TCS Secures £800 Million Agreement with JLR’s Digital Arm to Advance its ‘Reimagine’ Initiative


Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT services company, has announced a significant partnership with the digital unit of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to drive digital transformation and effective management of JLR’s digital assets. Here are the key details of this partnership:

Partnership Objectives: The collaboration between TCS and JLR aims to establish a cutting-edge technology architecture that aligns with JLR’s ‘reimagine’ strategy. It seeks to enhance JLR’s digital capabilities, streamline digital operations, and establish a forward-looking digital core to support JLR’s business transformation.

Long-Standing Relationship: TCS has a decade-long history of collaboration with JLR Digital and has been a trusted partner in optimizing growth and innovation efforts. This partnership represents an expansion and deepening of their existing relationship.

Value of the Partnership: The partnership is valued at 800 million pounds over the next five years, highlighting its significance and scope.

Services Offered: TCS will provide a wide range of services to JLR, including application development and maintenance, enterprise infrastructure management, cloud migration, cybersecurity, and data services. This comprehensive suite of services is aimed at revamping IT operations and making them more agile, scalable, and efficient.

Cost Savings and Efficiency: Through collaborative efforts and economies of scale with suppliers, this partnership is expected to deliver significant cost savings for JLR over the next five years. This will free up resources for future investments.

Vision for Client Experience: TCS is closely collaborating with JLR to accelerate the realization of JLR’s vision for a modern luxury client experience tailored for diverse global markets.

TCS’s Perspective: Anupam Singhal, TCS Business Group Head, Manufacturing, expressed TCS’s pleasure at being selected as JLR’s strategic partner for managing and transforming their digital estate. TCS aims to build a future-ready digital core that supports JLR’s ‘reimagine’ strategy and electrification plans.

Stock Performance: Following the announcement, shares of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd ended positively on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), reflecting investor confidence in this landmark partnership.

This partnership between TCS and JLR demonstrates the importance of technology and digital transformation in the automotive industry. It showcases TCS’s expertise in providing digital solutions and services to support JLR’s strategic goals and innovation efforts.

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