions that erupt in the mind’s barren land is what wisdom entails. Individuals seeking answers need help finding or learning all solutions. They require teachers or guides with subject knowledge and more experience. These mentors are plentiful in today’s technologically advanced era.

However, many of these individuals who have a strong desire to learn new skills find it difficult to find time, organize their schedules, or invest a significant portion of their earnings into such endeavors and connect with their ideal mentors because they are preoccupied with earning a living for themselves and their families.

Furthermore, there are significant requirements in the Indian education system for students to be prepared with industry-ready skills. A significant gap has been discovered between the number of skilled professionals required by the industry and the number of experienced professionals available.

Recognizing the critical need to bridge this gap and connect learning minds to skills mentors who can help these knowledge seekers achieve their personal and professional goals, SkillsRediscovery has created an online platform that is the perfect solution. It connects you with the best online trainers in India and abroad to learn from them live and online.

This pioneering company’s Co-founder, Lokesh Maheshwari, says that the vast divide between formal education, or hunger for skill-based learning and its availability, has inspired him to launch SkillsRediscovery to revamp our entire educational paradigm.

We Connect Learners to the Right Skills and Mentors

He recalls, “When I worked for Amazon in 2011, or while also finishing my degree and learning a foreign language, I noticed a significant gap between natural abilities and formal education.”

According to him, everyone knows what they want to do after 12th grade: BA, BCom, BTech, or any other degree subject. However, he adds that there is no one to advise or properly guide or mentor those students on what they should do additional than simply getting a formal degree; he believes that individual passion is broader than traditional education. “Whomever you seek counsel with, most will recommend subjects for your higher education. Nonetheless, they won’t emphasize the idea of pursuing your passion in the subject you have talent and interest in,” he says.

Yet, Lokesh needed more financial wherewithal to pursue and commercialize this idea. After four years, he moved to Wipro Ltd in the financial services domain. Wipro assisted him in pursuing his other small dream of pursuing an MBA, and he felt compelled to act on the idea that had been gnawing in his mind for years throughout his MBA degree. Then, in 2018, Lokesh started his firm’s functioning with the Micro Franchise initiative while working full time and participating in various international business projects. And, since he was required to work nine to ten hours per day as a corporate employee, it made him run his business difficult.

After balancing his office and business, he eventually left his corporate job just before the lockdown in 2020, allowing him to focus more on his firm. “After a while, I met the other Co-founder, Prof Dr. Rishi Aacharya, which resulted in the formation of SkillsRediscovery.”

Experts to Teach You the Best of Any Skill

And he furthers that today, they are two enthusiasts who have the vision to redefine the country’s education system. They firmly believe that the time has come when they stretch their necks and look around at the options to enable better education for all.

“When we started, we were the only two, but now the diaspore of like-minded trainers and learners are there with us. Our dream is to reach the last mile student with access to technology but looking for a good coach,” says Lokesh.

And true to his words, with 1000+ online courses available in 20+ languages, 60 certified systems, 55K monthly visitors, and 2240 students enrolled, SkillsRediscovery is fast emerging as the most significant breakthrough of online skills-based education in the continent. SkillsRediscovery is also helping colleges and corporates to upskill their employees so that they can be more productive and relative to the current demand of the industry and employers can also be benefitted by saving the cost of overall operation by upgrading their manpower and retention of the workforce. Talking about their recent accomplishment of receiving the “The Best EdTech Startup of the Year” by Award TopRoboLab’ for SkillsRediscovery in 2021, Lokesh says that even though other companies have been operating in this field for many years, they have been recognized and rewarded for their unique services. “We are working to provide certain value-added services to make a difference in society, and we were overjoyed when it was recognized. This honor inspired us to work harder and provide more skill-based services that the market would value.”

Highlighting their many services, he says they include offline on-campus classes, online live classes in Coding, Art, Animation, Business Skills, Finance, Meditation, and Languages. Further,

  • You can Learn at ease and comfortYou can find the trainers which suit your timing and learn directly from your home.
  • Personalized learning experienceWith a limited number of learners, you get personal attention in classes.
  • Recording of the class for later referenceAll the class recordings are available after the classes.

Being Local, Teaching Global

SkillsRediscovery also helps Institutions to teach globally. “SkillsRediscovery onboards colleges/universities to bring out your true potential. Our theme is Be Local–Teach Global,” informs Lokesh.

According to Lokesh, the top skills needed by employers in the modern workplace include Problem-Solvinglearning the art of solutions; Lifestyle Skillsexcellent grooming skills for you, Communication Skillswin the world with your talks; Digital Marketingthe new era of the twenty-first century, Business Skillsneeded by every entrepreneur, IT Skillsraise your income bar, Foreign Language Skills – remove the boundaries and connecting the world.

Talking about their recent accomplishment, Lokesh informed that they received the “The Best EdTech Startup of the Year” award by ‘TopRoboLab‘ for SkillsRediscovery in 2021.

On envisioning the future of the brand SkillsRediscovery, Lokesh reveals that will be the biggest skills-based education ecosystem in Asia in which the future of students, learners, and trainers will thrive due to an integrated and Symbiotic Mutualistic Relationship among the stakeholders.

“We are a platform where anyone who has a mastery in any skill can join us as a coach. Students and Learners who want to learn any new skill can take advantage of this platform and learn from these experts. We are a meeting place for them in cyberspace.” he says.

Sharing more, he adds that recently, SkillsRediscovery conducted a workshop on Introduction to Foreign Languages (German & Japanese) in IMS Noida on 22/Mar/2023 and another workshop in GL Bajaj Institute of Management, Greater Noida on Scope & Benefits of Japanese Language on 22/Mar/2023. “There we addressed students as well as faculty members about the importance of foreign languages and how a student can add an edge in his resume and widen the career opportunities.”

SkillsRediscovery signed MoU with IMS Noida, as a Skill-Partner and is starting a pilot project in IMS Noida. “We are going to teach German and Japanese Languages to their students and also running a Personality Development program for the students wherein we will conduct many workshops to groom their students and make them more ready for placements,” Lokesh concludes.

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