Tech Mahindra has Launched TechMVerse, a Metaverse Commerce Platform


Tech Mahindra, an IT services provider, announced on Monday the introduction of TechMVerse, its Metaverse practice, which will allow customers to build immersive experiences and transact in the Metaverse. In collaboration with hyper-scalers and startups, the corporation would construct this platform based on its 5G and infrastructure capabilities.

“We are launching this on our own but will have use cases for platforms that have been launched by hyperscalers. We are enabling meta commerce and 5G will enable us to deliver this,” said CP Gurnani, CEO, Tech Mahindra.

The startup will focus on multiple use cases in the beginning, including DealerVerse, a metaverse-based car dealership, Middlemist, an NFT marketplace, Meta Bank, a virtual bank, and a gaming centre. It will provide digital and professional experience services in the areas of design, content, and low-code plug-and-play Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and Blockchain platforms.