Calcutta HC Agrees to Emami Case on HUL’s Violation with ‘Glow & Handsome’

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Amidst the booming beauty sector, especially in the men’s category, many consumer-oriented beauty and lifestyle companies capitalized on the opportunity to boost revenue and profits by offering products aimed at enhancing appearance and skin tone. This trend led to intense competition, with companies engaging in fierce rivalries, even extending to product names. One notable battle unfolded between HUL and Emami Ltd, culminating in a legal dispute brought before the Calcutta High Court. In a recent ruling, the court has prohibited Hindustan Unilever Ltd (HUL) from using the ‘Glow & Handsome’ mark for its men’s care products, following a case filed by Emami Ltd.

The high court has imposed a deadline, giving HUL just one month to comply with the order issued on April 9.

However, the situation may undergo further developments, as an HUL spokesperson mentioned that the company is currently reviewing the order and considering appropriate actions in response to the injunction issued by the Calcutta HC.

The dispute between Emami and HUL emerged in 2020 when HUL rebranded its men’s fairness cream as ‘Glow & Handsome’, which bore a striking resemblance to Emami’s established ‘Fair & Handsome’ brand. This prompted Emami to take legal action against its rival, alleging infringement of its rights. After years of legal proceedings, Emami finally secured a decision in its favor.

According to the court, Glow and Handsome’ is deceptively similar to the petitioner’s registered mark.” It went on to add, “Being a prior user and the first in the men’s fairness cream segment, the adoption and use of the mark ‘Glow and Handsome’ is therefore misleading and deceptive,” revealed the sources.

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