Aashish Sanghi: Reshaping the Future of Energy Production and Consumption in an Eco-Friendly Way

Aashish Sanghi
Aashish Sanghi

While large-scale systemic change is crucial in creating a sustainable future, individual actions also significantly reduce our dependency on unsustainable practices and live more eco-consciously. All we need are influential leaders in the eco-friendly industry who are transforming the sector to show us the way ahead.

Aashish Sanghi, the Founder and CEO of Risha Electric Pvt Ltd, is a notable figure in the eco-friendly industry, spearheading initiatives towards sustainable energy solutions. Through his endeavour in renewable energy, Aashish contributes to environmental conservation and empowers his clients to embrace self-reliance and sustainability through solar energy solutions. Aashish says, “I strongly believe in the reality of climate change and its severe impacts. My switch to renewable energy empowers both my company and my clients. We can all break our dependency on unsustainable practices and actively work towards a more eco-conscious way of life.”

By making businesses self-sufficient with renewable energy sources, Aashish enables them to reduce their carbon footprint and transition towards a greener lifestyle. With his dedication to environmental stewardship and innovative solutions, Aashish emerges as a visionary leader driving positive change in the eco-friendly industry.

The Green Switch

As a trailblazer in the eco-friendly industry, taking us back to the beginning of his journey, Aashish says it all started fifteen years ago. After completing his Bachelor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Purdue University in West Lafayette, USA, Aashish returned to India in 2009 to join his family’s textile processing business. “It was a highly polluting industry,” reveals Aashish. However, faced with numerous challenges, particularly concerning unstable power from the grid, Aashish recognized the urgent need for self-reliance and sustainability in his industry.

In 2018, Hyderabad experienced one of its worst floods, devastated nearby substations and left Aashish’s business in the dark. This pivotal moment prompted him to venture into the renewable energy space, leading to the transition from textiles to solar panel manufacturing and EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) during the COVID-19 pandemic. A firm believer in the reality of climate change and its severe impact on the world, Aashish seized the opportunity to become part of the green revolution.

Driven by the challenges he witnessed and the desire for a cleaner future, Aashish embarked on a new journey. He set his sights on the burgeoning field of renewable energy. This path, he believed, offered not only self-reliance for his business but also an opportunity to contribute to a greener tomorrow.

Risha Electric–The Best Solar Installers

Aashish shares more about Risha Electric: “We install the best solar panels all over India.”

He furthers that their mission is to improve lives one solar panel at a time. “Performance and reliability are our main priorities. We want the world to ‘become efficiently self-sufficient, go solar.”

Adding on to it, he says their mission is based on a clear-cut vision: “As a solar consultant, we want to build trust in solar energy in India. We want to live sustainably because it’s our passion. We want to fight climate change. We want to start today. And we want to show you how you can be part of the solution. Join us on a journey to change the world.”

At Risha Electric, he and his team are committed to offering innovative solar solutions to their esteemed clients. Recognizing the evolving landscape of solar energy, they go beyond traditional approaches, such as large-scale ground-mounted solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. Instead, they emphasize adopting and deploying cutting-edge grid-tied solar concepts and business models. These innovative approaches expand the scope of solar energy and enhance its efficiency and accessibility.

One of the key focuses of Risha Electric is on hybrid solar power plants, which play a crucial role in mitigating variability, optimizing dispatch, and maximizing the utilization of grid infrastructure like power lines and substations. Risha Electric addresses technical complexities by integrating hybrid solar power plants into their solutions while exploring various institutional structuring options. This initiative underscores their dedication to providing comprehensive and technically advanced solar solutions tailored to the specific needs of their clients.

Through their PERC-based energy solutions, under the exemplary leadership of Aashish, his team of Risha Electric remains at the forefront of the renewable energy industry, pioneering innovative approaches to solar power generation. “With a commitment to sustainability and technological advancement, we continue to lead the way in reshaping the future of energy production and consumption,” says Aashish, whose leadership is a driving force.

The Democratic Leadership 

At Risha Electric, Aashish leads by example, instilling a culture of innovation and empowerment within his team. He views his employees as integral partners in the company’s mission and encourages them to leverage creativity and innovation in executing solar power projects, regardless of scale or complexity. Recognizing the diverse nature of solar landscapes and their unique challenges, Aashish emphasizes the importance of autonomy and decision-making among his team members.

As a democratic leader, Aashish fosters an environment where every team member has a voice and plays a crucial role in decision-making. This approach enables Risha Electric to adapt its operations and procedures according to each client’s specific needs and preferences, ensuring maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. By empowering his employees to make important decisions and take ownership of their work, Aashish cultivates a sense of ownership and accountability within the team, driving excellence in every aspect of the business.

