Skynet Experts: Facilitating Digital Transformation Across Various Verticals.

Dr. Rajesh Joshi | Chairman & Managing Director | Skynet Experts

Educational assessment plays an integral role in an aspirant’s life. A good career assessment makes candidates mindful of their performance, knowledgebase, areas of improvement and the job market as well. On the contrary, it gives educators a clear picture of the aspirant’s progress, helping them devise the most suitable approaches to increase efficiency. The conventional procedure of assessments focuses on the aspirants’ interests, aptitudes, values, and skills to determine what their real interests are and where exactly they fit in the job market. However, this framework often shows equivocal conclusions, and it becomes a back-breaking task for companies, to churn out the perfect candidate, with the right skill set.

Technology has been an incremental component, for the growth of the education industry. Tech-upgrades namely Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have helped the arena see new heights, in a short time. The digital platform has also played a crucial role in education assessment. During recruitment, companies tend to find candidates with, the perfect blend of skills and education. However, the prevalent framework makes it a huge challenge to identify the right candidate in the crowd.

“Our mission is to be the most successful consulting company, abiding by our principles – the Knowledge, the Effectiveness, the Reliability, and the Integrity”

This calls for a specialist such as Skynet Experts. Headquartered in Pune, the company has conceived a state-of-the-art online platform that assesses an aspirant’s career interest and helps them find the perfect job. Skynet Experts is the leading, globally operating technology management consulting company with headquarters in Maharashtra, India which has been combining classic management consulting with high technological competence for over 4 years. The focus of its activities is on digital transformation.

It includes education sector, supports companies from all areas of business to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of the digitalized, globalized economy with state-of-the-art communication and information technology. Skynet Experts expertise bundles the knowledge from the successful conclusion of management and technology consulting projects in over 04 countries.

As one of the leading Technology and Consulting company, Skynet Experts is providing the most innovative and hi-tech solution to assess today’s youngsters for tomorrow’s jobs. Specialized for evaluations of employability across all domains, we conduct entry level and lateral evaluations for corporate clients and have access to more than one million applicants through its online assessment platform.

Dynamics of Skynet

Skynet Experts encompass a highly professional team having decades of experience in technology, management, and skill development and evaluation field. Its team works with leading universities of skill, states, and competency councils in the sector. Using latest technological tools and AI based assessment the team at Skynet assess the talent and help its clients in selecting perfect workforce which will act as a business growth catalyst for them.

As a technology company, Skynet also provides skills/vocational career guidance and assessment certification solutions. Till date it has issued more than 3.5 million evaluations in 200 + districts in 20 states of India. Its three-dimensional work style helps the company’s corporate partners to reduce the frequency of interviews using a central evaluation platform. This platform also helps its institutional partners in measuring and improving employability and help candidates to move ahead on their career path. “We provide guaranteed placement to our certified candidates,” says the team of Skynet Experts.

Now, Skynet is entering in the E-commerce sector with our in house developed brand under project ‘Mission Agro Aisle’ named Gramin Vikreta, a digital platform to encourage Indian farmers to adopt this digital era and become part of it. As population grows, we need to find a way to supply food or agro products much faster to customers. Gramin Vikreta platform helps all agro production chain to achieve their common goal. The platform helps farmers, transporters, and customers to fulfil their needs and support efficiently.

As the challenges in the agriculture space grows, the requirement of new tools to even maintain, improving the way of food production, improving connectivity, supply-demand ratio, and enabling digital platform will be the key to address these issues. This digital platform is set up to help shape the future tools from Skynet Experts. “We explore how to transfer our unique knowledge and help farmers increase yield and reduce emissions based on new ways of collaborating and new technologies,” adds Skynet Experts’ team.

Additionally, the company also works as a Consultant for the criteria for skills training and business evaluation for various Governments and private entities too. Skynet’s team is expert in the fund-raising field. It has worked for private entities in the field of fund-raising, marketing, public relations, sales, and over the years, the company has discovered how to raise money. As of now, the team of Skynet has turned a decade of successes into a lucrative consulting business.

Having excellent expertise, which is expected from a consultant, the company derives its functionality well in industry which allows it to continually experience success and face the challenges of new era. “We are highly confident about new challenges, new client needs and demands require more, however, as management consultants, our values lie in paving our own path with brisk strategy for the future,” says Dr. Rajesh Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director of Skynet Experts.

A True Expert

Dr. Joshi is a great visionary as well as is IIT, IIM and PHD holder in IT and operations. Dr. Joshi also Princes 2 Certified, PMP Certified, and has worked for HCL, Microsoft on development of native tools and designed and deployed lots of large-scale projects. For the last ten years, he is into policy designing for the central and state of India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. He is an expert in Projects Management in the fields of entrepreneurial assistance, information technology, training, and regional development in the Private and Public sector.

Dr. Joshi is working for a social cause; initiating the youth for changing the system, utilizing opportunities, and spreading awareness among the community to make society a better place. He has been striving to achieve ‘the development of – Me,’ which according to him is developing and helping oneself in becoming the best for the society.

As technology and consultancy company Dr. Joshi strives for enabling digitalized transformation for Skynet’s client’s businesses. The automated processes and tech-based solutions helps in the growth and revenue generation of the company. Implementing digital platforms, AI technology, E-commerce solutions helps to serve end customer and client. When it comes to innovative solutions and offerings, certain unprecedented disruptions require transformations i.e., building customer base, reinventing core operations and partners experience as well. It has been more alleviated by the trend focusing smart, connected and AI-powered products. Today’s digital turbulence is driving a major pivot to as-a-service and other new business models. “Reinventing core business and simultaneously mounting new business models is gist of Skynet Experts’ business model,” states Dr. Joshi.

In addition to Dr. Joshi, the company is blessed with rational core management team, in which Dr. Firoz Syed is Head of International Business and Mr. Devdatta Sathe is heading IT Department, along with Dr. Rupali Joshi, Head of Operations.

What lies Ahead….

The nationwide panic due to the COVID-19 outbreak has afflicted the livelihood of the entire country. Businesses are witnessing severe hardships and need to adapt to the transformative way for a new normal. Digital Technology has revealed an avenue of transformative opportunities to learn and adapting this period of self-isolation. Fathoming to the scenario, Skynet is diversifying its assessment services to online learning solutions and other tech-based projects as well. Since the conclusion of the current situation remains inconclusive, Skynet is focusing on aspects it can control.

Specifically, the company is prioritizing on customer retention, including the quality of services, value orientation, and ensure spending only on crucial aspects. “Since they are shifting from the conventional path, we are keeping a clear communication channel, short and crisp meetings to value each other’s time, sending prereads and use meetings to drive decisions,” informs Dr. Joshi.

The pandemic has created a huge turmoil for several businesses and consumers all over world. However, Skynet believes that it has emerged as an opportunity to innovate new possibilities. “We are emphasizing on capital preservation for sustaining our business and investing in deploying remote communications, artificial intelligence, and contactless services in the aftermath of the pandemic,” concludes Dr. Joshi and the team of Skynet Experts.

“We strive to be a resourceful continuous development partner. Our intent is to enable a digitally transformed platform for our clients”