Vedantu- a pioneer in LIVE and Interactive online tutoring platform.

Vamsi Krishna, CEO and Co-founder, Vedantu

“2020 has changed the fundamentals of learning in India. Owing to the closure of physical schools and tutorial centres, online learning has witnessed massive adoption. LIVE online learning has helped students gain access to quality teachers and content and EdTech platforms have made education more personalised, fun and interactive. Technology is the main pillar to democratize education and it can create powerful communities. It has played a vital role in enabling the shift, especially in cities and towns with high speed internet connectivity. However infrastructural issues in the form of internet access as well as smartphone and PC penetration owing to the lack of affordability has proved to be a major roadblock in the adoption of online learning in many parts of India. Digital infrastructure in schools, basic devices for students to access online education through PCs, tablets and mobile phones as well as seamless internet connectivity, are the need of the hour. We are optimistic that the upcoming budget will deliver on these and  bring hope to students and teachers in small town India.”