Giving Your Power in Your Hands

Aashish, the visionary behind Risha Electric, champions the mission of empowering Indians to achieve self-reliance and energy independence for their electricity requirements. Through Risha Electric’s innovative solar energy solutions, individuals can access sustainable and reliable power sources, whether residing in homes, operating factories, or managing showrooms. With a commitment to facilitating efficiency and self-sufficiency, Risha Electric encourages its customers to embrace solar energy and take control of their energy needs. At the core of their philosophy lies the belief that every individual has the power to harness renewable energy and contribute to a greener future.

With Risha Electric’s solar panels, customers are assured of aligning with the company’s overarching goal of fostering self-sufficiency and sustainability. Aashish Sanghi proudly proclaims that Risha Electric puts ‘your power in your hands,’ emphasizing the empowering nature of their solutions. Moreover, Risha Electric extends its impact beyond urban centres by making significant inroads into rural areas across India. Through initiatives like lighting up houses in villages with solar panels, Risha Electric illuminates homes and transforms lives, underscoring its commitment to driving positive change and enhancing access to clean energy.

The Clean Commitment

At Risha Electric, the essence of green energy lies in thorough groundwork and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Aashish and his team prioritize control and communication, leveraging advanced solar power software and remote monitoring systems to empower customers to monitor their live solar production in real time. He says, “Living Green is at the heart of our company. Everything we do, whether charging our electric cars or powering our workshop and office with electricity, or corporate social responsibility and even corporate gifting for our special clients, is focused on harnessing the abundant power of solar energy and avoiding burning fuel. Our marketing team does a wonderful job highlighting the usability and lifespan of solar panels, which are at least 25 years old and have very low maintenance. This helps in early adaptation of solar technology, even in rural areas. We are experts in the resourceful planning of logistics for solar panel delivery. Our nationwide network of highly skilled solar installers does it cohesively and coherently.”

This proactive approach enables immediate identification and resolution of any issues, ensuring optimal solar energy production and seamless operation. With a highly skilled network of solar experts, Risha Electric guarantees prompt and effective solutions, employing physical checks and necessary protocols to uphold their commitment to delivering reliable and sustainable green energy solutions.

Tech-Empowered Age

In the era of technology-empowered power solutions, Aashish’s vision at Risha Electric encompasses harnessing the full potential of data-driven insights. All solar power plants are seamlessly monitored and managed from afar by leveraging remote access capabilities through WiFi or GPRS.

Recognizing the value of data as the new oil, Aashish ensures that every byte of information collected from these sites is meticulously analyzed by his expert team daily. This data-driven approach enables them to understand variations in solar generation across different regions, optimizing the capacity of solar panels and batteries required for each client’s unique needs.

Moreover, Aashish’s commitment to sustainability is evident in his advocacy for installing solar plants on non-South-facing roofs, backed by data showcasing nominal differences in power generation. This conscientious approach ensures that resources are utilized efficiently, avoiding excessive battery storage and minimizing environmental impact while meeting client needs.

Winning is a Team’s Game

The workforce is a crucial aspect of every successful business. Aashish says, “We undertake a few steps to empower our employees. We delegate with the intent to grow and develop the capabilities and responsibilities of employees. We define clear boundaries within which employees can act by setting clear expectations and not micromanaging them. We give our employees permission to make decisions aligned with our company goals. We allow our employees to complete a task differently than how I would. We offer tools, resources, and a board to accept ideas. When debriefing on the project, we are thoughtful and specific about the feedback. We provide that we specify the actions and attitudes we would like to see repeated and their impact on our customers. We are receptive to new ideas to include the employees in decision-making and goal-setting. We always communicate the company’s vision so that our employees feel that they are contributing to building something and making a difference.”

Ethically Victorious

According to Aashish, one of the major challenges they face in their industry is price competitiveness, as the entry barrier is very low, and many small players enter the industry to earn easy profits. As a result, many clients are provided with inferior quality products and no after-sales service, which negatively impacts the belief in the sustainability of renewable energy. He says, “Our company has always focused on educating the client, giving excellent after-sales service and adapting the latest technologies. This may not increase our profits, but it does create trust amongst our clients. We are still answering calls and clearing doubts of our smallest clients just as we do for our biggest ones (1KW-10MW capacity). This has helped us double our installations year on year.”

Fostering a Clean and Green Future

Looking ahead, Aashish divulges that their vision for Risha Electric has always aligned with our country’s eco-friendly, sustainable and self-sufficient vision. “We have always adopted newer technologies in our business plan. I believe solar alone may not be enough to attain the goal of self-sufficiency.”

Hence, Aashish is happy to announce their venture into producing Hydrogen using Methane from industrial/agricultural/municipal waste. Production of Hydrogen from waste reduces pollution on a bigger scale and increases revenue for our farmers, leading to inclusive growth and development.

We are proud to announce our remarkable achievement; since our inception, we have doubled our operational/installed capacity year on year,” concludes Aashish.