A new WhatsApp feature makes it simple to report wrongful messages in groups


It is said that WhatsApp is developing a new feature to assist group administrators in better managing their groups. WaBetaInfo says that the most recent Android beta update, version, has a new feature called “admin review” that lets group members tell the group admin about inappropriate messages.

News Features for WhatsApp Admins

When a message is reported, it is sent to the admin for review. If the admin decides that the message is inappropriate or in violation of the group’s rules, they can choose to delete it for everyone in the group. This new element will be accessible inside the social scenes area and must be turned on by bunch administrators.

The revealed messages may be noticeable to bunch administrators inside another part of the application situated inside the gathering data. WhatsApp has not yet specified when all users will be able to use this feature. However, it will be made available to beta testers in a subsequent app update.

WhatsApp’s commitment to providing better tools for group administrators to effectively manage their groups is demonstrated by this new feature. Two brand-new features for groups were recently added to the messaging platform. Administrators’ management of the group is made simpler by these updates.

To begin with, it has added another device that empowers bunch administrators to conclude who can join a gathering. This gives the administrator the choice to share their gathering’s welcome URL or make their gathering joinable locally.

The company stated in a blog announcement that “groups are where people have some of their most intimate conversations” and that “it’s important that admins are able to easily decide who can come in.”

Users will be able to easily see which groups they share with their contacts with the second feature. Users will be able to see the groups they belong to simply by searching for their name.