Virtual Pebbles: The Trendsetters in Digital Marketing.

Tarun Gurwara | Founder | Virtual Pebbles

The internet expansion meant the breaking down of barriers and the creation of numerous opportunities for professionals of all kinds. Few areas have gone through a revolution as remarkable as marketing, which today has a large part of its activities conducted in the digitized environment.

Digital marketing is not just a marketing technique. It has the potential to make your business popular and then keep it popular for ages. Being a top player in this game is like possessing the ability to make or break businesses. One such titan in the digital marketing space is Virtual Pebbles.

“Change Is A Privilege; It Is What You Do With It That Matters. With The Forced Change That Was Faced By The Company, They Believe That They Made Their Way Through It With Nothing But Grace And Positive Aggression”

Founded in the year 2017, when Tarun Gurwara, the Founder, along with his group of crazy, eclectic, and creative thinkers of team members, co-founded ‘Virtual Pebbles’ with the plan to infuse fresh thinking and new perspectives into digital transformations using the media channels and make everything – living and non-living – popular.


Our mission is to harness our creativity into a viable solution. We’re all about that new, which excites us: New services, new design thinking, new ideas to generate leads, the latest of every successful service we have given to our customers since 2017,” said Tarun Gurwara.

Promoting #AllDigital

At Virtual Pebbles, they are a very aggressive digital branding agency and marketing team, which is#AllDigital. The team is an assortment of a certified professionals from various digital marketing disciplines and from design schools. They strategize quarterly plans and execute to generate inquiries and direct leads converting to business which is one of the topmost USPs–

  • With currently 30 renowned customers in almost 3 years of their existence, Virtual Pebbles have proved themselves to 4 states (Gujarat included).
  • Creative illustrative content that we develop after ideation.
  • Data collection in the form of videos and stills.
  • An integrated method of marketing – digital marketing strategies clubbed with sales and marketing strategies of a business (customers).
  • Strong lead generation B2C and B2B.

For the team over at Virtual Pebbles, trends and the way businesses perceived the process of sales and marketing was the biggest challenge. It was a huge challenge back from 2012 to 2017, where clarity on how digitally using technology, activities can boost sales via marketing was not widely understood.

Scenarios changed dramatically in India with telecom companies disrupting the digital arena and industries taking the change positively. “Our struggles vanished slowly, and today in 2020, Virtual Pebbles, with brands like ‘tera mera uska’ and Branding & Marketing café, are successful with firm clients and have a good presence in various states of India,” informs Tarun.

The Visionary

Virtual Pebbles’ idea was to get Indian businesses online with technology and marketing strengths working in equilibrium.

Tarun Gurwara visioned the same in 2012 and initiated this company in Toronto also started with a team in India. Being certified on the software development front as a PMP (project management professionals) and certified on various digital branding, marketing, and advertising fronts with his strong strategy on forming, mentoring and growing Virtual Pebbles with brands like ‘tera mera uska’ and branding and marketing cafe, has catapulted the whole operation in India, with a bang, since 2017.

‘Tera mera uska’ was awarded by the Vibrant Gujarat Startup summit as No. 1 in 2019.

Making the Best of a Bad Situation, and Preparing for The Digital Future

The pandemic was a major downside for the nation and as well as the whole wide world. But, as things would have it, people were stuck at home and the primary mode of communication was digital. What more could a digital marketing agency ask for?

“We made the most of what the pandemic had to offer our customers and us. Sure, there were limitations, and everyone was busy adjusting to the new normal, but we tried our best to cope up with the digital world’s ‘new normal’, and we sure did a great job on that, “says the team of Virtual Pebbles.

India has many digital marketing companies along with digital advertising agencies and freelancers who are working fantastically for many Indian businesses and for companies overseas too.

This is precisely where Virtual Pebbles steps in. It is by far, the strongest in Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP, Delhi, Haryana and Punjab with few pockets of Maharashtra as – the only technology-driven digital marketing company with a great sense of how marketing strategies on digital platforms can be activated by using technology and not just releasing content to get inbound leads and inquiries. A true digital transformation company.

“2021 is going to be enormously huge for our Vlogging platforms ‘tera mera uska’ ( and Content Cafe (,” explains Tarun.

While the marketing trends in 2020 have already brought some headsup of hot new channels and interesting tactics, Virtual Pebbles have already adopted that ‘new normal’ of the web-world.

