Whizible: Tech-Integrated Solutions Orchestrating Supreme Business Performance


The Information Technology (IT) industry is at a very interesting inflection point today. The professional services businesses or knowledge services businesses that have been at the forefront of the industry in deploying best practices have themselves been notorious for not being able to adopt technology for its own governance.

However, things are changing, and the flood of freemium and point systems is proliferating. Whizible stands apart as it creates an integrated platform. Whizible is a company that puts its customers first and strives to help customers orchestrate superior business performance.

Whizible owes its existence to its Founder, entrepreneur Vishwas Mahajan, who has an experience of over 25 years in the software industry.

A Technopreneurial Journey of the Trusted Solutions

Vishwas’s first venture Compulink, which he co-founded with Uday Kothari, was in a unique position in the marketplace in the first decade of the century by being one of the earliest product companies in India. The software industry then was only Services driven.

His refusal to be playing the cost arbitrage in traditional services place allowed the imagination to flourish as a product or IP organization, much before this was a buzzword.

Conceptualizing the product, to raising venture capital funding, to taking the company public and eventually exiting that through a merger with a larger company marks the financial highlights of Vishwas’s maiden journey as the Co-founder of Compulink.

Fostering The Indus Entrepreneurs

After the exit from Compulink, Vishwas spent six years taking a sabbatical and dedicating himself to the cause of fostering entrepreneurship by aligning with the famed Silicon Valley organization, TIE or The Indus Entrepreneurs. He led the turnaround of the chapter in Pune – India and later rose to become a global trustee.

Whizible Journey commenced when Vishwas with his colleagues Saji Unni, Syamantak Chavan, Nikhil Adkar, Anand Gadhave, Anwar Shaikh, Nitin Moghe, and others launched it as…

An Enterprise B2B SaaS Platform

The SaaS platform has its unique characteristics and unique challenges. And Whizible stood apart from usual SAS offerings that usually provide a fairly narrow use case for a very well-defined target market.

Whizible, on the other hand, is very nuanced with a multitude of use cases for a slew of stakeholders in an enterprise. Unlike many SaaS solutions that are department-specific, Whizible tends to be an enterprise platform. Vishwas believes, “So when organizations deploy Whizible, it is a transformation exercise which requires completely different thinking.”

Agility; the Ultimate Growth Model

The other trend that Whizible has spotted is the organizations’ rush to adopt agility as a model for growth. Whizible has been able to align diverse delivery practices, including ticket-based waterfall and others, but importantly, it has now completed the API delivery framework embedded right within its suite. Being the only platform partner of Asia origin for Scaled Agile® ensures that Whizible continues to align with the thought leaders to ensure that its customers are able to adapt and institutionalize the most modern and futuristic models of delivery excellence.

Vishwas shares, “In our journey, we have been fortunate to get seed funding from the US-based Bacchus Holdings, led by an experienced industry veteran – Ricky Bacchus. This validates our basic value proposition, and we expect it to grow exponentially as we explore newer markets.”

Integrating Human-Tech-Intelligence

Whizible primarily operates in the services economy, particularly in the professional services and knowledge service areas. The primary business model of this organization that Whizible serves is that it leverages human potential; namely talent and skill, and converts this into value, intellectual property, or revenue. However, the actual delivery of the services is extremely nuanced and specific to verticals.

Vishwas says, “We have mastered the technique of ensuring that the individual knowledge worker can deliver to his or her potential.” So, the combination of engineering and financial governance drives the efficiency and, consequently, the profits of these organizations. This is where the uniqueness of Whizible lies.

While there are software that allows the delivery or engineering side of the operations; these fall short of helping the customers in their financial and business performance. On the other hand, the financial systems that usually are deployed in these organizations lack the ability to connect the dots within the delivery ecosystem.

A Single Version of Truth

Vishwas states, “The additional unique feature of Whizible is that it is a singular integrated platform.” Many organizations grow by either creating small in-house tools that solve localized problems for them when they’re much smaller, or they use disconnected tools.

However, as the organization grows beyond a particular threshold size, these in-house developed or commercially procured point solutions create more data silos, and high-growth organization spends an enormous amount of time and energy trying to decipher the validity and correctness of the data that is being spewed by these individual systems.

Essentially, these organizations crave for the ‘single version of the truth’ that drives their decision-making. Whizible is uniquely positioned to be the solution that bridges the gap between business performance and delivery excellence.

Orchestrating Integrated SaaS Platform

Offerings of Whizible is an integrated SaaS platform. The businesses that Whizible serves primarily use their people’s talent and time as the primary stock in trade or inventory. It becomes imperative then that this precious inventory is utilized with the biggest value add and is utilized most efficiently.

