Ajjas Safety Solutions: Ensuring a Safest and the Most Convenient EV Drive

Ajjas Safety Solutions
Ajjas Safety Solutions

Two-wheeler road accidents are a significant problem in modern urban scenarios, causing injuries and fatalities among vehicle drivers and even bystanders. According to Ajjas Safety Solutions, Co-founder and EV Business Lead Shailendra Singh, every day, 120+ people die because of two-wheeler road accidents, and 400+ two-wheelers are stolen. 

Our first patented product, Ajjas, solves this critical and massive problem of two-wheeler road accidents,” he says. Ajjas is a smart IoT that uses AI and machine learning to communicate when you’re in an accident so that timely assistance can be provided. “We are thrilled to save lives!” says Shailendra.

By making each vehicle smartly intelligent, Ajjas provides a tech-driven solution enabling safe, happy, and connected commutes. Shailendra explains that they want to be known for their ever-increasing ability to make roads safe for travel by renovating technology solutions aiding decision-making using analytics around driving behavior and vehicles and converging emergency support systems that will assist in saving lives following accidents and preventing vehicle thefts.

Ajjas is dedicated to building an ecosystem that provides users with a safer, more efficient, and enjoyable experience by combining digital technologies and human creativity. “Our IoT device is super smart, can be installed into any vehicle with a battery, and can detect theft and accidents in real-time. We are constantly developing new features and building the largest platform for the two-wheeler community,” he says, expanding their IoT offerings to the EV two-wheeler market as the manufacturer developing the Ajjas IoT from the ground up.

Almost no EV sellers have a dedicated app allowing customers to check the battery temperature in real-time. “We’ve read a lot about EVs getting overheated and catching fire,” he says. Such situations can be easily avoided with advanced EV analytics.

Under his leadership, Ajjas, formed to provide the highest level of safety and security through modern technology, is successfully growing through reliable and effective solutions. Shailendra revealed the journey of Ajjas in the evolving EV industry in an interview with CioLook India.

Please, provide a brief overview of Ajjas, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the most promising EV solution providers.

As a group of highly motivated individuals dedicated to making every ride safe and secure, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of security, which is why we have invested in cutting-edge technology. Our team is made up of subject matter experts constantly striving to improve their products.

EVs are also gaining traction in commercial last-mile delivery. Many delivery drivers will soon follow suit because it is the most cost-effective and serves the purpose. However, the issue here is that they are unsure what to buy!

These assemblers choose the EV based on its appearance and have no idea how it works internally. They are oblivious to the type of controller used, the shock absorbers installed, the battery charging cycle, etc.

Ajjas is offering OEMs a thorough 80-point inspection if the EV has CAN capabilities, which we use to access the data. These hints greatly aid in predicting failure and provide EV owners with a high level of protection.

By installing Ajjas IoT inside the EV, the OEM or assembler can easily collect important data from each vehicle. Our analytics, based on data from the CAN, can assist in identifying potential issues that the EV may encounter. This not only makes the life of the EV OEM easier, but it also greatly benefits the actual users of his EV by helping them understand it better.

Tell us more about Ajjas’ offerings distinguishing it from the competition.

Because the IoT designer can only consider a few companies based on the size of their order, if you are looking to put your EV into production, it is critical that you work with an IoT designer providing you with the specific software and IoT solution even if your current volumes are not very high. These issues are well-resolved at Ajjas, and OEM wields considerable power. We could do this because we are a boutique IoT design firm with an extremely capable software and firmware team.

Because the resources required to manufacture an IoT are among the most expensive in the country, a new IoT design with specialized firmware will save OEMs money. With Ajjas on board, these costs can be reduced, and we always ensure that the time to market is significantly reduced.

Tell us about the immersive benefits that Ajjas provides to its clients.

Working with Ajjas has several benefits because we’ve provided highly scalable solutions, and as the design house for smart IoTs, we’re also familiar with the associated annoyances.

We have designed and built numerous solutions that can scale up to 10,000 units in a single event. We’re an entirely Indian-made IoT, enabling any EV brand purchase on a monthly leasing basis. This allows them to invest their money in business growth better and creates opportunities for white-label apps that OEMs and assemblers can sell to their customers as their own products. This will go a long way toward establishing the OEM’s EV as the newest on the market and directly connected to the mobile app in real-time. Ajjas, for example, has apps for retail or fleet management, reporting and analytics, customer engagement, sales forecasting, and other functions.

The company has made its APIs available, allowing third parties to build apps using Ajjas’ technology platform. This means that clients will have more design freedom while benefiting from Ajjas’ features, including location tracking, remote diagnostics, and battery management.

We assist automakers in meeting stringent global emission standards while also providing customers with the luxury of owning an electric vehicle without incurring excessive maintenance or charging costs. As a result, we may offer a highly customized CRM, assisting OEMs in better understanding supply and demand.

We designed our CRM platform to understand your needs and ensure that it meets them. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to effectively manage your operations and advanced analytics to help you make informed decisions.

