ARCON Tech Solutions: Protecting the Cyber Realm From Every Threat

ARCON Tech Solutions

Everyday, new cyber threats emerge in the digital world, and the situation becomes tricky while resolving the issues. Moreover, with the increased use of technology in business processes, numerous organizations also face cybersecurity problems.

The future of cybersecurity will largely depend on how these organizations protect their fragmented digital identities. Moreover, the Converged Identity Platform (CIP) is in demand, and very few solutions providers offer these services.

In such a scenario, ARCON Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, India, with a sales office in Houston, Texas, US, is pioneering in providing CIPs that manage, monitor and control a distinct number of identities and provide a single pane of glass for comprehensive visibility for any identity (human or non-human) and identity-first security approach.

Under the leadership of Anil Bhandari, Chief Mentor, the company is the world’s leading information security solutions provider specializing in Converged IAM (Identity and Access Management) solutions and digital vaults to protect data, credentials, APIs, cloud workloads, endpoints, and other forms of confidential information.

Prominent Solutions

Privileged Access Management (PAM) has evolved significantly in recent years. It has gone beyond just securing, controlling, or monitoring privileged accounts. Also, today’s modern IT environment demands not only the security of privileged identities but also any shared identity, human identity, machine identity, or even cloud identity. ARCON offers Converged Identity that gives comprehensive visibility of all identities under one platform.

Moreover, ARCON’s Endpoint Privilege Management (EPM) enhances IT administration and user experience with real-time threat detection and user access governance. This helps to detect and mitigate insider threats in a restricted and controlled IT environment. ARCON My Vault is another prominent solution that works as a repository to securely store, share and protect confidential files, folders, and business secrets.

Distinctive Features 

A global company, ARCON stands out in the industry because of the following factors:

  • Quick Integration: ARCON ensures quick integration, its projects end on time, and generate higher ROI and lower TCO.
  • Cloud-native: ARCON’s products and applications accelerate the organization’s cloud-first journey.
  • Risk-predictive Component: Whatever ARCON builds or innovates, it considers risk factors of the procedure and is an intrinsic part of the solution’s DNA.
  • Customer-centric: It provides customized solutions to its global customers in the access management environment.

Not just this, ARCON caters to both on-prem deployments and SaaS-delivered solution requirements and has one of the largest stacks of connectors that ensures swift implementations. Thanks to its robust partner network, product capabilities, and global reach, it serves as the most dynamic identity and access management solution provider in India and across the globe.

These solutions help build cyber resilience, protect confidential data, ensure data integrity and privacy, secure digital identities (both human and non-human), and help comply with global IT standards, regulatory bodies, and Central Banks’ mandates.

A New-Age Thought Leader 

Anil Bhandari is an inspired innovator, technologist, and thought leader in Information Risk Management. A Chartered Accountant by profession, Anil’s area of interest always has been Enterprise-wide Risk Management. Anil started his career as a management consultant, serving in many sectors ranging from engineering to commodities and healthcare to IT/ITES. Besides, he also led several M&A and Due Diligence teams on behalf of clients spanning several industry verticals, especially in the EU region.

Additionally, Anil has in-depth experience assessing risks for data centres, networks, varied technology platforms, and core IT processes. He possesses intensive knowledge in the Information Security and GRC domains. The knowledge acquired over the years has helped him to consult large enterprises looking to implement cutting-edge solutions in Cyber Security and the best practices for critical functions such as BCP/DR.

He has persistently contributed to several associations and forums and has been a part of various national and international committees focusing on technology risk management and internal audit. Having contributed as an honourary advisor to regulators on risk and compliance, Anil is now internationally regarded as a thought leader in Information Risk Management, Internal Audits, Regulatory compliance, fraud, forensic, and IT/Cyber Security space.

In ARCON, Anil serves as a Chief Mentor and mentors a large team of techies for product innovation and technology roadmap. Discussions and strategizing with the development team to build robust risk control solutions that mitigate Information Security related challenges emerging in the digital sphere dominate his packed work schedule.

