The OnePlus Pad is on track to outperform Apple iPads


The first Android tablet from OnePlus continues the company’s tradition of offering high-end technology at slightly lower prices; however, will this be enough to compete with the iPad, which currently holds the lead in the market?

The OnePlus Cushion costs £449 and desires to undermine adversaries, for example, Samsung’s £749 World Tab S8 and Macintosh’s £499 iPad.

Unique Features of the OnePlus Pad

This premium tablet has a 11.6-inch LCD screen, a metal body, and a slim design. The screen is bright and clear, has a high refresh rate for smooth scrolling, and is in good company with competitors of a higher price range. The width and size of the screen are perfect for watching video without having to have huge black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. It also handles two apps side by side well on the screen. The tablet has four speakers that can make sound system sound no matter what the direction you hold it, and which work effectively for motion pictures and music.

The Pad doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, so it only uses face recognition from the camera to unlock the tablet. It functions admirably in great light yet flops in obscurity and isn’t quite as secure as Apple’s Face ID or a finger impression, so some applications may not acknowledge it. It was a nuisance that while using it, a few applications crashed. In general, the front-facing camera works well for video calls and can automatically pan and scan in some apps, like Google Meet, to keep you focused.

The tablet doesn’t contain reused materials yet is by and large repairable by OnePlus. The battery is appraised to endure no less than 1,200 full accuse patterns of something like 80% of its unique limit. The firm works an exchange conspire and is remembered for the parent organization Oppo’s yearly maintainability reports.