10 Best Online Business Ideas from Home

10 Best Online Business Ideas from Home
10 Best Online Business Ideas from Home

Once upon a time, entering the business world meant leaving your home’s cosy, familiar, and known confines. If you have read about the traditional business in India and Indian entrepreneurs’ success stories from the past, whichever way their stories differed, there was one common thread: that every one of them struggled hard in their respective industries by slogging physically in the field. That hardship, struggle, and slogging might not have been doing manual labour work, but they had to go to the physical places and meet people physically while waiting patiently for hours to get an interview.

Many of those successful Indian Business Leaders might share with you their success stories, business ideas, and a few tricks of the trade to how to do business in the Indian market.

However, today, when I tell you that all those praiseworthy entrepreneurial spirits might be missing those good old days, you might think that the world might have really turned upside down since today, there is no need to go outside your sweet home to do a business. Everyone has Aladdin’s Magic Lamp in the form of a smartphone, laptop, tablet and desktop PC, along with that Jinn in the form of the world wide web, also called the internet.

Post pandemic, the internet business from home or online businesses is a growing trend. Many budding youngsters, employed, unemployed professionals, moms, middle-aged people and even seniors are increasingly opting for internet or online entrepreneurship. You might find it surprising, but some kids have become multi-millionaires by doing online business from their homes. Isn’t it amazing?

If you, too, are seriously thinking of starting a business and do not have enough dough and a physical space apart from your dear old home, then here are the 10 best online business ideas which you could turn into internet business by using your smart mind, smartphones, laptops, and internet connection.

Blogging: If you are reading this blog, then you are familiar with this not-so-new phenomenon. There was a time when bloggers were a rare species. And as blogging began expanding, with the entry of professionals and non-professionals, it was like everybody was blogging. Today, blogging is the best way to gain not only followers but also consumers, clients, and customers.

There are even some best business blogs in India which are renowned globally. Meaning the Indian entrepreneurs behind those blogs are earning not only from Indian customers but also from their global fan following consumers.

All you need is some initial learning about how to blog, which are the current exciting and trending topics which you could use to blog. You will find that in no time, you are earning money by associating your blog with other social media marketing companies, digital marketing agencies, or some of the best online business magazines.

Now, these magazines need content on a regular basis. They also need already established active traffic, which with your popular blogging site, you could divert. It will help them become the best Indian business magazines and help you sell your online business and other business ideas to your followers.

Affiliate Marketing: Now, when I told you just earlier that you could combine your forces with some of the best online business magazines and help them market their content, I was talking about affiliate marketing. There are many more ways you can do this. You can become an affiliate digital marketeer for other best business blogs in India or the world. You could even be the digital marketeer for successful Indian business leaders or entrepreneurs by associating yourself or your blogs with their personal or professional websites. You can also market their companies, brands, products and services.

Once begin, affiliated marketing could bring you tremendous dough and further popularity. If you are interested, then start your own affiliate marketing, and you will find that in no time, you too are earning enough to be called a successful Indian entrepreneur sharing your success story with the world.

Start an eCommerce store: Last year, my sister began her own lifecare and beauty care products eCommerce store online and is now earning at least twenty thousand a month from it. She never went anywhere to learn about it. She just used social media sites on her laptop and social media apps on her smartphone. Of course, her eCommerce store is not that popular, but I know in just eight months, she has more than a thousand existing customers and her network is widening and expanding with each passing day.

You, too, can begin your own eCommerce store and in no time will find yourself a successful online marketeer. All you need is interest, innovative work, patience and intent, and the sky is the limit.           

Selling on Amazon: Okay, I get it you are not interested in the above ideas. So here is an easy one. You could start selling your products, services, and even ideas on Amazon or other eCommerce websites and begin earning thousands.

Amazon not only provides a platform for you to sell, but it also supports you in selling your products and services. All you need to do is open a seller’s account on Amazon, display your products through pictures, images, contents, and videos, and in no time, someone or others will be shopping for it if they like it. It is as easy as anything. Many of my friends are doing it. So if you are keen, then what are you waiting for.

Domain Flipping: You might not be aware of it, but just like real estate agents selling physical properties, you could be a digital agent selling or flipping online domains. There are thousands of domains available on the internet which are up for selling.

All you need is to do a little bit of research on which domain names are catchy, sound attractive, amazing, and could be popularized in no time, and you could buy and sell them, earning your profit. Here, you could sell some excellent professional domains to the best Indian business magazine or other successful best online business magazine which buy it and then publish their own digital content on it and runs them.

If you are into software coding and designing, you can create one and sell it.

Online Teaching: This is the best option for those who can teach. And although I cannot, I know many of you are born teachers. If you are, then online teaching is the best business today. Grab your phone, put it on camera mode, shoot a video you teaching a concept in your home and post it on either on your website or YouTube, or any other online platform, and in no time, you will find others liking it, loving it rating it, and recommending it to their acquaintances. Through online teaching, you can build your own tutorials, coaching classes, or even academies. It is up to you how far you can go into it.

Freelance Writing: It is similar to blogging, but you are writing for others. Like as I have already mentioned, there are many best online business magazines hungry for top-notch content and sometimes find it hard to produce content in-house. Thus, they simply outsource that content to freelance writers. Also, there are millions of websites and domains running on the internet which are on a constant lookout for quality content. And if you feel that you can write something which readers cannot look away from, then freelance writing is your forte, and you must look into it seriously.

Consulting Business: We all know many people who roam around giving suggestions, advice, counselling, and consulting freely. If you love consulting others, then you can surely begin it from your home with a laptop or a smartphone.

Many of the business or professional consultants today are charging in thousands of rupees for the coaching, guidance, counselling, and consulting they are providing. And if you feel that you need some learning, then you could begin your own online consulting business with a course or two.

Virtual Assistant: In the age of pandemics, everything is remote nowadays. The same goes for administrative or office tasks. Working from home or from anywhere, you could provide such administrative, technical, creative and office assistance remotely. It is called virtual assistance.

Offline Marketing Consulting: Last best option is offline marketing consulting. Here you could provide multichannel digital marketing options to your customers and clients. Many companies, brands, other online businesses in the eCommerce market, and other businesses in India are in dire need of offline marketing consultants today. And there is a dearth of such expert professionals.

So if digital and offline marketing consultations is right up your alley, then what are you waiting for. You do not have to go anywhere. You can begin it right this moment from the couch of your home.

Best of luck with your future online business. I wish you all the best and hope to see and read your success story on any of the online platforms like best business blogs, best online Indian business magazines, TV, or the internet. Let us stay connected and in the loop. Goodbye for the time being. See you again!