Best Career Options After 12th PCM Group

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In the 12th-grade science curriculum, students have three primary streams to choose from for their future career paths. 

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B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science)

Bachelor of Science(BSC) is a three-year undergraduate degree offered by almost every Indian university. Scientifically inclined students who want research-oriented and calculative methods  

Bachelors in Computer Application (BCA)

BCA is a three-year program covers computers and their applications in its curriculum. This course builds a solid academic foundation for advanced computer application careers.  

Bachelor of Technology (BTech)

Bachelor of Technology(BTech) is four year degree program in engineering. It is a professional degree. Being one of India’s most popular courses with respect to career possibilities 

Bachelors in Architecture – BArch

Bachelors in Architecture is a 5 year undergraduate course. This undergraduate subject covers interior design, rural and urban planning, landscape architecture, and building architecture. 

Bachelor of Planning (B.Plan)

Students can pursue a successful science career with this 4-year professional undergraduate degree. Students must have math as a primary subject to do B.Plan after 12th grade. 

Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B. FTech)

BFTech is a unique design education that mixes art and tech. The four-year BFTech programme has two semesters per year. BFTech students design, create, and market fashion products.