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TIGI HR Solution Pvt Ltd

Business grows steadily with the successful accomplishment of various client orders. With the growing volume, the need for more professionals rises accordingly. The task of recruiting the right candidates is very important but consumes a lot of time for many senior management professionals. The internal HR team has its own limitations in the precise selection of the candidates and their salary negotiation. Moreover, other challenges include the uncertainty of retaining the candidates.

Company managements choose to outsource this specific function to professional recruitment firms that specialize in the core recruiting domain equipped with a skilled team of qualified and experienced recruiters. These organizations play an important role in supporting the process of recruitment, thereby saving precious time, effort, and cost incurred in the process. Moreover, some recruitment firms offer an assurance of their selected candidates to be lasting loyal employees.

Having created a reputation of serving numerous organizations with satisfying recruitment solutions, TIGI HR Solution Pvt Ltd stands testimony to be counted as one the Ten most recommended consulting companies in today’s business scenario.

Aiming at offering value-based effective recruitment services, Kashyap Dave, Director, TIGI HR, has built a strong team of recruitment professionals from numerous business sectors who are well-versed with the systems, procedures, company laws, and personality traits of candidates in identifying their Genuity, caliber, and interest in the job.

The company is known as one of the leading, trusted, and preferred recruitment brands in India for potential talent outsourcing. The organization is poised for the mission and vision to create maximum employment and leaders globally.

In very less time, TIGI HR has created a high-scale business along with long-term sustainability. The team believes in speedy delivery, impressive scalability, and deep-rooted surety, which allow it to generate and maintain long-term trust with its prospects and customers.

Let’s have an overview of TIGI HR as the CIOLOOK India team gets to know more about how Kashyap Dave began this venture, their initial inspirations, challenges surmounted, advice to the young entrepreneurs, and the vision for the future.

The Preface of Dynamism

TIGI HR has a very different and broad welcoming approach with its USPs, which set it apart from the traditional recruitment market and tactics. It is equipped with its own career portal, a resourceful, dynamic, and SEO-friendly employment platform with organic reach; this portal is also connected with Google Jobs and many other high-traffic platforms.

The company employs its own candidate interface, data management, and application tracking systems, such as TMS: TIGI Management System. TLMS: The internal workforce can stay updated on recruiting trends and industry changes crediting to the versatile TIGI Learning Management System.

Wide-ranging network: TIGI HR has an extensive network of franchisees and staff members that provide services that are continuous of the highest calibre.

TIGI HR is a specialist in social media recruitment services. Living on the edge of creators, influencers and followers, dynamic social media is now a significant component of it. So, we do utilize it in an excellent manner to attract potential talent from the global market.

Expert in internet recruiting: We utilize it very successfully to meet our client’s demands of excellence for the ideal match. As being modern technological recruitment agency, we regularly use internet marketing strategies at optimum level.

Notable Characteristics

One of the most promising hiring agencies that have made its own mark in the industry is TIGI HR. It was started in October 2016 by Dax Bamania and Kashyap Dave. TIGI HR is more than just a typical recruitment agency; it is a technologically adept recruiting brand. The company’s main objective is to spread happiness by creating better employment and leaders to better society since they want to achieve that aim.

The company provides top-notch talent from the worldwide market to corporations and start-ups to meet their excellent talent demands. Awarded by Business Connect, VyaparJagat, and many other groups as the most trusted and preferred recruitment agency/brand in India, TIGI HR received recognition from the country’s top executives. It now provides quality service to 700+ clients throughout the globe.

The world’s IT and tech organizations may obtain tech recruiting services from TIGI HR. With their specialized tech recruiting services for IT and tech firms, TIGI HR is an expert. It supplies IT firms with tech specialists, including developers, programmers, project managers, and other tech skills roles like CTO.

They are delivering additional services like remote recruitment outsourcing and CXO search, where TIGI HR makes it simple to recruit great professionals more quickly. Additionally, remote recruitment outsourcing services allow the world to hire remote talent in India.

The Promising Tutelage

Kashyap Dave and Dax Bamania together started TIGI HR with the vision to create maximum employment and leaders globally. Kashyap was born and brought up in the small town of Sonariya near (District – Gir-Somnath) in a middle-class Brahmin family; then, for higher studies, he moved to Rajkot and completed his Engineering from Rajkot. Along with Engineering, he used to do some part-time jobs to satisfy his economic needs and to gain some practical experience in the industry. During these times, he realized that finding a good job or potential talent is a hard task to do. He found a huge gap and burning problem within the recruitment industry.

He worked with Eureka Forbes and some other marketing firms too. He has built a sales network and manages many juniors under him, so he gets well-versed in people management skills. Then he started a recruitment firm with his PG neighbour Dax Bamania. Without having an experience from a similar background, it was tough to scale and sustain the business in his own way. He self-learned about the same field, it was like a mini – MBA or similar field, but this MBA will never end. As learning and up-skill will always require. But then, with a growth mindset and burning desire, they started developing and implementing better strategies to fulfil the client’s needs anyhow.

