Essential skills to start a career in IT

The Information Technology (IT) field offers great long-term careers and job growth. If you have an interest in IT, knowing what skills you need to get a job can help you prepare. 

Technical Skill

These "hard" skills are common in the IT industry. You may want to note which knowledge and skills you possess already and what areas you could learn more through training, certifications or hands-on experience. 

Technical writing 

The ability to communicate intricate instructions and ideas more simply can help you stand out. Many IT jobs require written communication explaining complicated technical processes and systems.

Social media management 

Understanding how social media platforms work can give you an additional valuable skill for employers. The ability to help companies with their content management system 


Most IT jobs perform programming and software and web development tasks. It is also beneficial to have coding skills in several languages such as C++, Python, Java and Ruby. 

Hardware deployment 

Hardware deployment involves packing, unpacking and setting up technical equipment. Knowing how to disconnect and re-assemble complex technology is a valuable skill for any IT-related position.  

Operating system knowledge 

Understanding how to work and fix various operating systems is an important IT skill. While an individual business may utilize only one operating system 

Soft Skill

While the IT field is technologically focused, soft skills are equally important. Consider your proficiency in these soft skills and areas you can improve.