Our customers should receive more than just a good product. They are entitled to be treated as royalty, and we are here to ensure that every transaction detail is flawless. That is why we created an analytical panel that enables OEMs to predict EV breakdowns in advance. We’ve never been more confident in our ability to indicate when a specific component will fail—so much so that we can even predict the type of breakdown it will be, which is critical regarding spare management.

We provide a variety of location-based services for your EV. We can help you get the information you need to make informed decisions, whether you want to track your EV’s CO2 emissions or how far you’ve traveled in a day.

Among our app-driven services are:

  • Daily travel distance.
  • Maximum speed on a given day.
  • Average speed over a specified time (day, week, etc.)
  • Live location sharing • Ride completion sharing
  • Cost savings over an IC vehicle.
  • Walk to the vehicle. 
  • Daily rides on the map 
  • Completed riders over a while.
  • EV On/Off alert helps in preventing theft. 
  • Accident detection and generation of alerts on emergency numbers feed in the app 
  • Geo-fencing creation and exit/enter alert. 
  • Battery temperature (if the OEM has an existing soft BMS) 
  • Remaining KMs on the current battery charge (BMS dependent).

The feature we’re most excited about is the remote EV switch ON/OFF via the white-label mobile app. This presents an excellent opportunity for OEMs to offer remote EV switch ON/OFF via the app.

EV manufacturers are constantly striving to make their vehicles more innovative and advanced. The current market scenario requires OEMs to introduce new EV features that will set them apart from the crowd.

With all of the features Ajjas has to offer, and by partnering with Ajjas, EV OEMs can compete with some of the best EV companies on the market today.

Please tell us about your EV segment experience and how Ajjas has excelled in its niche.

Born in Bhopal, MP, I graduated from Sainik School in Rewa, surrounded by people who influenced me. Mr. Ramayani Prasad, my father, encouraged my logical thinking from an early age. Throughout my time at Sainik School, I was confident and performed well in my studies. My interest in aero modeling sparked my interest in engineering.

Continuing my education, I earned a bachelor’s degree in marine engineering from the Marine Engineering and Research Institute and an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode.

As Ajjas’s founder, I played a key role in developing the IoT, which will work great in any two-wheeler with a battery. Ajjas IoT has been tested for over five crore kilometers and operates in over 15,000 two-wheelers without a hitch. My team Ajjas has been assisting me in bringing the Indian market up to speed with the influx of electric vehicles, and I’m grateful to them for ensuring that the IoT and other components are compatible with EVs.

Ajjas is working with ten EV OEMs to develop solutions combining IoT, component-level analytics, CRM/DCRM for dealers and distributors, and a white-label app for clients. My commercial acumen and entrepreneurial spirit have enabled Ajjas to offer EV OEMs a one-stop solution that combines IoT, component-level analytics, dealer/distributor CRM, and a white-label app for clients. Because of our core expertise in IoT, Ajjas’ EV OEM customers can take advantage of this new level of convenience. Our team understands these companies’ specific business needs and has developed solutions to meet those needs.

I developed a platform for our clients to ensure that their products are being used correctly and efficiently by connecting them directly with dealers and distributors via an app that provides real-time analytics on usage. This allows them to see what products people buy and when they use them, allowing them to adjust accordingly.

As an experienced leader, what do you think of adopting modern technologies such as AI and ML affecting the EV sector, and how Ajjas adapt to the change?

AI assists in energy consumption management, safety management, and security, as well as creating a pollution-free eco-friendly environment, a demand of today’s and tomorrow’s society. Society requires smart advancements in vehicle user-friendliness, which AI and electric vehicles can provide.

Ajjas is developing a new machine learning algorithm that could improve the electric vehicle industry’s ability to predict how different driving patterns affect battery performance, reducing charging times and extending battery life.

The algorithm will detect patterns that affect electric vehicle charging. This will allow manufacturers and drivers to more accurately predict how long it will take for a vehicle to charge, which is important for determining how long drivers can stay on the road without stopping to charge their vehicles.

This will improve safety and reliability by lowering the risk of accidents caused by drivers who do not fully understand how long it takes their vehicle to charge, as well as reducing the costs associated with undercharging or overcharging batteries while in use.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs interested in the EV industry?

Congratulations on your decision to pursue an electric vehicle (EV)! It’s an exciting and potentially lucrative venture, necessitating a high level of technical knowledge, attention to detail, and a dedication to customer service. To be successful in the electric vehicle space, you must cultivate strong relationships with your customers and suppliers.

You must understand what components go into the EVs you are building or importing from China and how to ensure quality control of the parts arriving. This entails thoroughly inspecting each component for defects or discrepancies and ensuring that you get the best components for the best price.

You must also be prepared to compete with the market’s established EV brands. These companies have made significant investments in research and development, and as a result, they have a technical advantage over your product.

To be competitive, you must provide a product that is both high in quality and features and delivered on time.

The good news is that you are capable of doing so. You can make your mark in the EV space with hard work and dedication. Focus on developing strong relationships with your customers and suppliers, and always provide the best product. You’ll be able to make a name for yourself in this industry if you have the right attitude, great systems that offer data-driven analytics, and a little luck.

Ajjas is here to help you build a sustainable scale and compete with the current EV leaders.