The KariGhars: Infusing Homes with Creativity, Dreams, and Desires

Abhishek Chadha | Founder & CEO | The KariGhars
Abhishek Chadha | Founder & CEO | The KariGhars

As we live in our house, the building comes alive through us. Our dreams, desires, passions, and interpersonal compassions make the space lively enough to be called a home.

The space takes liveliness from us and, in return, gives us vibes, positive or negative, depending upon how it has been envisioned, designed, crafted, and built.

The four walls and a roof never make a room, and neither does a collection of rooms make a home. It requires immaculate talent, creativity, imagination, craftsmanship, and professionalism to build a space that will be our home for our lifetime.

That is why, when Mrs and Mr Chadha were having their own house built, and later when they had the interiors of their home renovated, the unprofessional behaviour of builders-designers and the whole experience left them exasperated.

But it also motivated them with a desire to start their own interior designing firm. With an intent to bring a glorious customer experience and a fresh design perspective to the table, they laid the foundation of ‘The KariGhars, Bangalore’s leading interior design firm’ in 2009.

The Founders, Abhishek Chadha (CEO), Aashita Chadha (CFO), and Vinayak Chadha (Managing Director), are at the heart of this excellency-driven firm.

Leaders’ Homecoming

Abhishek excelled in all his studies and graduated from Delhi University with a Bachelor of Science as a reward for his arduous work and determination. He then began his career as an IT lecturer in Indonesia in 2001.

Later, he relocated to Bangalore as a senior software engineer and advanced to the position of VP, where his focus was UX and UI.

‘The KariGhars’ was a significant milestone in Abhishek’s life. His inspiration has always come from his clients’ demands and ambitions. He approaches each project as a challenge and strives to exceed their expectations.

Artisans’ Professional Home

Abhishek says that his better half, Aashita, came up with the distinctive name of the firm and contributes inherently to the design ideology.

The artisans, carpenters, and masons are an impeccable part of the whole design process; all categorised under ‘skilled labour.’ As a result, she came up with the name, which alludes to her affinity toward ethnic Indian roots.

Abhishek says, “Soon, I realised our firm’s tremendous potential; that is when I got my brother, Vinayak, on board. We are a formidable force as we work together!

The three of us are committed to propelling this organisation to new heights of success by constantly focusing on our clients’ needs, desires, and vision. Instead of incorporating popular materials alone, we work diligently on the philosophy of minimalism – less is more – and reduce elaborate details to a minimum.

Our design concept is based on the flexibility of contemporary home design with a touch of mid-century modern trends. We are also known as the undisputed ‘Gods of contemporary design,” he added.

The Unquestioned Gods of Contemporary Design

Abhishek says, “We are recognised as the ‘Best premium luxury interior designers in Bangalore’ after years of expertise and multiple honours.”

Abhishek adds, “The seeds of establishing the firm germinated in our imaginations when building and later renovating our home.

The lack of professionalism in this field worried me, so I started The KariGhars, and our sole aim has been to improve the client experience and consistently offer gratifying results. I promptly constructed my website and used it to land my first client.

I make it a point to attend to even the smallest details involved in the design process while also taking the journey with the client and ensuring they have a luxurious experience along the way.

We cater to that category of people looking for uber-luxurious homes with an unmatched experience of doing the same.”

The Home-Crafters

There is an opportunity for everyone in the market. The industry is very competitive. However, with strategic planning, everything will appear flawless.

Abhishek puts, “The challenges we faced then and now are the availability of skilled labour who are also ready to commit to a particular organisation for a long duration.”

But overcoming all the challenges, The KariGhars have transformed ordinary residences in Bangalore into functional, pleasant, and magnificent homes since its inception.

Abhishek states, “We’ve nailed striking an indelible mark with our efficient layouts, cheerful colour palettes, unique furnishings, and skilful lighting schemes.

We take complete turnkey projects for luxury homes from inception to execution, conception to curation, bringing imaginations to reality.”

A Blend of Luxury

Putting together a blend of interior design styles is not as chaotic as it sounds. To be honest, there are not any genuine décor styles. Each design style formulated is a blend of varied design elements from different eras.

Abhishek states, “The requirements and aspirations of our clients have always been a source of inspiration. We approach each project as a challenge and do our best to meet their expectations.”

Styles are generally developed when designers or even clients take the finest examples as aesthetically sound reference points and integrate them into a project, keeping the functional utility intact.

Abhishek adds, “We are learners and observers by nature; we absorb information and try to incorporate it into our designs. From the originality of our designs to the quality of the raw materials, we are honest and transparent about everything we do and utilise.”

Offering Immersive Experiences

The more diversity is engaged in a design and experimented with; the more ideas are formed about how one kind of decor might merge with another.

Abhishek puts, “This is how we designers’ approach to develop customised themes for our clients. Our designs include storage and functionality, but they also have a distinct design flair and a creative element.”

Nonetheless, the vision is to build an environment that seamlessly combines styles and creates a place that appears harmonious and balanced.

Abhishek says, “We provide a lifetime warranty on our services. We deliver Interiors that represent one’s style by combining aesthetics and ergonomics for homes and kitchens.”

Making a Positive Difference

According to Abhishek, the USP of ‘The KariGhars’ is On-time, every time.

He explains it, “We adhere to stringent schedules for each stage of the design process so that the client may move into their new home on time. We have maintained an excellent work ethic over the last 12 years, never failing to deliver on schedule.

Our exponential growth is a testimonial to our extraordinary talent, innovation, and competence in making a positive difference in the lives of our clients.”

Adding to it, Abhishek further states, “Another USP of ours is a Lifetime Warranty.”

“We provide complete peace of mind to our clients concerning their homes, and they rest assured that after-sales service with The KariGhars is just a phone call away,” he added.

Creative Wisdom

As an established industry leader, Abhishek’s advice to budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the industry is crafty. He says, “I would advise them to use the same fundamental factors that I used throughout my career, which are as follows:

Remember why you committed to it in the first place – whenever you are faced with a difficulty, remind yourself that there is something larger than yourself to which you are committed. This will empower you again to give your best and never feel bogged down.

Concentrate on Bespoke designs and Exceptional quality – Create a design strategy that fits your clients’ personality, complements the environment, and generates the image they desire by starting each project from scratch.

Transparency and Reliability should be your company’s core values – Be honest and forthright about everything you do and use, from the individuality of your designs to the quality of the incorporated raw materials. Focus on building lasting relationships which are based on trust.

Clients place a lot of faith in you, and you should always strive to be worthy of it. Assure them of the best in terms of design and quality products.

Homes should always be designed that last a long time. To achieve this, ensure that all your projects are made with high-quality materials.

On-time, every time – Maintain stringent deadlines for each stage of the design process so that clients may move into their new homes on schedule.

Throughout the project, collaborate with clients and be available to them on the phone, in the office, and via email.”

The KariGhars’ Uber Luxury

Abhishek also expressed that, through The KariGhars, he intends to continue to deliver luxury in the future.

On this excellent note, Abhishek concludes, “My ultimate goal is to associate ‘The KariGhars’ as a brand synonymous with opulence and grandeur – Think luxury, Think KariGhars.”