Alok Bansal: A Dynamic Leader with Focus on Excellence

Alok Bansal | MD – Visionet Systems India & Global Head | BFSI Business
Alok Bansal | MD – Visionet Systems India & Global Head | BFSI Business

Successful business leaders are driven by the zeal to introduce massive transformations through their dedicated endeavours. They embrace innovation and excellence to bring out something new in their companies’ operations. These leaders never give up during adverse situations and always provide tremendous opportunities to every employee to learn and grow. One such goal-focused change leader in business who is introducing transformational ideas to take the business to the next level is none other than Mr. Alok Bansal, the MD of Visionet Systems India and Global Head of BFSI Business.

Mr. Alok is an expert in managing strategy, global operations, optimizing and leading growth of financial services, mortgage banking, and BPO firms. He is highly skilled in general management, turning around start-up businesses, and in managing multi-site operations. Mr. Alok has led technology and business development fuelling the growth of companies he has worked with.

Being a high-performance leader, he is adept in creating scalable organizations by developing comprehensive programs for team building, leadership development, organizational culture, and knowledge management.

An Accomplished Professional

Mr. Alok has two decades of in-depth experience in spearheading major technology initiatives. He has successfully implemented scalable outsourcing services and delivery infrastructure. Under Mr. Alok’s astute leadership, Visionet gained 7x revenue and the employee base grew by 3.5x. He has developed multiple team-building programs which has helped in developing the operations across multiple organizations.

Supporting Society Dynamically

Mr. Alok believes in going beyond token CSR and in making real and positive impact on the society. He is of the opinion that the country can grow and prosper inclusively only when the paradigm shift happens at a collective level. Envisioned by Mr. Alok, ‘Unnati For India’ is an initiative, which is far-reaching and impactful. The team at Visionet has extended its expertise to make the next generation future ready. Under the umbrella of ‘Unnati For India’, the company plans to train almost one lakh graduates over a tenure of five years, in order to transform them into employable resources in the IT and BPM space. With this initiative, Visionet trained almost 600 graduates last year, and 90% of these resources have been absorbed by Visionet as its employees.

A Decorated Individual

Mr. Alok has made tremendous achievements throughout his illustrious career. He completed his Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT Bombay and completed his executive education in aligning strategy and sales from Harvard Business School. Apart from that, Mr. Alok is a marathoner, fitness enthusiast, and an avid reader, which helps him to carry out his leadership responsibilities effectively.

Under the focused leadership of Mr. Alok, Visionet has received numerous recognitions. The company has won the Microsoft Partner Award in 2021. One of the employees also won the HW Woman of the Year 2021 Award. Besides, owing to the perseverance of Mr. Alok, the company has received testimonials from clients who are part of the top 20 financial institutions in the US. These clients have found Visionet to be a strategic partner that helps them achieve sustainable business outcomes through digital solutions.

A Leader with a Purpose

Mr. Alok believes that a true leader does not create followers, but leaders. He aims at not only overcoming the challenges, but also at creating a sustainable work environment, where people can learn and evolve. With delegation, mentorship, affirmation, motivation, and inspiration, Mr. Alok aims to create a legacy of empowerment.

He believes in putting people at the heart of the organization, investing in them, appreciating their achievements, listening to them, and allowing them to grow. Mr. Alok is of the opinion that a true leader should take every feedback in a positive manner. Especially, during this current pandemic situation, they should encourage the employees to be confident enough to express their grievances and to come up with suggestions and new ideas. This way, in the future, when they lead their own teams, the employees will remember how it felt to be seen and heard, which in turn, will also turn them into good listeners.

About Visionet Systems

Visionet Systems, Inc. is a premier Information Technology, Consulting, and Business Process Management Company that delivers solutions to enable its clients to do business better. It offers a unique combination of technology, knowledge experts, and proprietary mortgage technology products. The company excels in delivering industry-leading solutions to global BFSI clients.

With a talent pool of more than 6,500 passionate engineers and digital consultants across the world, Visionet offers agile and innovation-driven value to its clients.

Towards a Bright Future

As the Global Head of Visionet BFSI, Mr, Alok aims to make India a global financial hub in the Asian market and develop it into a centre of excellence for automation, analytics, cloud and data technology, and innovation. The company plans to deepen its talent pool to provide comprehensive, high-quality banking/fintech advisory solutions. Marching ahead, Mr Alok intends to facilitate and invest in R&D to develop new solutions, including the use of distributed ledger technology for inter-bank payments and trade finance.

Under his dynamic leadership, the company will continue to enhance its regulatory approach, to support enterprise and innovation while maintaining financial soundness. Visionet will also continue to focus on ensuring that regulations support innovative business models and on strengthening the cyber resilience of financial institutions. Mr. Alok believes that complementing the business strategies and innovation agenda will be an active skill development program to help the financial sector workforce build world-class skills. With digitalization and automation, job roles will evolve, and existing professionals must be equipped with new skills and competencies.