Ventures Solutions: Connecting Innovations with Inspirations

Mr. Sridhar Viswanath | CEO | Ventures Solutions Bangalore
Mr. Sridhar Viswanath | CEO | Ventures Solutions Bangalore

Technology has long advanced from being an optional tool to an integral component that has helped companies run their operations as effectively as possible. In fact, established organizations wouldn’t have reached their growth or stayed there without tapping into the IT industry.

IT support has become an integral part of the business operations to deliver the best services to their clients. Ventures Solutions is one such organization that provides companies with services ranging from simple troubleshooting to complicated installations.

Under the leadership of the Founder Sridhar Viswanath, Ventures Solutions have always delivered services that are abreast with the latest technology and services to make sure that the client’s needs are promptly fulfilled.

The organization has grown in leaps and bounds in the last two decades. Ventures Solutions faced a number of challenges as an early player in the IT sector, however, the company used these challenges as learning opportunities leading to a greater success rate. One of recent challenges was during the Pandemic – we could provide support to clients remotely and also enable clients to WFH.

A Journey Unmapped

The journey of the company started way before its installation. In February 1990, the founder of Ventures Solutions Shridhar Viswanath was working as a Tech Support Executive in PC Spares and Services. That’s when he built a strong foundation of hardware and OS under the guidance of his mentor Mr Kannan. Kannan taught him software development on Micro Controllers which is a crucial skill required for people in the IT sector.

At the end of the decade in 1999, the bricks of the company Ventures Solutions were laid down. That’s when the journey of the organization took flight.

Values Making a Difference

Viswanath exclaims how it is important to believe in the idea of, “never stop learning, or else the technology will overtake you.” He values committed services and takes care of delivering what they have committed honestly. For Ventures Solutions, consistency is the road map to success.

Challenges on the Way

One of the primary challenges was to build an enthusiastic team who were willing learn and grow, and identifying the “Influencers “ for the growth. As influencers bring growth to the business it is very important to rightly identify them. The company has put constant effort in establishing trust and retaining the same with the influencers.

Additionally, training and upskilling the existing team to cater to a higher level of service delivery is a progressive challenge the company faced while running the business.

 The Days with Setbacks

As the world went into lockdown businesses shifted from  offices to work from home option. This brought in a higher demand for technological solutions as the business operations were now taking place from miles apart.

Ventures Solutions identified this as an opportunity to grow their business and find potential clients in the market. As the company offered cost-effective and secured solutions, it could achieve the target sale during the pandemic years as well.

Not all firms had the infrastructure and resources required for remote working. Ventures Solutions rose to the challenge and offered a number of small-medium business software solutions at affordable rates. This helped businesses to continue their operations from anywhere in the world without any hurdles.

Enabling Innovations for the Future

The basic skills that Ventures Solutions promote are learning and relearning. They stress upskilling as it’s the only way out to keep the morale high in the IT environment.

Viswanath believes that there are a variety of skills that are important for being an innovative leader. In the IT support industry, people need to be empathetic, should be ready to adapt to new technologies, and should be consistent enough to deliver simple solutions that work for SMB’s

As technological advancements ever grow, it is important for the company to be up to date with the latest innovations and provide their clients with the best tech tools in the market.

Viswanath’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is that success is not a one-day journey.  To be successful, youngsters need to be patient, aim to be consistent, aim for perseverance, dedication, and remain focused on their goals.

Sridhar is a big believer in in team building. It is very crucial to have a good team with diverse players. Having diverse thoughts will only upgrade and bring growth to the company.

Ventures Solutions’ core value remains in helping the client to grow multifold. They believe clients’ growth is their own growth. Hence, it is very crucial that they coordinate and work for collective growth.

Embracing a Futuristic Approach

IT sector has experienced exponential growth in the last couple of decades. It has changed the perception of the entire world about India’s storehouse of knowledge and skills. This thus gave rise to a vast market in India and abroad.

Being a part of the IT pool, Ventures Solutions finds itself to have a prominent position in the global sector. It has given the best of its contribution to the speedy growth of the sector and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Ventures solutions are planning on building a one-point support and service delivery system for manufacturing and aligning segments will upsurge the secondary industry along with the service sector.