BUYMYEV: Fostering Revolutionarily Sustainable Green Mobility Solutions

BuyMyEV Technology Pvt Ltd

Many people use public transportation, shared rides, or personal vehicles to get to work every day. Amid concerns about air pollution, rising fuel and maintenance costs, and long commutes, urban commuters seek viable alternatives to traditional IC engines by opting for new-age electric vehicles (EVs).

EVs powered by a DC motor and a battery has provided feasible, simple, clean, dependable, and affordable personal mobility solutions. People are increasingly choosing electric vehicles for private transportation due to these benefits and a desire to reduce their carbon footprint. Electric vehicles have surged as the most preferred personal transit modes for many people, thanks to simple mechanisms, easy battery charging, and operating costs that are less than one-fourth of those of gasoline vehicles.

However, the abundance of EVs on the market has complicated the decision-making process for selecting the best EV. Several EV owners have expressed concerns about the gap between claimed mileage per charge and the actual distance covered in a single charge, battery life, the cost of replacing an old battery, the manufacturer’s and dealer’s reliability, and other issues.

BUYMYEV Technology Pvt Ltd, a modern organization that offers special electric micro-mobility solutions in the form of kick scooters and electric bikes, addresses all these customer concerns effectively. Vivek Sharanappa, the organization’s talented CEO, has guided it to a unique identity in the EV segment. He founded it after recognizing a need for efficient and environment-friendly transportation options for first and last-mile commutes. While working at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, Vivek found that traditional modes of transportation, such as autos and shared bikes, did not meet my needs.

He experienced that the public transport services of buses were low in frequency, were running crowded and untimely. The remaining option of the regular IC engine-powered bike was the only choice for working professionals and students. The rising petrol and maintenance costs burnt a high amount from the hard earnings of the common citizen. Then, Vivek began exploring hyper-local, clean, and green transportation solutions, and thus BUYMYEV was established as a private limited company in Bangalore.

The company initially offered kick scooters and electric bikes as a micro-mobility solution and has since seen success with happy customers. “The kick scooters are a revolutionary micro-mobility option we have created that is the most convenient and feasible for everyone,” informs Vivek. These lightweight scooters can be easily carried and offer simple, affordable, and sleek travel options in today’s challenging traffic conditions. He shares, “We are constantly innovating. Our innovative kick scooter has a swappable battery, a backup battery with a range of 25-30 kilometers, adjustable shocks, a secure key-lock system, and a three-pin battery connector.” 

BUYMYEV is now working towards developing an indigenous electric bike suitable for the global market. Vivek was speaking with the CIOLOOK India team in an exclusive interview. Here are the highlights of that candid discussion. 

Please brief our audience about BUYMYEV, its USPs, and how you are currently positioned as one of the most promising EV solution providers.

At BUYMYEV, we specialize in electric vehicle (EV) solutions, striving to offer the quickest and eco-friendliest form of micro-mobility. Our mission is to make transportation more enjoyable while reducing the carbon footprint.

Our electric vehicles stand out with cutting-edge and visually striking designs, ample foot space, dual swappable batteries, keyless ignition, fat tyres, reverse gear, LED digital tachometer, and various riding modes. The vehicles are designed for safe, secure, comfortable, and affordable rides giving them the best commuting experience. 

To provide indigenous electric bikes that would be a global fit, we offer kick scooters and electric bikes to provide micro-mobility solutions to those looking for sustainable daily commute options.

By creating our flagship products, X5+ and E5, we aim to make your daily commute smoother and more comfortable and create a more sustainable future. X5+ is a comfortable, high-performance, foldable electric scooter with premium craftsmanship. In addition to eight-inch wheels and a highly efficient motor, it is equipped with two exposed aggressive rear suspensions to offer unmatched power, comfort, and stability.

Also, our E5 is the best all-around folding scooter offering the perfect balance of performance, weight, and features best suited for everyday usage. The design of both products is such that there are zero emissions. Furthermore, it has silent motor and Energy Recovery Braking (ERB) systems, making it the perfect choice for you if you are looking for sustainable and comfortable daily commute alternatives.

Ultimately, our products offer unmatched power, comfort, and stability as the design is such that it fulfills the needs of the adventurous rider in you and to withstand any road or weather conditions.

Tell us more about BUYMYEV’s offering and what aspects make it stand out in the cutthroat competition.

BUYMYEV is a company focused on revolutionizing the way we commute by providing electric vehicle solutions that are not only fast and efficient but also eco-friendly. We aim to make transportation more enjoyable while doing our part in reducing carbon emissions.

Our electric vehicles are equipped with advanced features such as innovative designs, spacious foot area, dual swappable batteries, keyless ignition, fat tires, reverse gear, LED digital tachometer, and multiple riding modes, making them stand out in the market. These features provide convenience and comfort and stand out in the cutthroat competition.

Being an experienced leader, share your opinion on how adopting modern technologies like AI and ML impacts the EV sector and how BUYMYEV adapts to the change.

Since the bikes are connected, data can be churned to make better user experiences in terms of ride quality. AI and ML can also help regulate safety measures for the rider, thereby avoiding casualties on the road and making EVs the safest choice of mobility.

The AI system records the rider’s driving patterns and identifies the improvements in riding and other safety precautions. This has helped offer a better riding experience and benefits the riders in getting updates from the system. The recent developments in the EV GPS systems, anti-theft alarm, automatic locking, battery-level indicator, battery consumption mode, better quality in terms of charging, and extended battery life are also the benefits of advanced techs.  

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the EV industry?

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to being an entrepreneur. There is an immense opportunity that the EV industry offers in terms of products and services. I advise aspiring entrepreneurs to find their passion in building a product or providing a service and address the consumers’ problems accordingly.

Make sure that whatever you offer is for the world market. To succeed, you must identify the people’s needs and bridge them with your innovative solutions in products and services. Think how a customer thinks, and then you will find the right answer to help you build a meaningful business.

How do you envision scaling BUYMYEV’s operations and offerings in the future?

We want to expand our product portfolio to address some specific needs of consumers out there. This transposes to scaling the current operations in terms of a larger workforce, expansions in factory capacity, etc. We are currently focusing on expanding our reach from the Bengaluru region to the entire country and are working on increasing our manufacturing capabilities.

The response we are receiving for our current kick scooters is very encouraging, as it has fuelled our teams to work in the right direction. Moreover, we prefer to expand steadily based on the response and the requirements generated. We have signed a memorandum of understanding with countries such as Dubai, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as part of our expansion effort.