ARCON: A World-Class Invincible Protector of Your Digital Identity


The digital ocean is made up of billions and billions of water droplets of data. We are all but fishes, swimming in digitalization’s current, trying to protect ourselves as our digital identities are threatened severely by predatory cybercriminals.

Threats abound; it is not only our digital identities but also our entire future, now heavily reliant upon protecting our data, ideas, networks, devices, and privacy. In our hyper, digitally converged realm, digital identities play an immensely critical role, and data has tremendous value.

On the one hand, digital identities are no longer human; they are now embedded in everything we have: machines, phones, wearables, chips, cars, etc. On the other hand, this integrated intelligence and its ocean full of data water must be protected at any cost. The impact of its evaporation or loss would be unimaginable on a scale we could not even comprehend.

Thanks to ARCON, a world-class invincible protector of our digital identities, data, infrastructure, assets, ideas, and privacy, we can breathe a sigh of relief.

Mr Anil Bhandari, Chief Mentor of ARCON, shares, “Recognized in the global analyst community as a leading PAM solution provider, ARCON is already protecting thousands of identities in over 1050 organizations worldwide and providing a secure path to digitalization.”

The Global Digital Shield

ARCON is a leading information risk-management solutions provider specializing in Privileged Access Management and continuous risk-assessment solutions. Built on three founding pillars: Predict, Protect, and Prevent, the company offers a robust stack of solutions that leverages Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to ensure a “proactive” cybersecurity posture against a “reactive” stance and mitigate looming insider, third-party, and advanced cyber threats in real-time.

The company builds solutions that enable IT, security professionals, to form impregnable perimeter security around IT systems, endpoints, and data whilst enabling them to develop a comprehensive Governance, Risks, and Compliance (GRC) framework.

Founded in London in 2006 with its research and development center and headquarters in Mumbai, India, ARCON’s mission is to provide global organizations with a secure centralized platform for managing, monitoring, and controlling the increasing number of digital identities. Therefore, it continues to innovate and build best-in-class enterprise-grade and highly scalable IAM solutions and digital vaults to address emerging enterprise access control use cases, whether on-premises, hybrid ecosystems, or multi-cloud environments.

ARCON’s solutions have been deployed by 1050+ global organizations that include major banks, government organizations, telecom giants, oil and gas majors, utilities, MSPs, and pharmaceutical companies, among others.

An Adept Leader

Anil Bhandari (Chief Mentor) owns a reputation that is quoted as an inspired innovator, technologist, and thought leader in the Information-Risk Management area. By profession, he is a Chartered Accountant, but his core area of interest has always been enterprise-wide risk management.

Anil is an inspired innovator, technologist, and thought leader in Information Risk Management. He serves as a mentor, thought leader and provides invaluable insights for ARCON’s future growth and development. He mentors the product technology road map with his insightful knowledge of Risk Management, Internal Audits, and Regulatory compliance standards.

He leads a large team of techies in product innovation and technology roadmap due to his extensive experience in risk assessment of data centers, networks, various technology platforms, and core IT processes. For more than fifteen years, his extensive acuity in the information security and GRC domains has made ARCON an unwavering solution provider in the IT security space.

Securing Your Digital Assets

The journey from a consultancy to an information security solution provider definitely has a genuine thought process in the background. During its regular business activities, meetings, and discussions, ARCON came across the challenge and need to safeguard official business data multiple times in diverse ways.

As we were in talks about starting a new venture simultaneously, we questioned ourselves, “Why not us?”

Mr Bhandari shares, “ARCON commenced its journey to assess and predict enterprise data security threats, protect those data seamlessly, and prevent them from being accessed by any malicious actor at any level of the IT network thanks to a few of my lovely associates with an entrepreneurial mindset. Therein lies the birth secret of its tagline: Predict | Protect | Prevent.”

A Sagacity of Prominence

The major USPs of ARCON solutions are their robustness, the number of features offered, customization ability, scalability, and obvious value for money. The quality of services, competitive pricing, and customer-centric approach have elevated ARCON from the rest of the brands globally. Even the popular and recognized analyst communities have agreed to the same in the last few years.

Today, ARCON is widely recognized by global analyst communities such as Gartner, KuppingerCole, and Forrester. ARCON has been named a global leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management in 2021 and 2022.

KuppingerCole Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Management also recognized ARCON as an “Overall Leader” and an “Innovation Leader” in 2021. ARCON has also been recognized as the “Customers’ Choice” in the Gartner “Voice of the Customer” for Privileged Access Management both in 2020 and 2021.

Evolving with the Advancements

Sharing his valuable opinions on how Enterprise Security is crucial today, and what advancements can we expect in the future, Mr Bhandari shares, “The importance of enterprise security in the post-pandemic era is beyond explanation. Organizations have faced huge transitions in terms of IT infrastructure, work culture, and IT security policies.

As a result, more sophisticated IT security practices have become highly essential. The proliferation of cloud computing, DevOps, SaaS-based applications, and IoTs has automatically increased the demand for AI/ML-based advanced solutions that can meet the needs of modern IT security.”

“Simultaneously, extensive R&D on different emerging IT threat patterns can enhance and improvise the existing solutions towards futuristic needs. This has to be a continuous process to ensure that technological advancements are on par with IT risk control expectations,” he adds.

Word to the Wise

Sharing the pearls of wisdom for the budding aspirants, Mr Bhandari says, “Every aspirant has to be on their toes to make sure that their solution can address every possible IT security vulnerability in any kind of IT environment. To survive the cut-throat competition among the vendors, the ‘extra-edge’ has to be there to make sure that they can elevate themselves as a brand every day.”

Embracing the Future Roadmap

ARCON is extremely futuristic in terms of improvisations on the solutions. Today, Privileged Access Management (PAM), Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM), Identity and Access Management (IDAM) solutions, and the latest ARCON | Cloud Governance have more threat predictive features than reactive ones.

IaaS and SaaS infrastructure have been extensively adopted by organizations, and for that, ARCON offers the best-in-class customized and scalable solutions. Along with DLP features, many organizations have initiated demands for data remediation capabilities, and ARCON will very soon start meeting that need too.

Moreover, ARCON has plans for more geographic expansion. “It is already a multi-national organization with a strong presence in the APAC, MEA, and European regions. At the same time, it has started to grab the markets of the USA and Latin America, which will complete ARCON as a “Global Brand” in the truer sense,” concludes Mr Bhandari.