SLC Partners & Associates: Facilitating Justice through Expert Legal Consultancy

SLC Partners & Associates
SLC Partners & Associates

Today’s world of rapid developments often poses certain challenges that restrict businessmen and professionals’ ambitions and growth prospects. Certain occasions arise where the transacting parties have disagreements after certain dealings or transactions, resulting in disputes and disagreements. In several other employment scenarios, personal or professional matters, the demands or claims made are not agreed upon by others, thereby leading to disputes.

In all such and other scenarios, legal intervention is required to understand and resolve disputes peacefully and judiciously. This is precisely where the law firms step in and help needy clients in getting justice. However, due to inadequate knowledge, inhibition about legal matters, and the prevailing gap in the public about court matters, have led to several challenges for the people. There arises a need for proper professional legal consultants who can bridge the gap and offer swift consulting solutions.

Offering a wide range of expert legal services in the areas of corporate and commercial laws, SLC Partners and Associates specializes in representing major domestic corporations with diverse business interests in India. Spearheaded by its Managing Partner, Advocate Puneet Siddhartha and Partner, Advocate Jitesh Singh, SLC Partners and Associates has created a prominent mark of its own in the legal industry.

Genesis of Justice

SLC Partners and Associates is a premier full services Indian Law Firm situated at Patna, Bihar. The firm was incorporated in the year 2017 in Patna by the dynamic, namely Advocate Puneet Siddhartha, a Managing Partner, and Advocate Jitesh Singh, a partner in the law firm. The law firm comprises a strong team of associates with outstanding academic and professional records.

The Associates are confident in their ability to provide advice across borders, identifying themselves with the client’s requirements and work along with the clients to help them achieve their objectives.

Inspiring Drive

The legal industry has a long, detailed, complex process that has witnessed many cases pending for years. Common people must spend a lot of money in the process that too without getting any clarity of the process. Puneet was touched by this prevailing situation and decided to bring in a positive change.

He believes that the Indian Judiciary is created to deliver justice to all the people. Puneet decided to bridge this gap and work towards helping the people in getting the justice through the proper process.

The Visionary Leadership

Mr Puneet Siddhartha is a seasoned lawyer with Eleven years of experience representing clients in litigation and arbitration. He did his schooling at Mayo College, Ajmer. At the same time, he pursued and completed his five years LL.B. degree from the prestigious Pune University. Thereafter, he went on to complete his Masters in Law (LL.M.) from one of the best universities in the world for law i.e. Durham University in England. Advocate Puneet has also received Diploma in Cyber Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Law and Intellectual Property Laws. He has been contributing to the development of jurisprudence through his representation in cases at different forums.

Delivering the Legal Advantage

SLC Partners & Associates has a keen focus on quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. It offers a wide range of expert legal services in the areas of corporate and commercial laws.

Specializing in representing major domestic corporations with diverse business interests in India, the firm also offers proven capabilities in litigation and dispute resolution practice areas, especially in handling domestic arbitrations as well as litigation in the Supreme Court, Patna High Court and various judicial and quasi-judicial Tribunals/forums including CAT, RERA, DCSL, BIADA, Wakf Board, DRT, Tax Tribunal, Patna Labour Court, Electricity Tribunal, Appellate Tribunals, designated authorities and other adjudicatory bodies.

SLC Partners and Associates are providing expert legal services to its domestic as well as international clients around the globe. It is the one from which you can seek holistic legal assistance on both civil and criminal matters.

Countering Challenges

The primary challenges faced were about gaining the confidence of the clients. Advocate Puneet had to convince the prospects about the case and how they could identify the possibilities of achieving justice, get the systematic procedures done and adhere to the legal protocols. Driven by honest and sincere practice, SLC Partners & Associates achieved a decent foothold in the legal fraternity.

The goodwill that Puneet created in clients through his dedication and consistent efforts has earned SLC many more clients through word of mouth. Puneet overwhelmingly recollects, “One happy client can refer our name to several other clients leading to the steady growth of our firm.”

Enriching Technologies

Adopting a forward and client-centric approach, Puneet acknowledged the role and importance of the modern technologies in the legal industry like every other. The process of Digitization has reduced the paperwork by 70 percent and removed the hassles of storing and maintaining the court documents, which were also difficult to access and refer to.

Digitization has organized all the case records in digital files stored on dedicated data servers. Lawyers, court officials and people can easily go through the case documents and refer to the same very easily and comfortably.

The legal industry is becoming more and more comfortable with automation, remote hearings, video conferences, and other technology offerings that improve client communications streamline workflows and enhance work-life balance.

For unified communication and collaborative solutions, it allows its expert lawyers and clients to communicate using instant messaging, email, voicemail or web conferencing.

The modern software applications have unified and simplified the working process of the law firms today by spanning all the operations in a single integrated system that connects all departments and team members. Inquiries generated are processed, providing the next task allocation and boosting the teams for better and more effective performance. Remote working is possible through the modern platforms of Google Meet, Teams, Skype, Teams, etc., facilitating smooth and convenient working. Lawyers often had to travel to meet other officials, people and witnesses to gather evidence, which is now reduced to a much larger extent with the convenience of modern technologies.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped in undertaking several repetitive tasks and has helped save the crucial time of the firm members. Moreover, the in-built analytics system automatically compiles the data, analyzes the gathered information, and derives conclusive insights that are helpful in decision-making. AI-based applications drive the Client Relationship Management (CRM) application. The system communicates with the prospects, helps understand the requirements, generates productive leads and enhances client engagement through steady, consistent and spontaneous communication.

Words of Motivation

Replying as a bit of advice for budding professionals in the legal industry, advocate Puneet underlines the aspect of value-based working. He says, “Be honest with your interactions with people. It is the duty of the lawman to understand and support the layman. Be very clear about the process and the compliances. Get the complete information from the client from all the dimensions so that the case you plan to build can be created with a solid foundation of shreds of evidence, research, IPC references, and the client points on justice.

Stay firm on your commitments. In case of any changes, update the client and the concerned authorities very promptly. Your dedication and passion will garner the clients’ respect and increase his interest and involvement in the case.”

Expanding in Broader Horizons

SLC Partners & Associates prioritizes the client’s legal queries and problems for better understanding. To provide valued, practical and strategic legal solutions to help clients achieve their goals, the firm combines the highest global standards with local expertise. Any solution to a legal problem requires a robust implementation along with an effective course of action. With an emphasis on the core values of focusing on quality, reliability, and efficacy a long with a basic understanding, that it works best through teamwork and collaboration, the firm can work seamlessly across all practice areas for its clients.