Vibatel Solutions Pvt Ltd: Revolutionizing Outsourcing World with Innovation

Vibatel Solutions Pvt Ltd
Vibatel Solutions Pvt Ltd

The way partners positively affect the lives of their fellow partners in day-to-day life can also be applied to the business sectors. Outsourcing, being one of the developing sectors in India, has always been a great example of vending quality third-party services to customers. However, this ‘vendor’ relationship between businesses, clients and partners within the outsourcing sector hardly focuses on driving innovations or futuristic approaches. Here comes into the picture a concept of partnership in outsourcing that can revolutionize the industry.

As partners understand the business thoroughly and engage themselves in the company’s growth, they also are reliable sources who always cite ownership and responsibility. With this unique approach, an organization stepped on the way of success and helped its clients to achieve their strategic goals with quality and consistency. Vibatel Solutions Pvt Ltd, under the fine leadership of Founder and CEO Mr Anand Kumar PVS, has been delivering technology-driven and human-centric Business Process Outsourcing services, acting as the perfect partner.

Breathing Quality and Consistency

Today, most businesses are supposed to follow a blended person and tech-based approach as they must deal with multi-faced, goal-oriented goals and objectives that bring success. What makes Vibatel Solutions unique in outsourcing is its absolute people and tech-blended solutions. This approach helps its clients concentrate on their core activities and reduce operational costs. Headquartered in Hyderabad, the company has been a prolific Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service provider for the last 16 years. It also is a reliable partner for tech-driven and strategic Business process services offerings.

Firm Pillars: Productivity and Innovation 

According to Anand, Founder and CEO of Vibatel, there was and always will be an innate need for any organization looking for an outsourcing partner, and the company has been providing excellent services since its inception. It is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company that maintains a ‘Result-oriented’ and ‘Performance-driven’ work environment. By concentrating on productivity and innovation, Vibatel stands out and focuses on solving problems.

Powerful Leadership 

One of the strongest reasons behind Vibatel’s success and uniqueness is its powerful leadership. With a passion for becoming an entrepreneur and a brain full of innovative ideas, Anand started his venture with his wife, Kavitha and established Vibatel in 2007 with a staff of five people. He is an accomplished leader with an extensive experience of 26 years of Marketing Expertise. He also has explored spaces such as Sales, Marketing, Cross-Sales, CRM & Customer Support Management.

Before starting his entrepreneurship, Anand worked in the IT software and Hardware Solutions Sales Domain with several companies such as HCL, Sierra Atlantic, Mithi Software Technologies & Indian Express Group (Bombay). Currently, Anand is directing the company, and under his guidance, the organization has become a house for 400+ employees. The staff happily serves esteemed clients within the sector of Business Support Services.

Advanced Tech-Adaptions 

Technology like AI and ML is becoming part and parcel of every possible industry. It has been spreading its legs worldwide, and adapting to such trends has become a trend. While expressing his views on incorporating modern technology in the outsourcing sector, Anand affirmatively states that AI and ML are disrupting and impacting the way outsourcing operates. However, he also supports the blend of technology and human solution that would be the future instead of full technology solutions.

Especially for a market like India where people want solutions which are of both DIY (Do It Yourself) and also needs assistance,” asserts Anand. A blended solution with technology and human interactions is required for such situations. Vibatel realizes this need, and the team provides services to the clients. They include specialized sales and services to their customers in different domains.

An Expert Team 

A team is key support for any organization and plays a crucial role in developing the same. Vibatel is also blessed with a team of experts, and the company culture inspires all employees to take full responsibility and accountability for their work. Moreover, a performance-driven work environment ignites the passion for innovation in work and provides continuous and improved customer experiences. “This will also result in a change of our employee mindsets, build confidence and empower ownership of their current role and beyond,” assures Anand.

Overcoming the Odds

As Rome was not built in a day, success is also not a result of one day. It is a journey of hurdles, surprises, challenges, solutions, and finally, overcoming the difficulties to set the scene for success. As an outsourcing company, Vibatel also dealt with various challenges, and one of them was understanding that rather than opposing or competing with technology and new trends, it is better to work ‘along’ with them.

The company also emphasized complimenting for the same as they need human intervention at some point. “I think that the future belongs to organizations who understand this and be smarter and attentive in giving ‘complete’ solutions, which are technology driven and human complimented, which ensure the clients’ business success,” explains Anand.

Accolades of Achievements

Happy and satisfied customers increase brand advocacy, and in the cutthroat competition, client appreciation is the cherry on the cake. Moreover, as the outsourcing industry is fierce and closely competitive, the clientele and tenure of the relationship define the success of the company:

Vibatel has been serving HSBC for the last 16 years, IndusInd Bank for the last 12 years, Manipal Cigna Health Insurance, and Corteva Agro over the previous six years.

Planning the Future

Keeping a futuristic approach is a way to withstand a fast-paced market. Being a leading organization in the BPO sector, Vibatel also makes strategic plans for a better future. Currently, the company serves its clients prominently from BFSI sectors and wishes to expand its business in various other domains. It plans to venture into other parts of the business, such as Agro, Hospitality, Fintech and Telecom. It also aims to spread the company across the country and the world.

Words of Wisdom

As an experienced leader in the industry, Anand offers his budding leaders advice that will help them excel in their paths to success. “I always endeavoured to be a ‘Partner’ rather than a mere ‘Vendor’ to my clients all these entrepreneurship years,” says Anand. According to him, this approach plays a crucial role in shaping leaders to be responsible and result-oriented. It also attracts customers and helps them make wise choices amidst the competition.

And what will be the most intelligent decisions? Asks Anand—adding the qualities such as Trust, Reliability, Quality, and Consistency. Further, he assures the success of the companies that apply these qualities and make their teams work for the same.