Highest Paying Programming languages 


Scala developers often command high salaries due to the language's versatility in building scalable and robust applications, particularly in the finance and tech sectors.

Go (Golang)

With the rise of cloud-native development and microservices architecture, Go has gained popularity for its concurrency support and efficiency, leading to high demand and competitive salaries.


Although its popularity has waned with the rise of Swift, Objective-C remains crucial for maintaining legacy iOS and macOS applications, leading to high-paying opportunities for experienced developers.


As the preferred language for Android app development, Kotlin developers are in high demand, especially as more companies adopt Kotlin for its modern features and interoperability with Java.


Despite its declining popularity, Perl developers are still sought after for maintaining legacy systems and performing tasks like system administration, network programming, and web development, often commanding high salaries due to the specialized skill set required.


With the increasing popularity of TypeScript for building large-scale web applications, developers proficient in TypeScript often earn high salaries due to the language's ability to improve code maintainability and scalability.