To provide a platform for digital transactions, QUANTRON and Goldstone Technologies have formed the joint venture ROQIT

QUANTRON and Goldstone Technologies

Quantron AG, a clean tech company specializing in sustainable transportation, has formed a joint venture called ROQIT with Goldstone Technologies (GTL), an Indian company focused on business intelligence and data analytics. The joint venture aims to develop a digital transaction platform that will serve as the foundation for Quantron-as-a-Service (QaaS) in the future. Additionally, the partnership will focus on creating AI-driven software solutions for the rapidly growing market of zero-emission fleet management, which can be utilized independently of the vehicle manufacturer.

The joint venture will operate from Augsburg, Germany, and Hyderabad, India, with plans to establish a facility in the United States by the third quarter of 2023 to address the global market for zero-emission solutions. The integrated platform will encompass fleet management, insurance-as-a-service, hydrogen economy, greenhouse gas accounting, and data insights. It will offer a comprehensive range of services including fleet overview, driver management, journey information, charging infrastructure management, carbon credit tracking, and more.

The collaboration between Quantron AG and GTL is expected to leverage the global potential of Hyderabad’s IT industry and contribute to sustainable transportation solutions. The joint venture’s initial customers include Quantron AG and ETO Motors from Hyderabad. The demand for software-based efficiency and optimization solutions is growing across Europe, the United States, India, and the Middle East.

By combining Quantron AG’s expertise in sustainable transportation with GTL’s data analytics capabilities, the joint venture aims to tap into the fleet management and hydrogen economy markets, which have significant growth potential. The partnership will enable the development of innovative zero-emission solutions to meet the increasing demand for clean and efficient transportation worldwide.