Whizible ensures

  • that right from the opportunity to identify the right skills and resources that are available for the duration of the client engagement,
  • the ability to deploy these at the required duration on projects by maintaining a real-time skill inventory of the organization,
  • to ensure that the delivery process of the organization is mapped with its comprehensive and nuanced architecture,
  • that collects the vital data points as every individual in these knowledge organizations invests in delivery,
  • their time and talent are appropriately accounted for.

Enterprise Integration is the Key

It is a combination of independent but highly interdependent modules.

So, on the financial governance side, the engagement model with the clients is programmed in Whizible. It allows for the customers to promptly identify the revenue recognition triggers regardless of the commercial model, thereby ensuring efficient cash cycles for the organization.

Vishwas expresses, “It is the integrated nature of Whizible that keeps us apart from the competition that is flooded with siloed point solutions that seems to rise to the enterprise level.”

Insightful Technovations

Being an experienced leader, Vishwas’s opinions on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impact the Enterprise Application space and Whizible is adapting to the change are insightful.

The adoption of modern technologies like AI; Artificial Intelligence, and ML; Machine Learning is certainly impacting the enterprise application space. Whizible has always been known to be able to create data infrastructure for large delivery organizations of knowledge services.

Big data is the primary requirement of AI and ML. Whizible, because of its very nature of being an integrated data warehouse of the organization’s delivery process, lends itself easily to the use cases that can leverage AI and ML.

Use Case Turnarounds

For example, in Whizible and in its Helpdesk ticketing software module, customers can look at the available information of all the past problems and suggest a suitable solution which ensures that the turnaround time is optimized and the cycle time for a support executive to be productive is greatly shortened.

Another use case is because Whizible can deploy quality processes efficiently and automate the collection of metrics. The repository of such metrics is used to correctly estimate and bid for future projects enabling organizations to reduce the risk of failure, especially in fixed-price projects.

The other area that Whizible is adopting is having technologies like the BOTs that enable the users to automate their interaction with Whizible and provide numerous insights into the organization’s as well as individual’s performance parameters.

Overcoming Challenges by Connecting the Dots

Now, the challenge from the market; Whizible, is to be able to pinpoint the customer pain and present its unique use case to the customer. Vishwas says, “We think that being able to provide that integrated solution, that also connects with other tools provides visibility opportunity of becoming a glue to connect the dots here.”

Whizible as a company plans to be a nimble, extremely responsive, technically brilliant organization with a customer-first attitude. This is what it has been. And it plans to continue that path.

Mentor’s Expert Advice

As a seasoned entrepreneur, Vishwas mentors several companies under the umbrella of the TIE Nurture program. He has been interested in entrepreneurship in general and software product space in particular.

His advice to budding entrepreneurs aspiring to venture into the Software Development and IP space is born from decades of expertise. He says, “The advice I would have for entrepreneurs developing products is for them to understand that products are a long game creating value for one organization and for customers.”

It requires a deep understanding of the industry that it serves, coupled with the ability to spot the trends and, most importantly; spot the problems and challenges that the organizations face. Only this ensures that the products remain relevant to the customer and address the ‘product market fit’ criteria.

The second piece of advice is to be very savvy in pricing your products and what you offer for what you give.  IT, especially Enterprise SaaS, offers the best opportunity of creating value. Because even in recession times, the multiples offered for these organizations tend to be pretty robust.

The other aspect of the enterprise space is that it benefits customer longevity. Enterprise customers tend to stay longer so that the ability to recover revenue over long periods of time exists.

Also, it is important to seek funding at the right juncture to ensure that the organization jumpstarts and scales up, being able to make the investments in it,” suggests Vishwas.

An Embedded Agility in the Scaled Future

Vishwas envisions scaling Whizible’s operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond in an exciting way. The year 2022 has been an interesting year for Whizible. It has wholly added SaaS offering and certification of Platform Partnership with Scaled Agile®.

This puts Whizible in a most opportune position to address the agile transformation market. On the one hand, its SaaS nature lends itself to global expansion. And secondly, the latest trends of agility have become embedded in the product to ensure that it is ready for the future.

Rising in the Credibility League by Partnering with Industry Giants

Whizible has been fortunate to have customers in a variety of domains. Its BFSI customers include ICICI bank, SBI, SBI life, MasterCard, CCIL, which is Clearing Corporation of India Limited, BFIL – Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited and others Whizible has provided an excellent platform for collaboration and governance.

In its other industry verticals in IT services and Engineering services, Whizible has been powering several successful organizations.

These include organizations such as Wurth, Sonata, PointWest and others benefiting from Whizible deployment.

Whizible has been working with TCE (Tata Consulting Engineers), John Deere, Actalent and several others in engineering services.

Vishwas concludes, “It is the joint strength of all these and other logos that Whizible has acquired catapulted into the credibility league that is hard for its competitors to replicate.”