Snap Introduces New AI Shopping Experiences, Including the Dress Up Tool

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, demonstrates innovative technologies that will let companies and users have better augmented reality (AR) purchasing experiences. Snap delivered a slew of announcements at its annual Snap Partner Summit (2022) centered on its augmented reality technology and new software features for driving an AR purchasing experience from the retail side.

“Snapchat has evolved from a way to communicate visually in a Snap to an augmented reality platform over the years, and our camera has become significantly more capable.” During The Presentation, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel noted that “on average, consumers interact with augmented reality Lenses on Snapchat 6 billion times per day, using computing in completely new ways through our Camera.”

Snap wants to deliver AI-powered shopping Lenses for trying on clothing as part of its AR Shopping experiences. Lenses on Snapchat are similar to filters on other platforms, and they usually include an AR component.

It is now adding a dedicated Dress Up location to the Snapchat app. Users will be able to enjoy the best of AR fashion and try-on experiences from creators, retailers, and fashion companies all in one spot.