Digital Transformation Journey 

Businesses may analyse data to enhance customer service, spot trends and optimise pricing, manage their supply chain, and even automate marketing campaigns by utilising AI and ML technology,” says Anil.

AI content-generating technologies can speed up the output of a single writer. Similarly, they can manage more customer service requests, and smarter chatbots may even be able to conduct outreach for marketing. Additionally, as machine learning algorithms closely resemble how people think and act, they are useful in commercial settings. ML aids in identifying keywords in web app development and offers the user several options to enhance user experience.

Human disengagement and excessive automation pose a security threat, especially when multiple technologies and data transfer apparatus are deployed for exchanging digital information. This creates a threat of data loss and opens vistas for security (identity-based) attacks. “ARCON, an ace in data security services, has rolled up its sleeves not only to maintain pace with current AI and ML trends but also to enhance its security software system,” adds Anil. The company has robust fool-proof IAM solutions for their arson which facilitate smoother information exchange through AI and MI tools with zero compromises on security and enhance organizations’ digital transformation journey.

Defeating the Odds 

Practically, the current IT security industry, especially the IAM industry, is undergoing non-stop evolution and new requirements are generated every day. It is paving its way towards multiple avenues, including identity security, cloud security, security of hybrid IT environments, automated solutions, etc.

Moreover, as organizations worldwide are adopting these trends, the regulatory compliance framework is also getting more stringent daily. ARCON identity access solutions (Converged Identity, Privileged Access Management, Endpoint Privilege Management, and Cloud Access Governance, to name a few) meet the requirements of IT standards and mandate with the governing bodies. It eventually builds the foundation of cyber resilience.

Mentoring the Budding Leaders

It is always a pleasure to advise and mentor budding IT professionals who envision venturing into cybersecurity,” says Anil happily. He adds that amid cut-throat competition, budding leaders can excel in their ventures by following some important things:

  • Innovation: You can materialize your brainchild into any product/ solution, but it requires continuous evolution to remain competitive. Every new improvisation is another ‘reason’ for your client to implement your solution. We can never stop R&D at any cost.
  • Listen to your customers: Adhering to the age-old saying ‘Customer is King’, you must know that there cannot be any alternative but listening to the “King”! Always take customer compliments as motivation and customer criticisms/complaints as a scope/area that deserve betterment/amendment. Eventually, it can help your products/solutions excel to a different high of flawlessness.
  • Always have a great roadmap for your products: Your business journey cannot proceed without a path and direction. It requires a clear roadmap that helps the product to achieve its goal of being a robust solution step by step.
  • Nurture your business partnerships: Your business partners are the sailors of your business. Hence, there should be mutual understanding, clarity of rights, and flexibility that can boost your business with an escalating revenue graph.
  • Doing by Learning & Learning by doing: Learning is a never-ending process, and learning could be useless if it is not done or implemented. At the same time, whatever you learn while doing this will turn into a use case for you, and R&D starts again for chances, possibilities, and solutions.

Aggressive Growth Plan

ARCON has a very aggressive growth and expansion plan across the world. The company is already the market leader in the APAC and MEA regions and plans to expand slowly. It aims to expand its operations in North America, Europe, and Oceania.

ARCON has acquired some huge brands in these regions strengthening its partner network. The company has a dedicated team in the US. “We believe that Converged Identity is the future of IAM, and our R&D and innovation will be focused on this to make our offering even better in the years to come,” Anil concludes.

Awards and Recognition

ARCON possesses a list of global awards/recognitions received so far.

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India Award, 2023: Some of the fastest-growing technology providers in India.
  • Gartner Peer Insights ‘Voice of the Customer: Privileged Access Management’ recognized ARCON as the Customers’ Choice in the Privileged Access Managementspace consecutively in 2021 and 2022.
  • Gartner: Leader in Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Managementreport and Leader in Critical Capabilities for Privileged Access Management report (2020, 2021, 2022).
  • KuppingerCole Analysts: Leader in their Leadership Compass for Privileged Access Managementreports (2020, 2021, 2022)
  • ARCON was also featured in Gartner’s exclusive research report on the APAC region, named Gartner Asia-Pacific Context: Magic Quadrant for Privileged Access Management.