Sonal Singh: Empowering Your Brand to Conquer the Market with Fixdax Technology   

Sonal Singh
Fixdax Technology Pvt Ltd

What are the three most critical problems businesses face in the digital era?

According to an exemplary IT leader and industry expert, Sonal Singh, the Director of Fixdax Technology Pvt Ltd., ever-advancing technological solutionspeople solutionsand their provision with speed to the market have been identified as the three most crucial issues.

To solve these problems, Sonal established Fixdax in 2015 as a business solutions-based company. He shares, “With our customer-oriented services, we take care of all you need to be successful in the market. We provide you with proven solutions on how best to attract customers and keep them.”

He furthers that at Fixdax, he and his team know precisely what makes their customers happy and are ready to bring that to the table. Their several years of experience in the market have exposed them to understanding the customer’s behaviour concerning what they want and how they want it. “Our team of professionals has been trained to speak and understand the customer’s language. We connect with them at their level and present them with your products to satisfy them,” he adds.

He claims they are product and people-oriented; they take the little information you provide to them and transform it into wonderful resources which will wow your customers and keep your employees on their toes. “Our team of specialists is available round the clock to resolve your complaint and provide actionable solutions. At Fixdax, we have got you covered,” he insists.

Utilizing the Power of Technology

They’ve positioned themselves as a solution provider for all types of clients’ business needs. He says, “We are very much flexible. We adjust ourselves according to client needs.”

As an IT solution provider, Sonal and team Fixdax provide operational support to clients.

Fixdax’s list of services includes,

  • Software Development, •Operational Support, •Book Keeping, •Digital Marketing, •Virtual reality (VR), •Internet of Things (IoT), •Business Intelligence (BI), •Data Analytics, •Website Designing & Development, •Mobile apps, Game Development, •Project management, •Cloud Computing, and •IT Infrastructure.

Sonal adds, “Our services can be customized according to your requirement (you can have any work done by us). We see our business as an extension of client business.”

Adapting to the Changing Situations

According to him, the world of technology is changing very rapidly. So, clients’ business needs are also changing as technology is changing. To make pace with the changing technology, they have updated themselves. Prior their focus was on solutions, but now it has changed from solution to sustainable solution and future problem finding and solving it in the present.

Sonal reveals that his journey in the business world was not pre-decided. He was working as an employee like others. But after seeing the work scenario, he decided to do his own business. “He thought, what worst could happen besides failure that would give him experience, and if success happened, it would add to more responsibility. So his journey was very organic. No support from anyone. He had no investor, nothing, just an idea of what he wanted to do. Learning is part of the journey. Once you go on the path, you know where obstacles are holding you back, what to do, and what not to do. It has been now great experience, and learning is still going on. “I think its life long process.”

He made Fixdax excel in its niche and still believes that there are many more miles to go in this journey. “Our journey has just started. We have to do many things, but I believe five traits that have made us what we are today are,

  • Being Patient, •Risk Taking, •To Be flexible, •Providing Outstanding Customer Service, and •To enjoy the journey, no second plan.”

Modern Tech-Upgrade

Being an experienced leader, sharing his opinion on how the adoption of modern technologies like AI and ML is impacting today’s business sector and how Fixdax is adapting to the change, he says all businesses are using modern technologies like AI and ML as a tool to save time and money, Increase productivity, make a faster business decision, avoid human errors and mistakes, increasing revenue, and growing expertise.

“So our organization is working on the same. You can’t ignore the potential of AI and ML. It is a data-driven decision with great chances of leading to success. Thus, our organization is getting familiar with AI and ML, identifying the problem we can solve by AI and ML, bringing experts and setting up pilot projects for the same.”

Considering the current industry scenario, he and his team face challenges and successfully overcome them to move ahead. He believes that in today’s market, every client has multiple choices to do business with. Also, it is a measured challenge for them to make client associate with Fixdax for the long term.

Exemplifying Future Dynamism

The major thing that they focus on that is being very flexible and client-oriented operations. Because at the end of the day, how much good you are in your capabilities, if your client is not happy with you, then everything that you do is just a waste of time and energy. “So, we focus on client satisfaction with every touch point. We believe our business is an extension of client work only.”

In his advice to budding professionals aspiring to venture into the business sector, he says there is only one mantra from his side: “Never have a second choice: As if you have a second choice, then once you are going through your downtime, you will get distracted.”

On envisioning scaling Fixdax’s services and offerings in the future, Sonal divulges their plan. It includes, •Perfecting their service; •Creating thoughtful process; •Building their brand; •Connecting with the customer; and •Quick decision-making.

He concludes, “It is following this plan that we have achieved several milestones, like”

Accolades and Awards:

  • 10 Most Promising Virtual Assistance Service Providers – 2020- By Silicon India Magazine.
  • 10 Most Promising Virtual Assistance Service Providers – 2021- By Silicon India Magazine.
  • Google AdWords Certified.

Client testimonials: 

  • Have had a great experience working with Fixdax. The team is very knowledgeable and hard-working.”
  • I had a great experience with the game development service. The team has potential developers, writers, and designers who helped me to bring my visualization into action along with a good understanding of my target audience.”
  • Company and employees have a very strong work ethic, great communication skills, are fast learners, and all are overall very pleasant to work with.”
  • Have had a great experience working with Fixdax and Sonal. The team is very knowledgeable and hard-working.”