At TIGI HR, the management values building and retaining customers’ trust. The team works harder to provide the best quality services to its clients. Kashyap Dave is also an enthusiastic speaker and growth promoter. Under his leadership, TIGI HR has built an extensive franchise network across India and explores services in Australia and Canada too. He thinks things from the consumer’s perspective, which allows him to create something which can genuinely add value to the consumer’s life.

Fascinating Advantages

TIGI HR has been an exceptionally people-centric recruitment solution provider that offers some of the benefits described below

  • Saves up to 80% time on hiring time.
  • More joining and less back-out, also better retention.
  • Attracts potential talent from the global market.
  • High success rate to fill the positions faster.
  • Stress-free hiring experience.
  • Get consultation and the right direction guiding the employer branding and hiring.
  • Opportunity to explore co-branding activities.
  • Transparency throughout the process.

Adjusting to Technological Upsurge

Living in the technological digital era, where technology is affecting recruitment at the next level; Kashyap identified the future of recruitment to include

  • Virtual Recruiting (Interview)
  • Hybrid Work Culture (Remote and Office work options)
  • Automation (ATS and Tracking)
  • AI/ML and Gamification (Interview and Assessment Process)
  • Chat and Voice Bots (Conversation)
  • Social Recruiting (Sourcing)
  • Internet Recruiting (Sourcing)
  • Data Analytics (Workforce Analytics and Data-Driven Market)
  • Recruitment outsourcing (Hire through an agency)
  • AR/VR (Interview and Assessment Process)

In TIGI HR, the team has created an AI and psychology-based TMS (TIGI Management System) that allows users to one-click connect with the diverse market talent through high conversion channels such as WhatsApp, Email, SMS, Chat Bot, Calls, etc. It has made the work more accessible and more productive via data management, interaction, fillers, and high interview conversions. The company believes that the expertise of the internal team can help the organization in scaling the business faster. That’s the reason TIGI HR has created TLMS (TIGI Learning Management System) application along with its web version for its internal team’s training and development.

Rising by Countering Challenges

Doing business is never a cosy ride. It comes with numerous challenges that they must face. TIGI HR came across some challenges too.

  • The first one was of hiring the right team. When Kashyap started the recruitment business, the company’s main challenge was hiring the right team. It needed to find individuals who were not just skilled in recruitment but possessed the right attitude and work ethic.
  • The next challenge was about achieving new clients. It was challenging to convince the clients that it could provide better services than the existing players in the market. This being the initial stage, TIGI HR was a new entrant in this industry and didn’t have any big clients in its portfolio. The team had to work hard to get its first client on board.
  • Managing the Clients was the subsequent challenge as it required meeting the client’s needs and expectations while maintaining high professional standards.
  • Staying organized— With a growing business, it was important for the company to stay organized and efficient. This included implementing systems and processes that would help in keeping track of the clients, candidates, and placements.
  • Marketing the business— To succeed, TIGI HR needed to market its business offerings effectively. This involved creating a strong branding strategy and promoting the services to potential clients.

The challenge these days is keeping up with the demands of its services. While growing rapidly, the company has always been looking for new ways of improving its efficiency and quality. The management is always on the lookout for talented individuals to join the team to continue providing the best possible services to its clients. In doing so, the team wants to scale its recruitment business globally by giving franchisees of TIGI HR.

Words of Encouragement

Responding as advice to the young professionals, Kashyap opened with a few key things to be kept in mind when venturing into the recruiting consultancy niche:

  • “Do your research – make sure you understand the industry and what services you can offer that will be in demand.
  • Build a strong network – your success will hinge on your ability to connect with the right people and build relationships.
  • Stay up to date – keep your finger on the pulse of the latest trends and changes in the recruiting industry so you can offer the most relevant and valuable services to your clients.
  • Be prepared to work hard – starting and growing a successful recruiting consultancy takes dedication, hard work, and determination.”

He further added that in recent years, technology has drastically changed the recruitment process. From online applications to automated screening tools, technology has made the recruitment process more efficient and effective.

Kashyap quipped that one of the most significant changes that technology has brought to recruitment is the ability to connect with a larger pool of candidates. With the help of social media and online job boards, employers can reach a global audience of potential candidates. Another way that technology has changed recruitment is by making the process more efficient. Automated screening tools can help identify the most qualified candidates more quickly. Online applications make it easy for candidates to submit their information and for employers to track their progress.

Overall, technology has made the recruitment process more efficient and effective. It has also made it easier for employers to connect with a larger pool of potential candidates.

Envisaging a Global Outreach

The company will continue to grow and evolve with the changing times. TIGI HR will keep innovating and expanding its offerings to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. It will also keep expanding its geographical reach to cater to more clients.