The 5 Best Web Series for Entrepreneurs

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Being an entrepreneur is like constantly living on the edge. The edge of uncertainty and certainty. The edge of known and unknown. The edge of the past and the future. Where the past cannot be altered whatever you do. And the future is unpredictable.

Although entrepreneurs can extrapolate their learning and experiences from the past to predict the outcome of their decision in the future if they are basing it after studying the past pattern.

Now, there are many ways to do it. However, the best way is to learn from other entrepreneurs’ or business professionals’ experiences and expertise. But all the real businesspeople opening up their hearts to others sounds improbable.

This is where fictitious successful entrepreneurs from the best web series for entrepreneurs can certainly help you, and help you a lot. Again, there are too many web series to choose from. Most of the time entrepreneurs find it difficult to search through so many available web series online or entrepreneurial movies, that they get confused and end up watching some mediocre content to their frustration.

If you are reading this blog, then you will never ever be confused as here, we are giving you five of the best business web series and topmost motivational web series which you must be watching to learn and have more experience and knowledge in attending your real-life scenarios more profoundly. Without further ado, let us get to the five top web series.

#Startup: Created by Ben Ketai and starring actors like Adam Brody, Edi Gathegi, Otmara Marrero, Martin Freeman, and others, this American TV series which came in Sep 2016, is a story of a brilliant but debated tech concept of digital currency.

The story which is based in Miami follows Izzy Morales who creates GenCoin, the NFT. He is joined by Andy a young banker with cash (which is hidden by Andy’s desperate father due to its questionable legality). The drama is further cooked up as FBI Agent Phil Rask from Financial Crimes Division who was already trailing him now is behind the trio.

Although, initially it received mixed reviews from critics, over the years due to its terrific content and unique style it has generated a cult status of a kind.

You can watch this web series online on Netflix.

#Silicon Valley: Again an American series focusing on young entrepreneurs and startups, this is one of the best motivational entrepreneurial satirical comedies for those who wish to establish their own enterprise.

The TV series was initially released in 2014, yet its relevance could be still felt. The story follows five-six young men from different social strata coming together to establish and run a startup in Silicon Valley.

The series shows how these five young entrepreneurs are trying hard to make it big in the heart of the IT hub of Silicon Valley. Living together, and facing all the issues, hurdles, obstacles, problems, and setbacks they do not stop seeing their dream of running a successful company.

A must-watch series for professionals or first-time entrepreneurs or those who are yet to start their business, businesspeople, Silicon Valley aptly shows that sometimes those who seem to be successful mostly because of their qualifications and talents find it hard or almost difficult to handle the success.

Since its release, the show has garnered rave reviews, a huge fan following, and many awards. The series is a must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs as they can learn how to turn a great business idea into an actual successful venture.

The protagonist, Richard, though an excellent programmer, has been shown lacking many qualities to be a successful entrepreneur. Qualities like a trusting mentor who could guide him, a professional network which could help him, levelheadedness needed for handling tricky situations, and excellent negotiation skills as pointed out by his colleagues and friends.

Despite all this, Richard is determined to make it big in the highly competitive environment of Silicon Valley.

Rated 8.5 by IMDB, you can enjoy this show on Disney+ and Hotstar.

#TVF Pitchers: Competing with the above English language web series is this extraordinary Hindi web series, streaming on TVFPlay and SonyLIv. You could call it the best web series for entrepreneurs in Hindi.

It has been created by The Viral Fever (TVF), an Indian online content creator and launched in 2015. A dramedy (drama plus comedy) the series focuses on first-time entrepreneurs and hence is a must-watch for any aspiring one along with others too.

Four young nine-to-five working class corporate men, led by the Protagonist Naveen form the crux of the story. Naveen is working with his two friends on an idea for a couple of months, when suddenly, one night, drunk, he calls his boss to inform him that he is quitting his job.

However, he finds himself scared to his wits once he wakes and sobers up. Now with no alternative but to follow up on the idea, Naveen convinces his friends to quit their jobs too and fights a lot of setbacks and breakdowns. The series then shows how the friends create great software, evade opportune investors, and try to keep their friendship amidst the ego-clashing.

First-time entrepreneurs might find this series resonating with their story, while successful businesspeople will remember their old days. The series is aptly written with the funniest one-liners and crisp and witty dialogues. While the acting by all the actors is superb and the direction is top-notch.

Rated 9.2 on IMDB, The web series is a must-watch for all business aspirants.

#Dirty Money: A Netflix original web series with different stories clubbed together in almost hourly episodes, the show exposes all the dishonesty, greed, corruption, and monetary crimes spreading through the world in general and through the corporates in particular.

It is not motivational in the traditional sense. But once you look past the veneer, you will find that it motivates you how to be an ethical entrepreneur while most of the characters in the series indulge in deviating, deceitful, dishonesty, greedy, corrupt, immoral, power-politics, and criminal behaviour.

It is shown that when you are trapped in such a dirty money-acquiring situation, most of the time it is your luck saving you from getting caught. Once your luck runs out then nobody can save you from going down.

Rated 8.1 on IMDB, the series is a must-watch if you wish to stay away from Dirty Money in your real life.

#The Office: First aired in 2005, The Office, as titled, is an American TV series (adapted from the British TV series of the same name) depicting the story of a typical office setup. The office is that of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and a mockumentary. The high point of the series is that it is shot with a single camera with no interrupting laugh track in the background or studio audience.

The series storyline contains the handling of office employees by the company management of Michael Scott, Branch Manager, Scranton, PA. The bizarre, hilarious, and humorous encounters between different office staff and the manager will leave you in splits.

Entrepreneurs can learn how to handle different people in a corporate office environment. Those who are running the company could know how sometimes it is very difficult to handle professional people with different personalities, desires, ambitions, and personal motives in an office setup.

Rated 8.9 on IMDB, you can enjoy this comedy on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch and Learn

Although there are many more web series, these five are the best web series for entrepreneurs to watch as they could learn a million things about establishing and running a company. Watch them, learn through them, and enjoy the well-crafted stories.

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