Temasek plans to Invest up to $10 billion in India over the next three years


The company wants to increase its footprint in India’s financial services, technology, consumer goods, and healthcare sectors. It also plans to investigate new opportunities in the field of the energy transition and decarbonization.

Temasek, a major international investor, is stepping up its India approach. The Singapore-based company, which has a $287 billion net portfolio value, plans to invest up to $10 billion in the nation over the next three years as it places its bets on stable government policy, alluring demographics, and top-notch entrepreneurs. This comes after recently closing the largest private equity deal in the Indian healthcare industry, the $2 billion purchase of the majority stake in Dr. Ranjan Pai’s Manipal Hospitals.

Temasek’s senior executive Vishesh Shrivastav, MD, Investment (India) spoke on the firm’s India plans. “You know the way we measure our portfolio is really through the net portfolio value. The profit and loss number is just an accounting number, which is calculated in a certain manner. We don’t necessarily optimize for that. So really the number to focus on is the net portfolio value. And more importantly, we don’t really measure our performance by annual changes in TSR (TSR meaning Total Shareholder Return).We look at our performance over a longer period of time, and we think that’s a better indicator of how our portfolio is performing because typically we invest for the long term and that’s how we like to measure our returns because that washes out a lot of the short term volatility in any measurement, which is shorter term.”

While industry watchers anticipate its healthcare plan with IPO-bound Manipal Hospitals and other smaller hospitals in its purse, he thinks that energy transformation and decarbonization are new segments that are under their radar.

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