Aditya Kumar: Elevating Your Infratravel Experience to the Highest Level of Business Success

Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar | Managing Director

It might be a modern progressive necessity but as opposed to the universal theme of expansion, human spacetime is shrinking. In rapidly developing superpowers, today, land is scarce, particularly in urban pockets of industrial centres. Thus, creating skyrocketing buildings necessitates architectural teams making efficient and optimum use of space, time, and resources.

Aditya Kumar, the Managing Director at Victora LiftsIndia’s Fastest Emerging Elevator Brand…states that the MEP department’s primary concerns while designing elevators are to meet current safety standards as well as intelligently address the limited space’s unique needs.

With so many different types and styles of elevators, determining an appropriate planning technique can be time-consuming and taxing. “To avoid costly mistakes, it is necessary to identify the types of traffic flux, building dimensions, location, arrangement, and other prerequisites during the initial stage of construction.”

From a real estate standpoint, designing reliable and quality elevators is a complex business with numerous opportunities for costly errors. Architects must select the right and trustworthy solutions for the right applications to identify the type of elevator, estimate its usage, traffic flow, and arrangement required with its dimensions, and configurations, and ensure the appropriate technology to manage it. Victora Lifts, one of India’s fastest-growing elevator manufacturers, offering highly efficient and safe elevators is precisely meeting these diverse demands.

This is where we, Victora Lifts, come into the picture. With us, clients can choose the best model based on their needs and infrastructure availability,” assures Aditya.

When probed about how Victora deliver the best quality elevators, Aditya replies that everyone wants to get the best lift installation that ensures smooth and reliable operations to make everyday travel easier. Being an innovator in the elevator industry, Victora provides applicable and quality solutions according to the client’s requirements.

The brand very well understands that meticulous planning is a must for successfully installing a lift. Aditya adds, “It just doesn’t have to be functional but needs to be safe as well. Be assured of the performance of Victora lifts as all the above-mentioned factors are prioritized to deliver cost-effective, trustworthy, and expeditious offerings in India.”

Thriving on Innovations

To retain long-lasting customers, it’s a must to thrive on innovation that results in high-quality and performance-based elevators. He shares, “This is our belief. Here are our USPs that provide reliable, efficient, and user-friendly lifts:”

*Research and Development

“To keep innovation at the forefront, our team is strongly committed to R&D that allows them to evolve trends, markets, customer needs, or processes. Being the fastest-growing elevator manufacturing company, our design department is equipped with all the high-end software like CATIA V5R8, Pro-E, Unigraphics, Hyperform, Altair, Power 3.1, (DELCAM), AutoCAD 2012, etc. It ensures quality performance and smooth operation in our lifts.”


The state-of-the-art machinery is one of the reasons why Victora Lifts is able to showcase its world-class manufacturing capabilities. “We comprehend the complexities involved in today’s manufacturing domain. Our production, design and development department are well equipped with all the latest manufacturing facilities,” says Aditya.


The first thing that every consumer notices in an elevator are the quality performance. For them, quality control is not an obligation but the very first foundation. He says that they are very well aware of this concept. To extend the life of a lift and keep it low maintenance, they incorporate the most energy-efficient products.


This is the most important facility that defines the functioning of other processes. As per Aditya, their lift installations are process-based and time-bound without making any compromise on stringent quality checks. Their trained and experienced team of engineers conducts mandatory checks at each point to ensure the successful installation of lifts in a particular area. “Also, our talented pool of engineers has the ability to link critical product specifications and design with electronic data interchange that saves the cost and time of our customers,” believes Aditya.

All a customer expects from the leading elevator manufacturers in India is a quality performance that reduces the hassle and ensures the safety of the passengers. Victora enriches this experience by providing quality products and maintaining transparency throughout the journey. “When such a promising elevator brand is assuring the best offerings with the motive to create long-lasting customer relations, there will be no need to look for alternatives,” says Aditya.

Along with managing Victora, Aditya is the Founder of Urbcare Foundation–An NGO working for issues and agendas concerning Urban India. Stating their vision, Aditya says that it is ‘To inspire and become…

World Leaders in Future Infratravel™

“We are constantly thriving for excellence by being concurrent with technology and management skills thus achieving total customer satisfaction through continuous improvements.” Adding to it he says that their mission is ‘Enriching people’s lives with leading-edge Infratravel™ solutions that are safe, stylish, sustainable, and backed by distinguished after-sales service.’

