Sswings Preschool & Day Care: Nurturing with Fun and Learn

Rajni Chhabra | Principal and founder member | Sswings Preschool & Day Care
Rajni Chhabra | Principal and founder member | Sswings Preschool & Day Care

Little Kids are like delicate and emotional flowers. They are nurtured by their parents with love and care. As they grow up steadily, they need to be slowly introduced to the outside world and the schooling system.

A special initial level is developed for them to tune in to independent and interactive learning through the preschools or kindergarten. Along with the preschool, the new form of creche or the daycare facility also came into being that takes care of the kids for the convenience of the working parents.

Parents look forward to a place where their little kids can be slowly groomed for regular schooling. This transition needs to be very steadily made, transforming and educating them with light, fun activities and games. Some well-trained staff supports teachers, takes good care of the kids, carefully comforts them, and introduces schooling through storytelling.

Kids are introduced to an external activity place where they learn to stay away from their parents, mix with other kids, learn to play, sing, have fun and eat together. The preschool teachers play an essential role of a friend, caring elders and patient guardians.

This leading role is very skilfully managed by Sswings Preschool and Day Care based in Gurugram. On understanding the educational scenario and the need of the working parents, Rajni Chhabra, Principal and Founder Member, began Sswings in 2009 in Gurgaon.

The Beginning

Sswings preschool and daycare became an integrated part of the nuclear families, which migrated from different parts of the country to work in Gurgaon. It was started with the objective of giving quality education and complete well-being to pre-schoolers and daycare children. It undertakes a holistic, child-centred, age-appropriate, joyful learning program. The aim is to provide the kids with their second home feel through comfort, fun, play and vibrant culture.

Sswings was lucky to have children from across the country, incorporating the core values of one nation, one people, right from its very beginning.

Over the last eight years, more than three hundred children have successfully passed from Sswings, taking admissions into various prestigious schools of the national capital region and other metros. The school program provides an enriching yet challenging ambience that supports the development of skills essential for your child’s long-term success in school and personal life.

Sswings daycare program caters to the highest nutrition, hygiene, and safety standards. It provides a caring and nurturing atmosphere that enables the little ones to settle and grow in a very homely, secure and loving environment.

The Philosophy of Values

The schooling system is based on the philosophy of Explore, Express, and Excel together. It merges learning experiences with opportunities for creative expression to help children acquire the confidence essential to face the world beyond home and school. Sswings believes that consideration and care of everything surrounding us are crucial, including friends, neighbours, city, country and nature, including the five elements.

The Guiding Management

Rajni Chhabra was inspired by her mother, who was from a teaching background, who guided her in starting the first preschool and daycare centre in Gurgaon. Rajni had identified the need and planned the solution through her well-organized preschool model. Right from planning the infrastructure to equipping it with the basic facilities for creating a warm, welcoming and encouraging environment.

As the principal and founder member, Rajni had been very systematic in developing the teaching system through the thoughtful application of various practical and engaging activities. The appointment and selection of the teachers, instructors, and support staff are carefully and logically conducted. The staff at all levels is inducted with proper training and professional guidelines. They are dedicated to creating active, interesting, and engaging programs that sync with children’s needs and parents’ aspirations.

Strict adherence to the rules of discipline, mutual respect, non-disclosure and safety and security compliance is perfectly followed.

Regular observation and monitoring with periodic supervision through personal involvement and remote surveillance are conducted. Rajni has developed a safe and transparent ecosystem for the kids, where periodic updates on the activities, kids’ performance, health etc., are conveyed to the parents. Round-the-clock external security services have been hired for the complete safety of the kids and the staff members.

Ssvings preschool and daycare is promoted by V.K. Education Society (VKES), Delhi, and has been imparting quality education through Sai Education Society for the last 35 years.

An Environment of Learning

Spread in 1500 sq yds allotted by DLF, Sswings is designed and constructed, giving every child ample indoor and outdoor space to be involved and explore.

The management believes in providing the best kind of education and an environment well-equipped with modern facilities that will encourage the kids to learn, enjoy and develop new skills through observation and involvement. Some of the necessary facilities have been set up to ensure the all-round development of the kids.

  • Spacious and air-conditioned classrooms, Large playground, Swimming pool, Amphitheatre, and Specialized centres for learning
  • Medical tie-up in case of emergency, Digital, Instant Communication with parents, 24×7 security with CCTV surveillance, hygienic and nutritious meals.
  • Safe and supervised transport facility, intercom in all the rooms, and stand-by generators for 100% power back-up.
  • Clean drinking water, specifically designed bathrooms-washrooms, and CCTV surveillance.
  • Strict safety norms for staff and parents and safety gates.

Child’s First Step

The daycare services in Sswings preschool were incorporated, keeping in view the needs and requirements of the parents in Gurgaon.  It is a holistic, child-centred, age-appropriate caring-learning program. The schedules and activities are specially designed to help children acquire new skills in social interaction and participation, group psychology, games, art and craft etc.

Their pedagogy focuses on the healthy all-around development of the children, touching the physical, social, emotional and intellectual dimensions. Every child is handled with warmth and care to feed their emotional requirements.

The kids are taught about participation in all festivals, celebrations and events. Group activities, interactive games and pictorial charts are used for their better understanding.

They encourage joyful learning, develop an understanding of viewing parents as partners and provide the basic knowledge of health and hygiene.

The daycare facility is developed as a specialised learning centre with high standards. The kids are instructed on healthy eating habits in Nutrition, the importance of drinking water and cleaning hands regularly.

Seeking Inspirations

Rajni being passionate about teaching the little kids, grasped the teaching profession automatically at a very early stage of her life. The conceptualization of the daycare facility and Preschool culminated mainly due to the dire needs of the working parents.

Impressive experience teaching little ones and understanding child psychology to its core in real practical terms. Furthermore, her exposure and opportunity to work with personalities like Julia Gabriel, a highly reputed name internationally in this industry, proved to be an important guiding light.

Rajni believes that one can mould and incorporate the values which govern one’s life. If the foundation is firm and stable, then the building of life will be strong. Some activities that are conducted in Sswings are

  • Story Time, Art and Craft, Instrumental Music, Singing and Dance, and Science Fun
  • Swimming, Taekwondo, and Outdoor Fun
  • A well-balanced diet and menu planned for children, well-supervised meals, strict hygiene practices, and all food ingredients are of reputed brands and very high quality.

Challenges Identified

Gurgaon, a modern city, has risen above the shadows of the national capital in establishing its existence. However, the challenges now are that it has its peculiar requirements due to eighty per cent being nuclear families of working parents. Long working hours and commuting time offer them very little time for their children. It might impact the family bonding in the long run.

Sswings is formed to provide an enjoyable and productive environment to the kids as they firmly believe in the impact of the surroundings on innocent young minds.

Technology is a great learning resource, and it has opened immense avenues which have changed the entire process of teaching and learning. As the future continues to grow in the same direction, Rajni believes in having reservations about the quantum of technology exposure the little ones are subjected to.

Rajni strongly advocates the thought process that one should have that burning desire and love for the little ones with immense patience.

Pioneer in Holistic Pedagogy

Rajni believes that Sswings was lucky to be an early entrant in Gurgaon educational skyline and has dealt with the need to match through the right solution. So, every stage that came in its journey was always new normal.

Sswings is geared for innovative transformation that would impact the young kids in their crucial period of belief formation and looking at the world.

She believes that it is the moral responsibility and a goal to strengthen the generation in becoming independent learners and socially active students. Sswings preschool and daycare has been the first preference of the corporate professionals and is poised to evolve through its holistic approach to multi-dimensional development.