Trempplin – Your Meta-Digital Transformation Partner

Kalmesh Kallur & Samraat Sarkar | Trempplin Centre of Excellence

The present is digital. Future is meta digital.

At present, with nearly two trillion US dollars spent on digital transformation, the global industry 4.0 is rapidly digitalizing. It is also ushering itself into the metaverse phenomenon.

By transforming digitally, businesses improve their customer experience, customer retention ratios, operational performance, and brand reputation.

Digital transformation further helps the industry efficiently adapt to the ever-changing technological landscape. This way, the businesses can sustain sudden shifts like the pandemic.

The increasing demand for automation and metaverse – via artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, cryptocurrency, cloud computing, big data science and management, extended reality (XR), internet of things (IoT), machine learning, quantum computing, robotic process automation (RPA)– is encouraging this drive further.

This futuristic industry needs a revolutionary information technology (IT) service provider, who comprehends in-depth expertise in implementing that digital transformation into the core-shell of any business, be it back-end, manufacturing/servicing, to the front-end and after-sales service, including customer relationship and retention management.

It simply means that the modern business in its functioning, growth, development, and success depends entirely on its digital transformation partner. When it comes to the digital transformation of fintech, banking, NBFCs, insurance, and other companies by enabling them to take a futuristic approach, Trempplin shines as a global leader.

Banking on the Techno-Leaders

Kalmesh Kallur, a.k.a. ‘K K’, the CEO & MD of Trempplin, is a tech expert with more than a decade of expertise in banking and finance domains. He has in-depth know-how in Oracle’s FLEXCUBE core banking system, OBDX, SQL, PL/SQL, and OBPM technologies.  His vast experience in project development, support, implementing solutions, and seamless collaboration with clients, especially in the banking industry across the globe, his rigorous work ethics, and his assurance of timely delivery and client satisfaction make him an exemplary leadership par excellence.

Through hard work and a reputation for remaining true to his internal moral compass, KK built a business domain that includes training and deploying students and professionals, banking, app development, digital marketing, staff augmentation with clients globally.

On the other hand, the Chairman and CTO, Samraat Sarkar, better known to all of us as “Sam”, is the visionary to have believed in the synergies with his partner and carved a niche business model and has set extremely customer focused organizations goals.

Sam christened the name “Trempplin”, inspired from the French word Trempplin translating to “Launching Pad/spring board”. And living up to its name, Trempplin has proved to be the launching pad of careers of 400+ IT professionals in its journey, and proudly shares its 15+ success stories across several banks and its staffs.

Sam on the mission to expand Trempplin’s local and global reach further. With extensive expertise and experience of more than fifteen years in commercial banking and Oracle, Sam is the company’s strategic tech leadership.  Sam is known for his Digital Transformation & IT strategy, program management, operational process reengineering, enterprise-wide strong leadership vision and policy implementation.

The two techno-leaders and their expert team’s support have put Trempplin in the global leadership position with respect to Bespoke Development across various domains, Digitization, Banking, On-Demand services & solutions, Insurance,  FlexCube, OBDX, OFSAA AML/FTP, data warehousing, banking business intelligence solutions, digital KYC, loan origination and loan collection solutions. Trempplin’s equity gets strengthened with a consistent performance defined by its WOW mantra­: Within budget – On-time – With precision.

A Benchmark of Transformation

Trempplin plays the most significant role in analyzing the design, development, troubleshooting, and debug software programs for commercial or end-user applications.

They offer code programming-altogether with testing and debugging of applications, installation, deployment, the configuration of the underlying oracle and other 3rd party’s technology stack as well as OBDX plus the packaging of hybrid mobile applications such as,

  • Product walkthrough, GAP study, and parameterization
  • Software customization, branding and localization services
  • Assistance in testing, production preparation and cutover

OBDX implementation and installation at a client location, configuration OBDX to the requirements of the client, customization of the product wherever necessary to meet any new requirements, fully competent in own area of expertise, data migration for user data specific, design, and implement minor changes to existing software architecture

  • Ongoing Post-Go-Live production support services

Trempplin is helping banks execute their digital-led transformation by launching a digital brand with end-to-end capabilities in a much shorter time. They also enable the bank to deliver digital strategies, including digitizing processes, modernizing digital experiences, and launching new innovative digital capabilities.

Their system simplifies and provides reduced operation costs, process transparency and increased efficiency. They provide modern experiences with customer-centric design and allow banks to participate in customers’ journeys to meet their financial goals and objectives.

Trempplin offers block chain technology with an active learning portal development services that cater to the various requirements of a client, combining functional and process-based courses based on employee roles.

Trempplin believes in bringing value addition to institutions and best practices that have been captured over the years through successful implementations, which helps companies, including banks, with a smooth project operation.

