Sumedha Gore Architects: Crafting Marvellous Dreams for You

Sumedha Gore Architects
Sumedha Gore Architects

Architectural brilliance creates stunning vistas out of empty spaces and propels lively vibrancy in places devoid of life. On the contrary, the external shine and glitter won’t suffice if the interior of that glowing design does not match the people’s expectations who are going to live there. Combining these two spectrums effectively, over the last 25 years, Sumedha Gore Architects are crafting marvellous dreams for their clients.

Its Founder and Principal Architect, Ar. Sumedha Gore says about their journey since inception, “Since 1997, we have been involved in a wide gamut of projects with expertise in project evaluation, feasibility analysis, and design, particularly for redevelopment projects in Mumbai city.”

God is in the Details

A Gold Medalist in B. Arch from Sir J.J. College of Architecture and ranked #1 in her Post Graduate Diploma in Construction Management (PGDCM) from NICMAR, Sumedha has been practising independently for about two and a half decades.

An architect and designer at heart, today, she has successfully built a franchise that delivers a comprehensive suite of services to clients in the construction and property development industry.  This achievement has been only possible by her goal to make her firm a ‘go-to partner’ for problems and requirements outside the core architectural design discipline as well and by building in-house expertise and experience to deliver these. In addition, she has always paid great attention to people skills, and this has stood her in good stead with employees, clients, business associates, and government authorities, all key partners in achieving the firm’s goals.

Building Up Your Dreams

Under the exemplary leadership brilliance of Sumedha, the firm has proved its mettle in the most difficult and complex conditions during the life of a project. She adds, “We believe that our integrity, honesty, commitment, and experience are the strengths that add value to our clients.”

Their redevelopment projects, in particular, stand tall due to their success in navigating through and delivering amidst a complex and onerous regulatory and commercial environment. Because of their 25 years of experience in the field, they are a trusted and credible service provider and partner for their clients.

Starting with a small team working on a handful of projects in Central Mumbai, SGA is now a full-fledged firm with professionals executing an array of residential, commercial, and other projects across Mumbai, Thane, and also places like Ratnagiri, Chiplun.

SGAs highly motivated team comprises architects, interior designers, and other support staff. Sumedha conveys that beyond the core architectural design work, their expertise includes regulatory and commercial aspects of a construction project, including advice on and obtaining regulatory approvals and clearances, the feasibility of new projects, project management services, and all aspects of execution from concept to completion. She states, “We strive to be an end-to-end solution firm for developers, housing societies, and other clients.”

An In-Depth Inspirational Excellence

Sumedha further shares that her inspiration behind venturing into an architectural niche was her passion for providing people with happiness through spectacular and livable designs. She asserts, “We design architecture that is founded on strong ideas. Our designs are propelled by ideas that will produce buildings of outstanding architectural clarity, character, and usefulness. We produce architecture whose forms and fine details articulate the fundamental design idea to add something distinctive and delightful to the quality of places and lives. Our search for creative and effective design ideas begins with a rigorous study of the client’s brief, the constraints, and opportunities of the site and its history.”

Their design process is imaginative and highly communicative, and they strive to create striking architecture that expresses the key qualities of depth, excellence, and inspiration.  

Creating Happiness Through Designs

Speaking about the USPs that make them stand out as the number one creative architectural firm, Sumedha says that they craft buildings of their clients’ dreams–providing pleasurable living spaces while delivering economic value for clients and end users.

She furthers, “In a city like Mumbai, with tighter real estate availability, high property costs, and stringent regulations, providing a solution/final product which meets the client’s aesthetic, economic, and market needs is what we have been able to achieve time and again.”

Ultimately a high building with creativity is of little value to clients and end users if it does not meet their economical and practical objectives. “We ensure that we deliver where no party has to compromise to adjust to the constraints on us,” promises Sumedha.

Chiselling Out Constructional Constraints

Recollecting her initial challenges after venturing into the field, Sumedha says that at college, the creative side of architecture and design is the focus. However, in real life, the challenge was always the ‘market realities’ of costs, profitability for clients, and regulatory constraints that used to be stumbling blocks in giving a technically creative design.

Sumedha and her expert team overcame these hurdles with commitment, dedication, persistence, and innovations. Detailing about the expertise of her core team Sumedha says, “Our Senior Architect, Pravin Kamble, has been a part of the firm for the last seven years and has productively managed the design and execution of an array of projects. He has excelled in Client coordination and is vigilant about his designated project deliverables.”

While another Senior Architect, Shraddha Pethe, is qualified with a Masters’ degree in Project Management. Through her key contribution to the firm for the past seven years, she has been extensively working on various Architectural projects with efficient design conception.

Moreover, Vaibhav Kulkarni, the Assistant Executive Officer, is an outstanding Lead Project Manager and qualified specialist in identifying, assessing, resolving, and tracking project-related issues. He has profound managerial skills and handles various aspects, from project planning to execution productively.

Tech-Enhanced User Experience

Being an experienced and visionary leader, Sumedha shares her profound opinions on how technology is transforming the industry and what advancements can be expected in the future. According to her, technology is transforming the industry from two ends – the basic architecture and design, which has leapfrogged manifold with advanced computers, software capabilities, and advances in 3D, 4D and virtual reality applications.

These allow both designers and clients to ‘see, touch and feel’ their proposed buildings in a way unimagined in the past. And to transform these designs into reality, advanced construction techniques and building materials are changing the way structures are built. Both these will continue to evolve, and only those firms which can keep pace and assimilate these changes in their work will thrive.

Future Encompassing Creative Focus

Sumedha’s advice to aspirants willing to venture into the field of Architectural Designing is pragmatic. She says that a building is more than a pretty structure. It has to have practical, economic, and market utility for clients and fit into the urban development trends and regulations of the city. This involves developing and honing an eye for design aspects beyond the ‘looks.’

On envisioning scaling her firm’s operations in the future, Sumedha shares, “Having started as a design firm, we are already close to being a “full services firm” encompassing design, regulatory services, and project management. The future will see us further deepen our focus on project management and other services supporting clients from concept to completion.”  

 Clients’ Testimonials

*Mr Nitin Natu – (Partner, Natu Paranjape Realtors), “We are impressed with their professional services and expert abilities in client Coordination. They have played an excellent role from the Concept stage until the project execution.”

*Mr Vivek Isnagar – (Society Secretory for Nandan Society, Mahim), “Great working with Sumedha Gore Architects!!! The most important part of any construction project… The feasibility & planning process. Look no further than SGA and her staff for all feasibility, planning, and construction needs; they are the best!!!

*Mrs Pandit – ( Tarun Bharat Society, Andheri), “Who says the redevelopment of a building is difficult? Definitely not the case with Sumedha Gore Architects. From design right through to completion Sumedha Gore Architects have been very professional, innovate, friendly,  and always there to advice and assist. We would not hesitate to recommend Sumedha Gore Architects.”

*Ms Meghana Rao, “Sumedha Gore and her team were strategic partners in enabling us to properly evaluate and to enable us to address key issues with the seller/builder so as to ensure the agreement for sale is in proper compliance. We will never buy another property without consulting her!

*Mr Sameer Lokure – (Secretary, Debonair Soc.), “Hi Sumedha, thank you so much for the talk yesterday. This really put the whole issue of repair vs redevelopment in the right perspective. I can see most of us are sold on redevelopment or self-development. We may need further discussion on the finer points of either.”