Upliance.AI’s Aims to Redefine Kitchen Space after Securing ₹34 crores

Upliance.AI’s Aims to Redefine Kitchen Space after Securing ₹34 crores
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upliance.ai, India’s pioneering AI-powered home appliance company, has successfully secured a seed round of ₹34 crores, valuing the company at ₹143 crores. This funding round is spearheaded by Khosla Ventures, renowned for its investments in multiple AI-focused startups such as OpenAI, Rabbit, and Sarvam. Khosla Ventures has a distinguished track record of investing in bold, impactful, and early-stage innovative startups for more than two decades. Their illustrious portfolio includes some of Silicon Valley’s most prominent success stories, including Doordash, Block, Instacart, Gitlab, and Stripe. Notably, Khosla Ventures was the inaugural venture fund investor in OpenAI, the pioneering minds behind ChatGPT. With assets under management exceeding $15 billion, the fund actively invests across diverse sectors encompassing AI, sustainability, enterprise, consumer, health, and frontier technologies.

The inaugural offering, named ‘upliance’, features an 8-inch touchscreen and comes equipped with over 500 guided recipes. Utilizing a Smart Jar, meals can be prepared with minimal hands-on involvement. This innovative Smart Jar integrates a blade, thermal sensor, and heating element, enabling it to execute over 16 cooking functions, encompassing chopping, sautéing, blending, heating, and steaming. With their leading-edge AI Cooking Assistant, the hardware startup endeavors to liberate the approximately 700 hours* that Indians typically spend annually on kitchen cooking tasks.

upliance leverages a proprietary technology known as UpAI, meticulously crafted to grasp the nuances of cooking, encompassing tasks from ingredient preparation to crafting entire meals. Engineered with user-friendliness in mind, it empowers individuals of all culinary backgrounds to effortlessly prepare their desired dishes. UpAI has been deployed in numerous kitchens, continuously learning from each meal prepared. Proficient in autonomously executing cooking functions accurately, it enables users to explore a diverse array of new dishes with the same ease as preparing a Maggi meal.

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