Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt Ltd: Equipping Freshers with Sparkles of Professionalism

Harsha Hegdekatte

Modern developments with new evolving technologies have transformed the nature of all industries, including education. New segments are getting created out of the need and industry requirements, and the education paradigms are shifting from mainstream to specializations in every industry.

The new approach of the EdTech companies has developed an amazing value-boosting learning methodology that is preparing young students and fresh graduates with professional skills and capabilities. These crucial aspects make them an industry-ready and adept workforce in the competitive industrial world.

Bridging the gap of professional expertise most needed in today’s developing industry, Bengaluru-based Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt Ltd has emerged as the crucial Midas touch through its modern training and advanced practices. Steering this life-transforming organization is its Chief Technical Officer, Harsha Hegdekatte, who has successfully identified the need and has chosen a new skill-development path of preparing the young professionals with the necessary skills and advanced knowledge in making them industry-ready smart professionals.

Trans Neuron is a Learn to Launch (L2L) Company that aims to transform students and jobseekers into industry-ready professionals by providing adequate backing to take that journey.

It helps the youth to obtain industry-relevant certifications, by giving them an opportunity to try a hand at industry projects and internships. Trans Neuron supports developing and enhancing employability skills to ensure that the next generation is better equipped for the corporate world through our award-winning “Industry Academia Collaborative Platform – iTrack” and “Skills Ecosystem Platform – eKaushal.

An Exhilarating Odyssey

Harsha reveals a pleasant roller coaster ride of his long journey spanning over 22 years in the IT Industry. Having got into the IT industry in the late 90s, He had the privilege to work with esteemed organizations like (Microland group), CanarysIndia (deputed at Infosys), Thomson Reuters, addomacto (Comtech LLC) and finally, where he is now in Trans Neuron Technologies.

It was a soft entry to IT as Harsha got the opportunity to work with (Microland group). This company,, was way ahead of its time. It built an online e-commerce platform in the years 2000-01, selling all types of products, from pet products to being a social media platform that brought cupid online. It had built a chat engine in association with a Netherlands organization. There were many highly achieved people from various industries at this place whom he could connect to and is still in touch with.

At Infosys, it was great learning of process, and since he worked in the finance domain, Harsha was involved in an accounts receivable product. He had the opportunity to work on the latest technologies at that time. Even wrote code in the very initial versions of dot net.

With Thomson Reuters, Harsha had a very long tenure where he had the opportunity to work with some senior folks. Used Scrum and Kanban for the first time in this organization as it was the in-thing, and the industry was moving towards Agile and supposedly reaping benefits. It transformed a large SDLC way of working team to quickly adapt to Scrum and Kanban. Traveling to the US showed him different facets of the IT world.

TNT for him, has been a revelation. It has given Harsha the perspective of what he really wanted to do in the IT industry. From being a programmer in the early 2000s to architecting and working on cutting-edge products in the education/skilling industry, he feels he has come a long way, but still many things to do. Trans Neuron started with a basic idea for a skilling MIS and now it has used these products to enable youths from PAN India to be able to get benefits of its products. Building a world-class team from scratch to deliver complicated solutions is a proud feeling.

Rising from Challenges

Being from a lower middle-class family and getting into the graduation and higher education rungs in the mid to late 90s, it was an uphill task to get the right exposure. Getting access to the internet itself was a challenge in those days. Intermittent access to a PC, the Y2K hitting the industry hard, IT industry had limited opportunities.

The COVID-19 recession was a disruptor that taught everyone how dependent we are on technology. The big challenge was to get people to have a mindset change in the way the IT and education industry worked during COVID. The COVID years they also brought about a change in learning with a great push for online learning methodologies.

Adding to all these is the ever-changing technology landscape. It always poses a challenge to folks who fall short of time for self-upgradations. Harsha once got stuck in that situation, but quickly got out of it as he remembered that he was one of the early adaptors to the Microsoft dot net world and such technologies.

The Ripples of Change

Speaking about driving change, Harsha said, “Our idea was to provide global opportunities for youth with an exposure to varied jobs and ample learning opportunities. We created eKaushal (which we call the “skilling MIS+”) and iTrack (which we call the “college on a cloud”) with this thought in mind.”

Andhra Govt was the first in 2016 to utilize eKaushal to run and manage their schemes. During this tenure youths across the length and breadth of Andhra Pradesh were onboard, and their training, certifications, and placements were tracked on eKaushal.

Trans Neuron products are being used at the PAN India level by Govt of India to impart their flagship schemes where millions of candidates are being benefitted from training, certification, and placements. The company has generated almost a billion rupees worth of advice for various types of payouts through these systems. Govt conducts apprenticeship Melas almost on a monthly basis on our platform across the 39 sectors of the country.

In association with Karnataka Govt, it has deployed its product to enhance the higher education industry with youth. Trans Neuron team experienced a very proud moment when its iTrack-powered Digital Workforce management system for Kerala Govt. won the platinum award presented by the Hon. President of India.

The Saga of Values and Purpose

Under the able leadership of our CEO and founder Mr. Shivaam Sharma, Trans Neuron Technologies Pvt Ltd was started around eight years back. It started with the thought of building a platform that will bring industry and academia together.

Its focus is to bridge the gap in education, skills, and employment through industry-academia connections. It aims to transform students and jobseekers into industry-ready professionals by providing them with adequate backing to take that journey. Trans Neuron is an innovative, out-of-the-box company with immense faith in the power of the youth.

Industry–academia connect, Hybrid learning, Higher education, Jobs, and Projects are its core areas, and it believes in making it easy access for youth of all tiers should be the main area.

Code of Ethics

Trans Neuron Technologies is having a strong foundation of a code of ethics, where its mission is to help the youth from tier-2 colleges, and deserving candidates get the right opportunities – both in industry and in academia.

Its profound vision is to make it a borderless world at the global level through its platform, reaching out to the lowest rung of youth.

Enriching Technologies

Harsha opines that technology is advancing at a fast pace, more so now than ever before. Especially after the internet boom, devices have been becoming smaller and more powerful. World has advanced to a large extent in the directions of AI, blockchain, data science, and machine learning, each complimenting the other.

Trans Neuron is leveraging technology to provide a very intelligent chatbot for the youth to get ready access to relevant data. It has also built a recommendation engine for the youth for both learning and career path. For the PAN India platform, it has also implemented blockchain for the certificates that get generated for candidates across schemes.

Riding the Change-Wave

COVID-19 pandemic changed the way the education industry works. With the advent of ChatGPT and the like, it has become all the more important for individuals to be up to speed, as it is seen with the latest budget from our central govt. there is a huge focus on learning and upskilling. Harsha feels the next big change in the education industry is for the industry to go fully digital, and young people can expect a dynamic change in curriculum.

Envisaging a Next-Level Transformation

Taking pragmatically on the goals of Trans Neuron Technologies, Harsha unfolded that “We are working on a high end one-of-a-kind digital platform which will focus on reaching out to all segments of people in the learning and job industry. Our goal is to bring this robust product to the industry at a very fast pace. With this product, we aim to be the industry leaders in the learning and jobs space and to be called the true game changers.”

Golden Words

Replying as advice to the budding professionals, Harsha said, “There are a lot of qualities that a good leader will have. I believe some of the most important aspects are to lead by example and to be a good listener.”