The Famous: Your Legendary Guide in the Digital Fame Game

The Famous
The Famous

Creativity, innovation, and a personalized approach make all the difference when it comes to digital marketing. All these aspects, when blended organically, create a digital brand that appeals to the targeted consumers establishing an instant bond.

If a digitally creative and innovative marketing campaign shapes their brand experience through constant interaction, these loyal consumers turned ambassadors form a shared pact to spread the good words, expanding the brand’s network. A brand community is essential to leverage digital transformation extensively for digital brand marketing, promotion, and management, leading to lead generation and sales conversion.

This is an algorithmic matrix–a digital fame game–which is as fierce as a game could be. With each passing moment, it gets fiercer. Partnering with The FamousA legendary creative digital marketing agency–is your only chance to win this competition. The inception story of The Famous could be a motivation for you as it is for its Founders, Dax Bamania and Kashyap Dave. They are serial entrepreneurs and founders of TIGI HR–a popular and trusted recruitment brand.

Dax informs, “We established The Famous on 15th August 2021 to provide authentically result-oriented services to our own businesses of TIGI HR, Blue Sea, Matshya King, and others. We struggle to find a quality and result-oriented digital marketing agency for these businesses. We tried many, but we were not satisfied with the value for money we were investing and receiving.” Thus, to deal with this situation and to avail long-term quality, commitment, and creativity, Dax and Kashyap built ‘The Famous,’ a trusted digital and social media marketing company to provide their services globally.

Creating Digitally Extravagant Saga

Dax elaborates, “We live in a digital era, and technological transformation is happening faster than ever. As the digital world makes things easy with a finger’s click, The Famous provides similar services better than many other creative digital marketing companies. Here are some USPs that make it different from the general category.

  • We Are a 3-In-1 Agency that Specializes in social media, content marketing, and digital marketing: We provide a single point of contact, smooth briefing processes, cost savings, and creative consistency along with a proven track record.
  • We are Data Driven and Accountable: We love telling and sharing great tales, but data also serves as our primary motivator. Thus, thorough analysis and study will be the foundation for all strategies.
  • We Will get to Know Your Brand Deeply and Your Target Audience on a Personal Level: To raise brand recognition and engagement among your target audience, we develop and disseminate genuine brand tales with viral potential.
  • The Primary Future-Communications-Tactics are our Focus: The future of marketing and PR is storytelling in combination with effective distribution strategies. You will be our priority. The Famous digital news and media platform.
  • We Provide Packages and Services for All Sizes of Businesses: With specialized packages, we adapt to various business sizes to ensure that we support you in the most advantageous way possible,” specifies Dax.

Transforming Ambitions into Revolutions

Dax furthers that to transform company ambitions into revolutions, they develop and disseminate data-driven brand stories. Big or little, strategic, or tactical. They follow different procedures.

He adds, “People care about the work we produce. We investigate. We make plans. Before we share the message, we create the stories and add dimension, colour, and imagination.” This is how they provide services to all types of businesses, whether new or well-established, regional or international. “We promise to deliver high-quality services with consistency,” assures Dax.

Dax states his vision and mission: “Our vision is Reputation for all, Hate for none. We focus on the ‘Digital Revolution for a Better Life.’ And we are on a mission to invent, improve and implement the way of branding, marketing, and advertising as per the current trend, demand, and consumer psychology.”

According to Dax, The Famous’s core values are

  • GGo-getter
  • RResourceful
  • OOptimistic
  • WWin-Win
  • TTrust
  • HHonesty

The Dazzling Duo

As for both Founders credentials, Dax is a bestselling author of popular books like Productivity Promoter, Discover The Future, and Productivity Pravartak. He has also worked with hundreds of professionals and brands as a growth consultant and built his own brands, including TIGI HR and The Famous.

Dax believes in the joy of giving back to society. He has been awarded by top leaders of India, featured as the ‘30 under 30 Dynamic Business Leader of India,’ ‘Top Influential Business Leaders in India,’ and many other accomplishments are the crowning jewels of his charismatic leadership.

Dax’s work is praised by many renowned people, including Honorable Ex-CM of Gujarat, Shree Vijay Rupani and Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai (the renowned Author of bestselling books like Chanakya Niti, Corporate Chanakya, Chanakya in You, and many others), and by other business leaders and celebrities.

Kashyap is an experienced marketing professional with experience in traditional marketing, door-to-door marketing, multilevel marketing, and other push marketing fields. So, the combination of Dax and Kashyap’s professional leadership acumen makes ‘The Famous team’ more unique, inspired, and passionate about what they are doing.

