Aron Govil: Building a Better Future

Aron Govil
Aron Govil

Success in business often requires determination, hard work, and a clear set of goals. Focused leaders understand that setting specific, achievable goals for themselves and their business will give them a path to stay focused on what they need to do to achieve their objectives.

Embodying entrepreneurial excellence and turning barriers into breakthroughs, Mr. Aron Govil has gained worldwide prominence through his Ducon Group, headquartered in the USA and involved in energy, environment, infrastructure and entertainment fields globally.

Aron Govil is the CMD of Ducon Infratechnologies Ltd., (NSE: DUCON) based in Thane, India, a Ducon Group company. Ducon Infratechnologies Limited is a technology company with EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) capabilities to execute turnkey projects all over India and has completed multiple projects during the last 18 years in India.

Versatile and Committed

Aron Govil holds a BE degree in Chemical Engineering and MBA in Finance. He single‐handedly built the Ducon Group from a one‐person outfit in 1986 to a global enterprise that has secured over 30 patents in the most advanced technologies and has completed over 30,000 industrial and utility projects globally. Mr. Govil is a leading entrepreneur who has achieved success through his hard work, patience, brilliance, and indomitable spirit.

Long Island Business news has ranked Aron’s US-based company Ducon Technologies among the top 50 companies. It was also ranked as the leading Indian‐owned company in the USA by News India Times based on annual revenue.

Spreading Roots

Mr. Govil’s company DUCON started operations in India in 2005 and now undertakes projects in multiple business segments, as detailed below:

Flue Gas Desulphurisation System (FGD):

FGD System is the core business of DUCON. This Air Pollution Control system helps Thermal Power Plants and the captive Power plants of other industries to remove sulfur dioxide in Coal and Oil fired Boilers. DUCON’s FGD systems can utilize Seawater, Caustic, Lime, Limestone, Magnesium Oxide, Soda Ash, and Dual Alkali as reagents for purification.

DUCON pioneered the FGD system in India and is regarded as the leader. Following are the milestones achieved by DUCON in India.

  • DUCON has installed India’s first Sea water FGD system with 100% flue gas for 2 X 250 MW at Dahanu Thermal Power Station for Reliance Energy Ltd, Dahanu, Maharashtra, India.
  • DUCON is also credited with providing India’s first Wet limestone FGD system on a coal-fired power plant with the production of saleable Gypsum for 2 x 600 MW at Udupi Thermal Power Station, Karnataka, India.
  • India’s first ever Dual Alkali Scrubber for Sterlite Copper, Toothukudi, Tamil Nadu, India, is provided by DUCON.
  • India’s first ever FGD system for Glass Furnace at Saint Gobain Glass, Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu, India, is installed by DUCON.

Due to the continuously increasing demand for energy, rapid infrastructure growth, and awareness of the adverse impacts of air pollution, the need for FGD systems in India is growing exponentially.

India satisfies most of its power requirements through thermal power. Thermal power generation constitutes about 56.5 percent of the total installed capacity, followed by renewable energy, which is 21.2 percent. As the world advances, around 30 GW of coal-based capacity is expected to be added over the next five years. This is primarily led by under-construction projects of the state and central entities, according to Research by CRISIL.

Recently, the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) had issued a notification no: S.O.3305(E) titled “Environmental (Protection) Amendment Rules, to reduce emissions of suspended particulate matter (SPM), SOx, NOx and mercury at thermal power plants (TPPs).

With the MoEFCC order, installing Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) systems in the existing and upcoming thermal power plants totaling up to 160 GW, has become compulsory to curb SOx emissions. As per the Central Electricity Authority’s (CEA) implementation plan, the existing TPPs must comply with the new emission standards in the coming years. DUCON, the pioneer of FGD in India, is better placed than anybody else to grab the opportunities in the current scenario.

Bulk Material Handling Systems:

Bulk Material Handling System is the second significant business segment of DUCON in India. The system involves automatic handling, transportation, loading, and unloading dry materials like Fly Ash, Alumina, Coal, Limestone, etc. This caters to the requirements of the industries in the Power sector, Alumina, Iron Ore, Petroleum, Cement, and other similar sectors. DUCON is credited with installing India’s Largest Material Handling system in an Aluminium Smelter at Aditya Aluminium Unit of Hindalco Industries Ltd, Sambalpur, Orissa, India.

Ash handling systems for Power Generation Industry:

The industry’s main applications are the removal of ash from boiler and filter systems. Course ash/Fly ash collected at Economizer / Air Pre Heater / Duct Hoppers / ESP hoppers is pneumatically conveyed to intermediate silos and remote silos. DUCON has the capability and technology to design the most efficient dense phase conveying system with a capacity as high as 300 TPH and conveying distance above 1500m.

Rural and Urban Electrification:

DUCON diversified into Electrification projects in the year 2015 which involves critical tasks for the construction of Substations, 11/33 KV lines, Meter replacements, and Augmentation of existing electric line systems in smaller cities. DUCON has executed Rural Electrification under Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana (DDUGJY) of the Government of India in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.

DUCON Customers:

A list of some of DUCON’s Major Customers is as under:

  • NTPC
  • Hindalco
  • BHEL
  • Singerani
  • Adani Power
  • Nalco
  • Balco
  • IOCL
  • SAIL
  • Vedanta

Technological Achievements

Ducon Group is a dominant market leader with its proven technologies which can provide single-source responsibility for the execution of significant turnkey projects throughout the world.

During the desert storm war in America, Mr. Govil’s Ducon company in the USA developed an innovative device for the department of defense that was installed inside US tanks to remove dust particles, causing breathing trouble to soldiers inside the tanks. They had never experienced such terrain before and needed to develop a reliable and quick solution which DUCON developed. Another milestone relates to the Cold War years USA had with Soviet Union during which time both countries maintained a stockpile of underground nuclear missiles for years which were never used. Aron Govil’s USA company, worked with US Department of Defense and developed a new technology to safely destroy leaking toxic and dangerous fuel propellants from stockpiles of minuteman missiles in underground silos. Mr. Govil has been at the forefront of innovative technologies for many years as is evident with over 30 patents secured in various technological fields.

Effective and Building On

Aron Govil is a dynamic explorer of new vistas of enterprising life and has proven that the zenith of success is achievable if the person aspiring for it continues his pursuits consistently and can always maintain his focus with a positive attitude in life.

With over 35 years of extensive and diversified experience, Aron Govil is a highly accomplished, results-driven, multi-skilled executive with an entrepreneurial mindset. Mr. Govil is a creative leader with technical and business expertise in multiple sectors, including energy, environment, technology, and entertainment. Aron Govil has established a proven track record of delivering strategic, financial, and commercial goals in fast-paced, constantly evolving global industries. As a strategic thinker and effective leader who nurtures innovation and team spirit, Mr. Govil has developed a network of dedicated executives and a strong network of client and colleague relationships worldwide.

Aron’s accomplishments in his enterprising life are a saga of a courageous businessman devoutly undertaking divergent business ventures in challenging circumstances because of his penchant for the thrill of accomplishment. Aron Govil has proven the fact that an individual’s concerted efforts never go in vain. With his belief in being happy with what he is blessed with, Aron exhorts enhancing endeavors for further development and assigning more importance to humanitarian services than earning eminence for his noble deeds. Despite being a leading entrepreneur, he still considers that spiritual satisfaction can be derived from healing humanity rather than hoarding material wealth.