Change is a privilege; it is what you do with it that matters. With the forced change that was faced by the company, it believes that the team has made their way through it with nothing but grace and positive aggression.

The business environment and technology are reshaping the industry as well as marketing skills, which is making all and everyone reconsider the ongoing evolution in business. The future of digital marketing and digital advertising is going to be challenging in terms of skills, competition, techniques, results, etc., but the team is ready for it. “We have been successfully serving our customers and we wish to continue doing so, “states Tarun. As stated above, the Covid-19 pandemic has created havoc nationwide but also given a big boost to the industries related to the digital and the internet world, despite their shortcomings and limitations.

As a result, digital marketing agencies are going to grow rapidly in 2021. It is a proven fact that connecting potential customers online has been effective and less expensive than conventional methods.

Digital marketing usually makes a strong brand and business presence in the online world. It also gives equal opportunities to small and big businesses to advertise their service/products.

So, if you get disillusioned with the same old techniques or realise most of the marketing firms are not up to the job, give Virtual Pebbles a call, and ready yourself for a whole new experience.

Distinguished Services on a Platter

Transformation is widely understood as doing normal and regular chores differently. In the four years since Virtual Pebbles came into existence, they have acquired 35+ clients, executed over 40+ projects. The company gives ideas with a proof of concept and not only, evidence of air (which we all know exists). And by all accounts, this is just the start for Virtual Pebbles.

“We super-serve some companies who need, think, sell niche, and we love serving those companies who would like to be a niche in the market, “shares Tarun.

Some of the specialized services that Virtual Pebbles provides its clientele are:

Digital Branding:

  • Brand Identity / Logo Design
  • Trade Show Display Design
  • Collateral Development
  • Package Design
  • Billboards, Kiosks
  • Signs, Flyers, Menus
  • Banners, Display Ads
  • Infographics, Magazines
  • Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Digital White Papers
  • Professional Photography

Digital Advertising:

  • Billboards, Kiosks
  • Signs, Flyers, Menus
  • Banners, Display Ads
  • Professional Photography
  • Media Planning & Buying

Digital Marketing:

  • Strategy and Consulting – Digital Presence, Marketing plans quarter wise with Targets aligned with sales team and objectives with Content & Channel Planning. This will include Media Planning & Buying
  • Content Research – Researched and aggregated content
  • Vlogging – Scripted
  • Remarketing Direct
  • Lead Generation – Google Search, Instagram, Facebook, Emailers
  • Email Marketing – 4 to 30 emails per month
  • Drip Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization – 9 Month program with Mutually Agreed Targetted keywords for inbound business messages and Acquisition
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns – Social, Professional and Video Media Platforms Digital Marketing: Digital Branding: Digital Advertising:

Instagram Campaigns:

  • Content Research
  • Creative Content planning and creation
  • 100+ Creative Visuals per year – Interactive content with new strategies and payments linked. Instagram Campaigns:

Vlogging Services:

  • Script Formation
  • Location planning
  • Shoot planning
  • Video Shoot / Live Shoot
  • Motion Graphics Planning and Production
  • Postproduction Marketing

 Technology + Marketing Activation:

  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Microsite Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • E-Commerce Web Design
  • Website Content/Copy Redesign

Branding the Czar:

  • BRANDING THE CZAR! Making of an influencer (Bundled Plan) Digital presence
  • Domain registration and hosting
  • Securing the content
  • Media Planning and Buying
  • Professional Photography
  • Instagram Campaigning
  • Facebook and YouTube Campaigning
  • Lead Generation – Google Search, Instagram, Facebook, Emailers
  • Search Engine Optimization – 9 Month program with Mutually Agreed Targeted keywords for inbound business messages and acquisition
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns – Social, Professional and Video Media Platforms

Video Production and Photography:

  • Professional Photography
  • Video Shoot / Live Shoot
  • Motion Graphics Planning and Production

E-commerce Design and Software Development:

  • .NET, MVC, Angular, Core PHP, WordPress, WoCommerce
  • E-Commerce Web Design
  • Website Content / Copy Redesign

The Plan Is To Infuse Fresh Thinking And New Perspe Ctives Into The Digital Transformations Using The Media Channels And Make Living And “non-living – Everything – Popular “