Spartan: An Indigenous Crown Jewel of the Global Construction Equipment Industry

Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt. Ltd.

To achieve your goals, along with a passionate heart and mind with a fighting spirit, you need an attitude of innovation and an ability to make that innovation solve various issues and problems, thus earning long-lasting trust. A pragmatic innovation has been the bedrock of trustworthy personal and professional relationships from the dawn of civilization in the era of antiquity.

Like, in ancient Greece, a Spartan warrior was famous for being an achiever of accomplishing impossible goals, a fighter of the highest degree, passionate for their compatriots and kingdom, excited for innovation, and trustworthy beyond the foundational faith of generations. Christened in their legend, today, the brand Spartan Engineering Industries is acknowledged as the indigenous crown jewel of the Global Construction Equipment Industry.

Founded in the year 1971, Spartan forayed into the field of manufacturing and supplying construction equipment in the year 2005. Since its four decades of existence in the Engineering Industry, Spartan has become a leading Indian MNC in Construction Equipment Manufacturing.

Built for innovation, the brand Spartan promises that it is ‘Committed for Safety, Reliability and Service Excellence. Stating the big hairy audacious goal, Spartan’s young, dynamic second-generational entrepreneurial leader and Managing Director Dr Vikram Mehta says, “We aim to be a Leading India MNC, established in 25 countries, built on Innovation, Trust and become a 500 Crore Diversified Group, with 10% Net Profit, by 2026.”

Built on Innovation

Today, its exports to ten countries worldwide, 7000+ machines on site every year, 150+ well-trained engineers and technicians, 20 national and international awards, 4000 plus satisfied customers, and many more such milestones make Spartan the number one global player in the engineering and construction equipment industry. Clients all over the world vouch for Spartan’s innovation as it is an ISO 9001 2015 certified manufacturer and supplier of high-quality construction machinery and equipment like Bar Bending Machines, Bar Cutting Machines, Passenger and Material Hoists, Multi-Functional Material Hoists, Rope Suspended Platforms, and Lift Shaft, Mini-lifts, Firemen Evacuation Lifts, Boom Placers, CNC Stirrup Bending Machines, Spiral Bending Machines, and De-coiling Machines, etc.

Spartan has played a pivotal role in the nation’s development by providing machineries to infrastructure projects. “Our projects range from roads, flyovers, bridges, buildings, houses to dams and tunnels,” Informs Dr Mehta.

Constructing Legends

Dr Mehta is an alumnus of Wharton University. He did his MBA from SP Jain and graduated in Production Engineering from Fr Agnel Engineering College, a premier Engineering institute in Mumbai.

He joined his father’s business in the year 2005. He transformed his father’s engineering business into a Construction Equipment manufacturing business- Spartan Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd. He led the business by manufacturing Bar Cutting and Bar Bending machines, followed by bigger and heavier machines like Tower Cranes, Passenger and Material Hoists, and Rope Suspended Platforms. Now Spartan has full-fledged teams of Sales and Service in 16 cities across India, with three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Mumbai.

Navratna of Construction Industry

He has introduced to India one of the most advanced, safe, and innovative hoists, like Multi-functional material hoists, making Spartan a renowned brand in India for Hoists. His innovation in Hoists has been rewarded by BAI (Builder’s Association of India) by felicitating him with ‘Navratna of Construction Industry’. To add to the award list, he has also been awarded for ‘Business Excellence’ from AIBCF. His vision has won him many other awards for Spartan. Like- being one of the top 30 and top 100 SMEs in India. With a vision to be a leading indigenous construction equipment manufacturer, he has come a long way towards achieving it with heavy investment in Research and Design team and infrastructure.

Dr Mehta has not only been an excellent entrepreneur, but he has made Spartan one of the best employee-friendly companies. He has introduced many development systems and processes like KASH (Knowledge, Attitude, Skills & Habits), WIN WIN, Pat on the Back Initiative, One Page Strategy, Best Performer Award, Gratitude Book, Vision Meetings, Happy Mind sessions, etc.

Trust: The Core Principle of Technovations

Stating Spartan’s core purpose, he says it is ‘to Enhance the Productivity, Speed, and Safety in Construction and Infrastructure Industry by providing Advanced Mechanized Solutions, thereby saving customer’s Money, Time and Efforts. He reiterates, “We see ourselves achieving this with a vision to be a Leading Indian MNC by establishing in 25 Countries, focusing on Innovation and Trust. This is how we envision becoming a 500 Crore Diversified Group, with 10% Net Profit, by the year 2026.”

Spartan boasts three State-of-the-Art manufacturing facilities at Atgaon on the Mumbai-Nashik highway, Kalwa Navi Mumbai, and Bhiwandi, thane. These are fully equipped with world-class equipment to manufacture an array of construction equipment and Fire Evacuation Lifts. They spread across five acres with one lac sq. ft. build-up Shed and Office. The production facility covers Fabrication, Production Assembly, Testing, R&D, Design and Development, Spares Management, and Dispatch.

Being an experienced leader, Dr Mehta shares his opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the Construction Equipment space and how Spartan is adapting to the change. He says that Spartan’s USP has been innovation. Spartan is built on a strong foundation of innovation which is the prime reason for its success. “We are already on a massive project to incorporate AI and Machine Learning into our Marketing and Training. This is going to separate us as one of the first construction equipment manufacturing companies in India,” he reveals.

An Invincible Bond

When probed that considering the current scenario, what initial challenges they face and what the challenges are now, and how Spartan overcomes them, Dr Mehta cites that challenges have taught them many things. It has also impacted the way the business is being carried out. During the pandemic, Spartan’s main goal was to be with customers, understand and empathize with their challenges, and face the crisis with a lot of grit and patience. Spartan’s complete team was in touch with all the nationwide customers, all the deliveries were met on time, and service was provided at all sites wherever possible. Customers’ trust in Spartan increased manifold during the pandemic, and Spartan could do some record business over time.

He predicts optimistically, “From here onwards, there will be only growth in Construction Business. All the projects which were held due to the pandemic have already restarted. As we see in the interviews of prominent Government authorities and boards, many infrastructure and realty projects are in the pipeline.” Spartan is ready to take up these opportunities and will see a steady growth and leadership position in the Construction Equipment industry.

Illuminating Global Horizons

To all the budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Construction Equipment space, Dr Mehta advises to be patient and persistent and have faith in the Indian Economy and Indian Construction Industry Scenario. “India is already on its path to becoming World’s fastest-growing economy, and Construction Industry will be the major beneficiary of this outcome,” he asserts.

On envisioning scaling brand Spartan’s operations and offerings in the future, Dr Mehta shares, “We aim to drive Worldwide Operations from a 3,500 sq. ft. plush Corporate Office located in a Prestigious Commercial Hub.” Spartan will strengthen its Global Infrastructure through three global offices located in Dubai, Brazil, and Colombo.

According to him, Spartan will be a Leading market share holder in ten countries. In Rack and Pinion Hoist business, Spartan will be the Largest Manufacturer in Sales, Rental, and Refurbishing across India.