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Vriksh Healthcare
Vriksh Healthcare

A couple finding trouble realizing their parenthood dreams goes through the most delicate phase of the emotional turmoil of their lives together. Along with a doctor who rekindles their hope of creating a baby and nourishing it into a healthy child and a wholesome person, they also need is an ecosystem of tree-shade-like warmth in which they can see their worries, doubts, confusions, tensions, and dilemmas completely evaporated.

In the cozy lap of Vriksh Fertility, thousands of couples received their most trusted IVF and fertility treatment, leading to a successful parenthood future and a fundamental support system. Vriksh Fertility’s FounderMr. Hari Prasad Shetty, and Clinical DirectorDr. Sneha Shetty, along with their team of caring and compassionate professionals, ensured these couples’ lifelong memories full of delightful happiness and vibrant joy that will grow in their hearts like a tree blossoming out of land and making it fertile forever.

Hari Shetty shares proudly that the crown of the Most Trusted IVF & Fertility Centre reflects the qualities the team at Vriksh Fertility has infused into this brand. From the meaning behind the logo to the micromanagement that ensured perfection through the entirety of the project, the team has been burning the midnight oil to what it has presently culminated to –

A Sanctum for Childless Couples 

– who walk in with the hope of being treated in the right way – medically and hospitality-wise.

The ever-pacing industry of fertility care has seen many big healthcare entities investing huge capital in expansion and setting up at Pan India levels – but ultimately, it’s the people that make up an organization.

Hari Shetty says, “The trust developed by our Clinical Director over her vast experience in the field combined with the expertise of the support staff and medical team picked and chosen by us combined with good IT infrastructure and robust internal policies, and SOPs ensures that our service to our patients is on PAR if not better than most facilities out there.”

Vriksh Fertility is also one of the first few centers to get registered by the National ART & Surrogacy Board, owing largely to the planning of the infrastructure as per the latest guidelines from the board.

Presently VRIKSH FERTILITY provides complete fertility care management for both Men and Women with a holistic approach that includes wellness services such as acupuncture, diet regimes, yoga, and psychological counseling.

Hari Shetty adds that Vriksh plans to create a niche in the industry by focusing on complete holistic care with a personalized approach. “That would involve training our staff from the ground up to the top levels to hold our patrons in the highest regard no matter their background,” adds Dr. Sneha.

The Joy Growers

Hari Shetty has more than Nine years of experience in the healthcare industry, mainly in the fertility space. Under his leadership, he has Catapulted a small fertility unit to a Muti Crore business spearheading every department. He brings this experience with a clear vision to Vriksh Fertility.

Having managed to set up and drive the vision of a fertility chain by proactively leading all departments of operations, marketing, finance, legal and branding aspects of the business, Mr. Hari Shetty, a Harvard Business School, Alumni intends to impart the same drive and leadership into the brand Vriksh Fertility, with a vision to democratize fertility care for all.

With the help of the Clinical Director – Dr. Sneha, Hari Shetty envisions a brand that brings the best doctors under one roof to benefit millions of couples by leveraging the latest Medical and Information Technology.


Being an experienced leader, Hari Shetty opines how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the IVF & Fertility Treatment space and how Vriksh Fertility is adapting to the change. He says there is much talk on the new frontiers in the informational technology space, and they are abreast of these rapid changes in this field. Keeping in mind that healthcare is an emotional experience for many, especially in the field of fertility care, they have deliberately implemented software and systems that have enhanced this experience for their patients.

He says, “With easy appointment scheduling and WhatsApp integration of reports and prescriptions, we can see positive feedback from our patients.”

Dr. Sneha adds, “Going forward, we want to leverage information technology in innovative ways to many more spaces that can largely provide the sought-after customer delight.”

Withstanding the Hot Weather

When asked about challenges, Mr. Hari Shetty revealed that the main challenge they face is from big MNCs and well-funded groups due to their ability to attract top talent and the resource availability under their fingertips.

Hari Shetty adds that this is not a new phenomenon; the same challenge has always existed throughout his career. In his experience, you need to keep your ship steady, and the tides shall take you in the right direction. In terms of attracting talent – that depends on your ability to sell your company to the ambitious and the driven, and sure enough, there will be those who want to join in for this journey and take a leap of faith.

According to Hari Shetty – Fertility Treatment solutions are the need of the hour, with the market steadily increasing. Thus they appeal to budding entrepreneurs to venture into the niche if they are completely interested in it.

The Future’s Fruit-Full Tree

On envisioning scaling Vriksh Fertility’s operations and offerings in the future, Hari Shetty and Dr. Sneha divulge that they are looking to expand their services to other regions locally and at the pan – India levels soon. “The focus shall be to build the right team and set the right processes and systems in place that can get us there while ensuring the quality of our service is in tune with our vision of holistic fertility care management,” concludes Hari Shetty.

In the Shower of Clients’ Praise

Sharing raving testimonials from their delighted clients, Dr. Sneha says, “We want to keep serving the growing client family of ours in the future too.”

Indira, a patient, says, “Recently, I visited this hospital related to IVF treatment. I had multiple complications for several years, but Dr. Shena Shetty patiently helped me. She has very good knowledge about Gynaec and IVF treatment, and I got positive for pregnancy. I suggest that whoever faces any kind of Gynaec, IUI, IVF and other fertility issues, Please Visit Vriksh Fertility. Even the staffs are very helpful. ❤”

Another patient, Jaya Bharathi, says, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Sneha Shetty for providing excellent service and being very friendly so that I could share my health issues openly… She puts much effort into making us healthy in that she is so good. Worth consulting her…!!”

Chinmayee, also a patient, says, “At our first meeting, Dr. Sneha Shetty was very clear and took the time to explain the process from scratch, besides making patients comfortable by answering every single small doubt/concern was absolutely loving. Not only addresses the issue but her care and love for her patients are amazing. The knowledge and presenting skills she possesses in her practice are extraordinary. I am sure she will drive us to our destiny, making the journey worth it!”