Trempplin also offers development services to the various requirements of the Industry;

  • Bespoke Development/Satellite Systems
  • Integration and Interface Developments
  • Report Development
  • Technical Platform Upgrade
  • New Module Enablement and Implementation
  • Customizations
  • Version Upgrades

Enabling a Limit-less Future

Trempplin is passionate about delivering IT solutions that provide high value and agility, which helps to build long-lasting relationships with its customers. Trempplin implements modern IT solutions to execute its digital-led transformation by launching a digital brand with end-to-end capabilities in a much shorter time and smartly.

With the modern IT solutions, Trempplin enables their clients to deliver on their digital strategies, including digitized processes, modernized digital experiences, and launch new innovative digital capabilities.

Trempplin also manages end-to-end IT services ranging from consulting, application development, training, testing services, BAU support, and staffing services. As a wholesome technology solutions and services provider, Trempplin implements a strategic IT service-powered approach to design and develop digital solutions for all clients, including banks.

Trempplin’s innovative financial solution MicroFlex promotes the financial systems and facilitates the transformation of microfinance organizations into formal financial institutions. It is a network of branches, which enables customers to operate their accounts and avail microfinancing services from any branch of the microfinance.

Trempplin also has the capability to provide Resources to enhance the following staffing facilities:

  • Customized Technical Resource Staffing solutions
  • Three-month staffing
  • Six-month staffing
  • 12-month staffing
  • Client Profile screening
  • Client Interview process
  • Change option
  • Conversion option

Moreover, Trempplin implements technologies like AI, ML, and cloud computing in not just internet or mobile application, but also provides enterprise-class, open, modern, and scalable digital solutions which enable clients to rapidly deliver digital capabilities without changing their existing core IT platforms, ensuring:

  • Scope of work definition
  • Definition of software and hardware requirements
  • Development of RFI and RFP documentation
  • Development of an operational model
  • Project timeframe planning
  • Initial budget definition
  • Detailed service level agreement, including reaction times, the scope of warranty, and post-warranty support

Trempplin’s digital marketing services are result-oriented. It unites top-notch digital marketing strategies with real-time business concepts to bring you the best outcomes. Be it designs, websites, mobile apps, content, campaigns, or social media, it takes care of all the digital marketing needs of your brand. Armed with digital marketing experts who have multi-domain expertise, Trempplin is focused on solving your most complex digital problems with ease.

The Digital Banking Reality

The reason behind this humongous global success in just couple of years can be attributed to Trempplin’s rich banking domain expertise, transparent project governance, streamlined IT services.

The future of the banking industry will be smart, efficient, and much better than what it is today, positively imparting the users and their relationship with the banks. Banks will become trusted institutions and embedded in consumers’ needs and lifestyles.

Disruptive technologies play a huge role in making this dream transition come true; technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, the internet of things (IoT), machine learning, and big data, open banking will help the banks to meet customer expectations for frictionless functioning: secure, fast, and automated.

These integrations will help everyone move quickly towards better, smarter, and customised banking applications with an enhanced user experience. The banks in the future will work extremely hard to make their products and services more efficient, fast, reliable, and as secure as possible to establish a substantial advantage against their competitors.

To make this possible, banks must recognize their customer’s requirements with the help of the data collected from the customers. Moreover, providing the best service to their customers to keep up the good relationship. Future banks can also guide their customers regarding their spending habits, reducing the efforts to manage their finances.

Trempplin is an Oracle Principal Partner specializing in core banking solutions—Oracle FLEXCUBE, OBDX, and OFSAA: implementation, upgrades, and support, training, and staff augmentation services.

Digital banking involves taking traditional banking services previously only available in brick-and-mortar banks, like money deposits, withdrawals, transfers, or account management, and digitising electronically via online channels.

The decision for banks to add more digital solutions at all operational levels. While not all banks can operate and make quick changes to IT infrastructure or the architecture on top of it, banks aiming to be disrupters can move toward broad end-to-end automation can do so over about a six-month time frame.

Banking and Fintech in the Metaverse Realm

Pushed by the pandemic, banking is moving beyond non-face-to-face transactions. The concurrent digital environments are very comfortable; data security risks are forcing banks and fintech firms to establish joint digital assets custody services.

In the tech realm, virtual reality has everything to do with fintech and banking. Today’s physical and even digital financial transactions will be managed by metaverse banking in futuristic virtual environments. That means you will be conducting all your banking, and business transactions without leaving your living room just by teleporting through your virtual avatar to anywhere, including virtually augmented banking, NBFC, insurance or all the business environments.

“It is no science fiction but is going to be our everyday reality. We at Trempplin believe that the future of banking is meta-digital. We already have our digital expertise base with huge investment in automation, AI, ML, IoT, blockchain, cloud computing, big data science and management, furthermore, by leveraging our current solid foundation, we are investing further in cryptocurrency, extended reality (XR), quantum computing, and robotic process automation (RPA), ushering a new era of metaverse banking,” says the founders of Trempplin with excitement.

“Of course, this is not everybody’s cup of tea. But early starters will have beginners’ luck and advantage. So, we will make sure that Trempplin will be a leading meta-digital transformational partner in the Indian metaverse banking revolution, too,” believes the founders of Trempplin.