Waste Management Services: Nurturing a Cleaner Tomorrow, Shaping a Greener World 

Waste Management Services

There is no such thing as ‘away.’ When we throw anything away, it must go somewhere,” says Annie Leonard. This somewhere is where all the waste piles up. It is not just a landfill of discarded things; it is a million things that must be segregated, disposed of, cleaned, and reused if we do not wish to end up in it someday.

With the total global population already crossing eight billion, the amount of waste poured each day is increasing, and its management has become a concern not only for our present but the future, too.

However, if there is a collective will like that of the ‘Waste Management Services (WMS)’ team as your valuable partner in managing waste, then the dream of a ‘Clean and Green’ environment could be achieved by turning today’s waste into sustainable resources for tomorrow.

Myriad of Services and Solutions

WMS is a one-stop solution for all waste disposal needs, including recycling e-waste, lithium-ion batteries, oil/hazardous waste, used paper, plastic, and general scrap. Through its extensive network of recyclers and distributors, WMS offers a wide range of compliance-driven waste recycling services throughout India. The company provides services spanning more than 15 areas, such as IT, Pharma, Electronics, PSU, Dairy, Textiles, Paints, etc. It assists enterprises of all types and sizes in recycling their garbage safely, securely and responsibly.

To date, WMS has recycled more than 22,000 MT of waste and disposed of more than 9,000 MT. Moreover, the company offers recycling, disposal, industry solutions, and reverse logistics services. It adheres to its mission to be one of the top names in waste management services by 2025. For that, the company significantly emphasises compliance, environmental friendliness and excellent services.

WMS strives to complete its vision to assist in creating a circular system in which resources are not extracted, used and wasted but re-used in countless ways, thereby creating decent, sustainable jobs and retaining more value in the industry. The company also does not leave any stone unturned to safeguard the environment through its work methodologies and ensures it carries out environment-friendly recycling and disposal of waste procedures. Moreover, it does not forget laws and regulations and follows and transparently abides by legalities and compliances. Also, catering to every need of its clients, it keeps them at the centre as partners and verifies every step of the transparent recycling process.

What Truly Distinguishes WMS Is…

WMS follows a value-based system wherein everyone values its customers, safety, communities, and environment and is committed to success with integrity. These core beliefs direct the company to conduct themselves honestly and openly at all times. It remains steadfast in its commitment to recycling as it cares about the environment and the welfare of future generations.

What makes WMS distinctive is:

  •     The Ultimate Answer to All Waste Management Issues: Today, waste management encompasses more than just the recycling and disposal of different types of trash. Assuring compliance, abiding by the law, adhering to complete documentation, and engaging in other forms of CSR are all required. WMS assists various businesses throughout the entire recycling process, resulting in significant time, cost and energy savings for them.
  •     Myriad of Solutions: No matter what the waste-related needs may be, WMS manages them all. Whether it’s wet waste or hazardous waste, the company provides support for responsible and eco-friendly disposal and recycling.
  •     Licensed Vendor Support: At the heart of WMS are recycling vendors from various sectors. With extensive experience in their respective fields, they have catered to the recycling requirements of both small and large businesses. WMS exclusively collaborates with licensed vendors of this calibre.
  •     PAN India Robust Logistic Network: WMS has provided services to its clients from all cities and states of India because of its strong logistic network spread across the country. Even though the company is quite new in the waste management sector, it has bolstered the operational backend before welcoming clients into its sphere.
  •     Following Standards: Vendors associated with WMS strictly adhere to safety protocols and utilize appropriate safety equipment during the disposal and recycling processes. All waste is managed by government standards. The company also invests in prioritizing the well-being of our team, clients and the environment by strictly following safety and health regulations.
  •     Legit and Compliance-friendly Documentation: WMS clients can rest easy, knowing that its meticulous process adheres unwaveringly to all regulations, with documented proof for every step in the form of receipts and certificates. Furthermore, the company ensures that all the vendors are well-trained in providing receipts and certificates for every facet of the recycling process. This finely tuned system allows WMS to identify, scrutinize and rectify any discrepancies with care and precision.
  •     Transparent and Accurate Reporting: The WMS work process is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed to the finest detail. Clients derive immense value from the transparent nature of dealings, allowing them to observe and verify every aspect of the process in real time and even retrospectively.

Heart-driven Visionary: Leading the Way Forward

Remember—We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.” A green entrepreneur with great thought, making a living while recycling waste and making the world a better place to live with a healthy environment,

Vinay Kumar Mantri, an astute professional with deep-rooted relationships across clientele, Vinay is the Founder of Waste Management Services and has a rich experience of 10+ years in the Waste Management Industry. He started his career by pursuing an M.B.A. (Marketing) from Welingkar’s Institute Of Management Studies. Moreover, he has served in prestigious companies such as Luxor Writing Instruments Pvt. Ltd., IndianPharma, EcoCentric Management Pvt. Ltd., and more..

*Cheer and Distinctions*

WMS has received numerous awards and recognitions for its excellent work in the waste management sector.

  •     Indian Achievers’ Award for Promising Start-up, 2021-22, in Recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement and Contribution to Nation Building,
  • Awarded as the Best Promising Start-up by Indian Achievers Awardfor 2021-2022,
  • Awarded by Silicon India Startupcity Magazine, Bangalore, One of the ‘10 Best Waste Management Startups 2022,
  • The process is Shortlisted by the Editorial Board of Silicon India Startupcity Magazinefrom Bangalore.

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