Utssav Gupta: Changing Business Paradigms with Innovative Ideas

Utssav Gupta | Founder & CEO | Creators Architects
Utssav Gupta | Founder & CEO | Creators Architects

In an exclusive interview with CIO Look India, Mr Utssav Gupta, Founder and CEO of Creators Architects enlightens us about the concept of Change. His insightful and innovative way of thinking is the essence of Change. He is an efficient personality, who provides innovative solutions in the architectural space.

Below are the highlights of the interview.

What is change according to you?

Change evokes fear in some, excitement in others, and dread in many. Change can occur as a result of an activity or as a result of an action. And while both are important, I believe that transformation is the most beneficial outcome. A change that does not provide an obvious advantage to people or society is not subjected to a change. Change moves at its own pace, and a change agent leaves a positive impact on the current situation and create a big transformation in the entire scenario, environment, and humanistic behavior.

In addition, I see the change as an opportunity to learn and improve. When you see an opportunity to make a difference in the bigger world and take action to make it happen. Architects at Creators Architects consider architecture to be an instrument for change.

Kindly tell us how you are bringing change in this world with the help of your business. Describe about your company in detail.

The environment in which we live is one of the most crucial influencing variables of change. It has an impact on us and stimulates us to act in specific ways. There has been a change in the environment, as well as in how human activity is perceived. The behavior is the outcome of conditioning as a consequence of environmental influence, and the environmental impact is the result of the building’s design and how the individual is surrounded by it.

That is the hammer we are employing right now. We make architecture a practical alternative for everyone. We create architecture to frame that environment, which influences the subject’s behavior positively. Our change has also affected the audience’s behavior, not only on individuals but on how the crowd performs as a whole. Is it more empathetic? Is it more considerate? Is it more thoughtful? Is it more spiritual in nature? Our architectural molding affects the efficiency of our work, particularly the critical efficiency. We have a workplace audit, a health-care space audit, and a factory space audit covered for our clients. We believe, it is more efficient and easier to be efficient if you have more efficiency and ease of efficiency.

Brief us about the featured person and shed some light on his/her professional tenure.

We at creative architects have worked with generations to generations spanning 35 years as a change agent. Change management and change induction have long been at the heart of Creators Architects’ work. The terrain has changed dramatically in the last 35 years. However, the ethos of change has remained consistent and has been passed down from Rajiv Gupta and Mrs. Mukta Gupta’s prior generation to Mrs. Mukta Gupta and Mr. Utssav Gupta’s the modern world’s combined rangers.

Change necessitates forethought and the vision that previous generations possessed, resulting in many innovative architectural ideas. The need for a faster life or greater efficiency, modernization, and critical applications has migrated more into the modern world as a result of the technological revolution. Utssav Gupta’s present framework structure embraces that element of change and handles it in the modern environment.

What made you venture into the industry you are catering to?

Design and architecture intrigue us, help us comprehend the world better, and are powerful tools for reorganizing ourselves. Of course, how you carry out these tasks is critical. Architecture, on the other hand, has always been like this for me. And, as someone who was born and nurtured in this culture and profession, I recognized the attributes. These contributing attributes can be traced back to childhood. As a result, pursuing this job with my own unique perspective became a natural choice for me.

What kind of products or services do you provide that are making a difference in people’s lives?

The building industry has the power to transform people’s lives, and it is prominent. Through human centricity, business unpredictability, and climatic centricity, we adapt our architecture to make a difference in people’s lives. Creators Architects drive by the principles of the outcome-driven model.

This model consistently delivers exceptional results — and it is not by chance. The strategy was designed from the ground up to be outcome-driven, with a focus on what consumers and stakeholders want to achieve. It leads to the creation of feature sets, platform concepts, and business models that will undoubtedly benefit customers and stakeholders.

What kind of challenges have you faced while bringing the change through your business? How has it affected your professional life?

In the field of architecture, every day is a new learning experience and a lot more challenging. The most complex task is quantifying the amount of change that the product will bring because we are working with an imaginary product. It is not physically present to verify for the client what is going on. As a result, although there is a significant gap between the actual product and understanding the tangible product, it becomes much trickier to comprehend and measure the change that will occur.

How has the ongoing pandemic affected the operations of your organization? How are you driving your company to sustain its operations and ensuring safety of your employees at the same time?

Catastrophic changes and inventions are identical twins. COVID-19 was one such devastating event in human history that mentally rocked humanity. But this COVID crisis instigated us to anticipate the possibilities of changes to be adapted, changes to be embraced, and change in a way that enables us to comprehend what the pandemic has to offer.

We, Creators Architects, took it as a positive outcome for our fraternity and clients. The proactive stance we are taking for the year 2021 and the ensuing years is to look forward to a healthy reassessment of conventional forms and determining if the output generated by conventional methods is bringing enough change and positivity to the new COVID environment. We wish to hone the skills further and build a model of innovation. A paradigm, that adapts to new changes while also giving new values to this new COVID environment.

We envisioned our company as being at the forefront of bringing valuable market-changing innovations. We are a niche centre company, and we anticipate that the niche will continue to grow and meet people’s future needs in qualitative rather than quantitative ways.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs and youngsters who are striving to bring a change in their community?

The only constant, as they say, is change. But, in today’s world, how adaptable are we to embrace change? While change is required, it is also critical for creation instruments to change and define the change as you know, as what’s required, as well as quantify the change that defined the change as a consequence of what’s required. If the change is not meaningful, if it is not serving, if it is not the words of positive growth, then it is pointless to make the change. As a professional who has experimented with change, I believe that it is essential. What matters the most is the meaningful change.