“We are succeeding in providing end-to-end solutions for all kinds of Infratravel™ products of high quality at low costs through perfect execution and delivering prompt and efficient services by adopting best business practices through a dedicated, proactive and accountable team of people having a quest for excellence,” he adds.

When asked how they deliver so many immersive benefits to their clients Aditya says that Victora is a trailblazer and leading global provider in the elevator industry, providing relevant and quality solutions for everyone’s requirements and ensuring that they are affordable, trustworthy, and expeditious.

Victora Lifts thrives on building long-lasting customer relations through its high international quality standards, dedicated, skilled and experienced research and development and field operations team. Its significant professional qualities and values include,

  • One of the largest lift manufacturing units of India set up in Faridabad (Delhi NCR).
  • Independent Research and Development Centre based out of Mumbai.
  • Strategic Spare part warehouses in Faridabad and Mumbai.
  • Currently present in Delhi, U.P., Haryana, Maharashtra, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan
  • Dedicated teams for New Installations and Existing Installations (maintenance) along with Area mapping.
  • First in the country to introduce the unique concept of the S.M.A.R.T. Maintenance Program for Infratravel Equipment (Lifts, Escalators and Travelators.)
  • Winner of the Power Building Brand Award- 2016 by Realty Plus, One of the leading real estate news magazines.
  • Got the Best Supplier Award for New Product Development from a Swiss multinational.
  • Victora has its own state-of-the-art Teel design and manufacturing section for all Tools, dies, jigs, fixtures and gauges for making quality products.
  • Has own test jig/simulator for control panel testing after assembly with all accessories like Machine and Door functions.
  • All employees are covered under the ESI act and are only allowed to work after the use of safety equipment, as per the requirement of the work area.

“Our existing clients include, Logix Group, Urbtech, SRS, Govt. of Maharashtra, Lodha Group, Ghaziabad Development Authority, Mantri Group etc.,” he says adding that they are an ISO certified company for quality, health, safety and environment management systems, with a highly educated, experienced and dedicated technical team.

Aditya furthers that what makes them stand apart from the competition is their ‘After Sales Service and Maintenance’ offered to clients. Providing relentless maintenance for your equipment!” Victora constantly works to deliver you the best experience, whether as a customer or as a user. For this VICTORA has developed…

The SMART Maintenance Service Program

We provide upgrade packages like ARD, Accurate Overload Warning System, Full Height Light Curtain for Door safety, etc.”

They also provide an Upgrade package from Geared machines to Permanent Magnet Gearless machines which is up to 40-50% more efficient than the existing geared machines. This also requires minimal or no maintenance thus improving the Availability of your lifts. 

Sharing some of their client testimonials, Aditya says, “Victora Lifts has been at the forefront of leading the Infratravel™ revolution in India with world-class products, a premium, and content clientele, and constant innovations to provide relevant, efficient, and affordable solutions. Read more about our happy clients here.”

Three lifts in our Bhandup Police Station, Mumbai are maintained by Victora Lifts. Their services are extremely good, they maintain these lifts to our satisfaction, attends even smallest complaints and other as per our requirement as of today.” – Executive Engineer (Northern Mumbai Electrical Division).

The Victora lifts installed in our Rachana Sadan building are very smooth and functional. We are very happy and satisfied by the services.” – Arun J Narwekar.

The lifts installed in our Zilla Parishad, Ahmed Nagar Building are maintained by Victora. They are highly professional and their service is top-notch.” – D.D. Wade (PWD South Division).

Finally, when probed that What makes Victora one of the best lift companies in India, Aditya shares his thoughts that elevators are becoming an indispensable part of every building today. Every infrastructure gives due consideration to the lift installation and other related services. Being a trailblazer and one of the top elevator companies in India, Victora understands all the emerging needs of the audience when it comes to Infratravel solutions.

For us, elevating everyday travel matters the most. If your goal is to ensure an affordable, trustworthy, and expeditious solution that satisfactorily matches your requirements, come to Victora,” he concludes.