Olectra, in partnership with Reliance to Introduce Hydrogen-Powered Bus

In a technological partnership with Reliance, Olectra Greentech unveiled a Hydrogen bus. read this news for more information

In a technological partnership with Reliance, Olectra Greentech unveiled a Hydrogen bus. The company said it intends to commercially offer the carbon-free alternative to conventional public transportation within a year.

Olectra claimed that in response to the depletion of natural resources and the damaging effects of air pollution and emissions, it has taken the initiative to speed up the development of hydrogen-powered buses. According to a press release, the programme would assist India in achieving its goals for carbon-free hydrogen.

The only emissions from the hydrogen-powered buses’ tailpipes are water. This is the primary USP for gradually replacing outdated diesel and gasoline systems with new environmentally friendly buses.

Within a year, Olectra hopes to put these buses on the market.

India-based Olectra Greentech has been producing electric buses since 2000. In addition, it is the biggest producer of silicone rubber/composite insulators for power transmission and distribution networks in India.

The bus can drive up to 400 kilometres on a single hydrogen fill. The fuelling process would take roughly 15 minutes for this range.

The bus has Type-4 hydrogen cylinders mounted on the roof. The temperature range that the cylinders can withstand is (-)20 to (+)85 degrees Celsius.

“Olectra aims to contribute to the nation’s environmentally sustainable energy security through its hydrogen buses,” The firm stated in a release.

The seating capacity of this 12-meter low-floor vehicle, which includes a driver seat, may be adjusted to accommodate 32 to 49 passengers.

Olectra Greentech is a division of Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd.