Tata Group joins forces with Apple: iPhones to be manufactured in Bengaluru

The involvement of the Indian government was crucial in pushing Apple to expand its manufacturing ecosystem in India and partner with trustworthy Indian companies for key functions, such as manufacturing. This move aimed to establish a significant production center outside of China.

The Tata Group has reportedly taken over the Narasapura factory, located outside of Bengaluru, from Taiwanese company Wistron to start manufacturing Apple’s iPhone in India. Sources suggest that this acquisition marks the beginning of Tata Group’s production of Apple’s iPhone in the country.

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook met with Tata Sons Chairman N Chandrasekaran during his visit to India in April. Following the meeting, Apple made a move that caught the attention of many.

During the meeting, the Tata Group’s electronics manufacturing plans were discussed along with the partnership’s objectives for both the short and long term. While the future of Wistron’s involvement in the Bangalore operations remains uncertain, sources have indicated that the company is shifting its focus away from Apple operations to pursue other business opportunities.

Tata officials have taken proactive steps towards familiarizing themselves with the operations and processes of the Wistron factory in Bangalore. These officials have already begun working at the factory and are undergoing training to ensure seamless integration between the two companies.

The Indian government played a pivotal role in boosting Apple’s manufacturing ecosystem in India by actively encouraging the involvement of reliable Indian companies in critical functions such as manufacturing. This move is part of Apple’s endeavor to establish a major production hub outside China.

Despite sending a detailed questionnaire, neither Tata nor Apple has provided a response.