Without graduation high paying jobs 2024

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Getting a high-paying job without a degree is difficult but not impossible, especially considering that many Indians do not possess a degree. 

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Commercial pilot

Commercial pilots fly aircraft like passenger airplanes, helicopters, and cargo planes. To become a commercial pilot, you must have a high school diploma and receive a commercial pilot licence from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation in India 

Dog trainer

Dog and pet trainers work with pets to teach them how to behave at home or become service animals. Trainers work with dogs for specific issues such as anxiety and need to understand how dogs or other animals think and communicate.  

Makeup artist

Makeup artists work in television and the arts, as well as at weddings and other occasions. Working as a makeup artist, you won’t need formal education. You only need to be good at making people look great in makeup.  

Investment advisor

Although you will have to take exams to become an investment advisor, the industry has no specific requirements for taking those exams. Investment advisors can manage their clients' money directly or offer advice to help people select suitable investments and earn a profit.  

Chef or head cook

To become a chef or head cook, you will typically need at least five years of prior experience, usually working in a professional kitchen as a cook or sous chef. 

Wedding planner

Weddings are a reliable industry, and wedding planners will always be in need. You don't need a degree to get started in this industry. Instead, you’ll need to know how to plan a great wedding.