Varun Bhartiya: The Man behind nCircle Tech Creating Infinite Possibilities

Varun Bhartiya
nCircle Tech Pvt Ltd

With its focal point of evolutionary centre, human progress is the revolutionary saga of circular (all-around) development. Similarly, with advancing technology at its centre, our present is a transformational circle of futuristic success momentum. Varun Bhartiya keenly grasped the deeply profound philosophy of the circle. His journey to create a world-class 3D engineering software company began in 2012 with nCircle Tech.

He shares that the name nCircle represents circles of connections, like the family circle, friend circle, business circle, inner circle and circle of trust. The two circles combine to form the infinity symbol, and N is the multiplier. nCircle stands for the power of merging circles of employees, clients and partners with nCircle to unlock infinite possibilities.

nCircle Tech was incorporated with a mission to create an IMPACT in the 3D Visualization software products by developing cutting-edge solutions and providing delightful service to passionate innovators of the Construction industry. The Construction Industry has been heavily manual.

Fostering Smart Automation

nCircle Tech firmly believes in empowering the AEC industry with impactful 3D engineering and construction Automation solutions leveraging its domain expertise in CAD-BIM. Ordinarily, software products take a long time to develop and adoption by other companies. “However, our USP is that we replicate the manual process and deliver value to our customers within weeks of engagement. Then we automate the process and make it scalable for the customer in the long term,” insists Varun.

In 2021, nCircle initiated new Machine Learning based services and innovative products in the BIM domain that are accelerating the pace of the market towards more automation and more productive humans, taking the organization towards success. These Machine Learning-based innovations include, PDF analysis for Quantity Takeoff, ML-based OCR, Feature recognition, and more. With, nCircle has reduced the processing time by up to 50%, making output creation much faster. On the other hand, the unique OCR solution developed using ML for facility management managed to reduce data errors by 70% leading to growth in overall efficiency with improved productivity and documentation.

The Impactful Leadership

Varun, the CEO of nCircle Tech and winner of TIMES 40 Under 40 2022-23, is an avid badminton lover, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology Chennai and a known name in the industry globally is recognized as an inventor, technologist, entrepreneur, and visionary leader in the field of 3D design and visualization automation for the last 15 years. He is a thought leader who is driven by his passion for enabling businesses around the globe in the AEC and manufacturing industry to become better, smarter, and faster – creating innovative and powerful design and visualization technologies and believes in empowering the AEC industry with impactful 3D engineering and construction Automation solutions leveraging our domain expertise in CAD-BIM.

He started nCircle Tech at the age of 27 years to change the 3D Visualization software industry by developing cutting-edge solutions and providing delightful service to passionate innovators of the Construction industry. In less than ten years, he has grown the team from two people to a team of 200+ and has brought disruptive automation that reduces time and cost to the end-users and meets the business goals of the Construction industry.

At nCircle tech, he is responsible for managing the project management team, implementing systems and processes, financial planning, strategizing, and future planning of nCircle Tech. He has an in-depth background and understanding of the AEC industry and construction workflows through his tenure in the business. Under Varun’s supervision, the Company delivered more than 200 automation projects and made 75+ customers happy worldwide, which includes Autodesk and many of its customers.

Fastest and Smartest Augmentation 

According to Varun, the Construction Industry has been heavily manual. Thus, the journey of empowering the AEC industry with impactful 3D engineering and construction automation solutions began in 2012. This journey has been immensely fulfilling and humbling at the same time. “With 125+ committed and driven team members, we have served more than 50 clients globally in the AEC and manufacturing engineering industry. An intricate understanding and creative implementation of client’s needs and requirements has made us the leading domain expert and solutions provider in the CAD-BIM industry.”

Varun seized the challenges of the global pandemic bringing ML Solutions into the AEC industry. nCircle Developed ML-based Scan to BIM solution that speeds up Point cloud to BIM model conversion. nCircle team has built solutions to convert Floor plans automatically to BIM Models using Machine learning. There are numerous applications of AI and ML in this space. With the launch of ChatGPT, many more opportunities have opened up for the AEC industry. nCircle believes that AI and ML have a big role in the construction industry, and we will see larger adoption of these technologies in the coming days. Every organization is sitting on a gold mine of data, and the sad part is that they don’t even realize the value of such data. nCircle is on a mission to bring value to this data and make data more usable with the help of machine learning.

Growing Through Challenges 

Considering the current industry scenario, Varun says there are certain challenges they face and overcome. “Our industry is hungry for good talent, and it is never sufficient.” nCircle is a circle of individuals brought together with a common objective to create impactful solutions in the construction industry. “We believe in setting up the right environment to groom talent in-house. Our strong focus on knowledge sharing help unlock innovations and trigger collaboration among individuals.”

nCircle is also expanding globally to get closer to its customers and deliver service excellence. Since nCircle has a global client base, Varun says he and his team have been able to navigate through difficult times of Global recession and COVID effectively. When one market is going down, another market is going up. It has helped nCircle grow even during difficult times.

At the Forefront of Future Innovation

In his advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Product Design and Development solution space, bag opportunities, reframe the conversation and seek opportunities to bring these innovations to a larger virtual audience through webinars and panels. Additionally, see the AEC industry’s need to transform their work processes and evaluate and plan for innovation strategies in their existing business processes.

On envisioning scaling nCircle’s operations and offerings in the future, Varun divulges that the start of the next phase of their independent growth is built on the confidence and consistency of delivering beyond client expectations and a culture of quick learning and responsive R&D.

He says, “We believe that we are well placed to navigate the road ahead with the support of our circle of customers, employees and partners. These stakeholders are critical to fueling our pursuit of creating impactful products and providing delightful services. As such, it remains business as usual for our existing clients and partners while very soon, we will add a host of new services and technology offerings to our portfolio.”

One of the key strategies for nCircle this year is to have a local presence in global markets. “We have already created subsidiaries in Japan and UK, and you should soon hear about Canada and US as well,” he concludes.