Evolving with the Changing Constant

Being an experienced entrepreneur and expert business leader, Dax shares his precious opinion on how adopting modern technologies is impacting the consultancy space and how The Famous is adapting to the change.

He says that adopting technology greatly impacts consultancy businesses in the advertising and marketing industry. Earlier, advertising and marketing agencies depended on newspapers, hoardings, pamphlets, TV ads, FM ads, and other ways of traditional marketing. But now most of them are considered outdated or better versions are available.

As per Dax, a recent study reveals that 67% of the total population now choose mobile phones to get their daily news updates. This suggests that people accept digital media in their routine by replacing newspapers with digital media. And 97% of the people surveyed have agreed that promotion on various social media pages will be more effective nowadays.

Here is the big difference in what we believe in. In the future, it might be possible that modern ways will be outdated, and other new ways will replace them. Because change is only constant,” believes Dax.

  • Traditional – replaced by – Modern
  • Newspapers – replaced by – Digital News, Social Media, and Blogging Sites
  • Hoardings – replaced by – Social Media, Search Engine PPC Camping’s
  • Pamphlets – replaced by – WhatsApp, SMS and Chatbot, Social Media
  • TV ads – replaced by – YouTube Ads, OTT Ads and Social Media (Reels, Short Videos Etc.), Theater Ads
  • FM Ads – replaced by – Spotify, Audible,, Kuku FM, Jio Saavn

Taming the Challenges

Speaking about the challenges faced by them initially and the way they overcame them, Dax shares that onboarding new clients were their biggest challenge in the beginning–because many business owners were willing to pay a significant amount of money for their office interior to make it appear nice but were hesitant to invest in their digital reputation and branding to make it nice.

Actually, many of them were and are aware of the current and future of marketing, but they are not acting on it since organic internet marketing takes time and patience; it won’t provide results immediately.

“We made much effort to persuade them that digital marketing is the way of the future and will provide long-lasting benefits. A few clients trusted us, we went out of our way, showing our dedication in practice, and only then did we begin to receive referrals and greater business from previous clients,” mentions Dax.

Customers were pleased with their procedures and affordable services. As per Dax, their foremost priority right now is ROI. “We saw the client’s costs as our own and asked ourselves, ‘If we have invested this much money, how much further will we look from the same?’ Our customers receive those services from us,” says Dax.

Some other challenges are less budget and high expectations, short-term result expectations, market shift, researching new niches every day, creating engaging content regularly, etc. Dax adds, “As with time we learn and grow and get success, still we are learning new things every day. Even we follow this learning philosophy in our culture, to regularly learn new things.”

The Famous Success Mantra

When asked to pass on his wisdom to budding entrepreneurs, Dax says, “Here are a few pieces of advice from our end to those who are willing to make their career in the digital marketing consultancy business.”

*Go beyond myths: You might find many myths or limitations while running a digital marketing consultancy. Such as finding international clients are not easy at all. But here we would like to update you that finding international clients is not impossible. Also, it’s not something that you need international clients compulsorily. You can run an excellent digital marketing consultancy with domestic clients too.

*Become more data-driven: Data will never lie. Be connected with practical aspects but become more data-oriented to get long-term success within your business and industry. It will make your decisions stronger and more confident.

*Become more consistent: Consistency in the right direction with the right approach will help you win the content creation game. You need to constantly improve your content as per the psychographic and demographic of your target audience.

A Data-Driven Future Digital

On envisioning scaling The Famous’s operations and offerings in the changing scenario, Dax shares that they are expanding their business globally. They are also increasing the range of clients beyond borders. And they have already improved the quality of services to satisfy the client’s needs at an extreme level.

Also, they have narrowed down their scope of services as per their high expertise niches. “We are not a 360″ Digital Marketing Company. We are not committing services in which we are not experts,” reveals Dax with complete honesty.

He accepts that the consultancy business is all about services and support, so they focus on only those things which allow them to expand their business to the next level. He puts the statistics: It is found that 72% of overall marketing budgets get put towards digital marketing channels. Out of 55% of the marketing is digital. Total digital advertising spending in 2021 was $436 billion, versus offline advertising at $196 billion.

Over 20% of businesses say that the number of leads generated is the primary factor they base the success of their marketing channels. Content marketing and SEO provide the best ROI according to marketers in this Databox. People spend 50% more with businesses that regularly respond to reviews. And 93% of people read online reviews before making a purchase.

Considering all this, we have developed our strategies and plans, which we are executing,” concludes Dax.