YouTube introduces a ‘sleep timer’ in the Music app


A “sleep timer” feature has begun to be added to YouTube Music, the music streaming service owned by Google. According to 9to5Google, the part now appears for songs in the app’s Now Playing overflow menu.

YouTube’s Initiative

Additionally, it has begun introducing a “real-time lyrics” feature to its streaming service YouTube Music for Android and iOS. The sleep timer feature may be helpful for individuals who enjoy falling asleep while listening to music. Thanks to the sleep timer feature, a player can automatically stop playing after a certain amount of time, allowing users to sleep without worrying about their earphones or speakers playing music all night.

According to the report, the feature has not been widely implemented and is only accessible to a few users. In the meantime, YouTube has begun introducing the “real-time lyrics” feature to YouTube Music, its music streaming service for Android and iOS.

The element is now accessible to some YouTube Music endorsers who have revealed. Nonetheless, it’s not broadly accessible to each client. It is comparable to the real-time lyrics feature on Spotify and Apple Music, two other music streaming services.