Snapchat has launched an AI chatbot, My AI for its users


Snap is delivering its Open simulated intelligence fueled chatbot – – My computer-based intelligence for all Snapchat clients. The new chatbot can answer questions from users and soon will be able to create Snapchat photos.

On Wednesday, Snap Inc. held its Snap Partner Summit 2023 and provided its more than 750 million monthly active users with a slew of brand-new features. The new features make it easier to share stories and make money from programs, among other things.

Snapchat AI Chatbot

The highlight, however, is that the instant messaging app is now making its AI-powered chatbot, My AI, available to all users. Snap Inc. announced that My AI, its artificial intelligence chatbot, is now available to all users and can answer questions with messages and fully AI-generated images. The goal of the AI step is to expand the company’s expertise in AI technology.

Snapchat+, which has 3 million subscribers, will be the first platform where the new feature will be available. The new artificial intelligence chatbot in Snapchat is additionally coordinated into the application and will go about as a social friend and information storage facility for Snap clients. Utilizing the new artificial intelligence-controlled chatbot, Snapchat clients can ask many questions to computer-based intelligence very much like chatGPT and Google Bard

On Snapchat, users can now add My AI to group chats by mentioning it with the @ symbol and modifying its Bitmoji avatar to change its name and appearance. Additionally, my AI can suggest AR camera filters and map tab destinations. In addition, Snap intends to let users visually message My AI and receive responses.

At the submission, Evan Spiegelfurther, CEO of Snap, shared personal examples of how he uses My AI. Spiegelfurther views generative AI as a creative tool. It revealed that birthday plans and bedtime stories can now be requested from the AI. My AI handles more than 2 million chats per day.