With 3.5 lakh units, Car sales in India Reach Highest in September

Car sales in India

The passenger vehicle sales which had plummeted in the past couple of years have made a comeback like the pre-pandemic period. The sales figures in September 2022 have set an interesting benchmark with 3,55,946 vehicles, constituting to 26 % month-on-month growth as August recorded 2,81,210 vehicles.

Vinkesh Gulati, Chairman of FADA India Research and Academy, mentioned, “Car dispatches to dealers crossed 3.5 lakh in September 2022. It should be the best month for PV segment ever!”

Maruti Suzuki’s September 2022 wholesale of 1,48,380 units, depicts a 135 percent growth over the same month last year, although that was on a lower September 2021 figure of 63,111 units. Chennai-based Hyundai Motor India, with 49,700 units, recorded a strong 50 percent growth over last year in September 2021 with 33,087 units. Tata Motors with 47,654 units in September 2022 beats its previous best of 47,505 units in July 2022 by 149 units. Mahindra registered 43,608 numbers in September with a 163% growth over last year.

The surge in car sales has been further boosted by the festive season is a welcoming scenario for the entire auto industry.