Asian Cancer Institute-Cumballa Hill Hospital: World-Class Cancer Care with a Humane Touch

For an individual, battling with cancer is a nightmarish battle for survival. More than often, cancer is detected in the later stages, making it difficult for the patient to respond positively to the treatments offered and thus endure the ordeal. More than quick diagnosis and the precise treatment, what all of the patients expect are qualities like compassion, humane caring attitude, affordability and easily accessible care that can ensure them speedy recovery.

In this regard, Asian Cancer Institute-Cumballa Hill Hospital, aka ACI-CHH has emerged as an institution with dedication, commitment, and values at the foundational core of its existence and operations.

ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital, located in the heart of Mumbai at Kemps Corner is backed and managed by a team of renowned oncosurgeons from The Asian Institute of Oncology Pvt Ltd. The distinguished multispecialty panel, backed by a team of experienced healthcare professionals, promises to provide comprehensive, advanced holistic treatment. ACI-CHH has developed an approach for providing personalized medical treatment with a humane touch, reviving hope in healthcare.

The Healing Foundation of Hope

ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital is a NABH Accredited multi-speciality COVID-free tertiary healthcare centre with over 50 beds – out of which 11 are Intensive Care Unit (ICU) beds, three state-of-the-art operation theatres, an advanced Cath lab, a robotic surgery suite, an endoscopy suite, isolation rooms, and daycare services. The hospital is known for its oncology expertise, as it is home to the panel of top oncologists. The hospital handles all types of oncology surgeries and chemotherapies.

ACI-CHH’s Kemp’s Corner facility is well equipped with three operating rooms and an endoscopy theater for preventive health care and dental care. It combines cutting-edge infrastructure with technological advancements in a delightfully pleasant, patient-friendly setting. It’s a fantastic team of qualified doctors who work around the clock to provide patients with the best medical care possible.

The hospital has a rich history, beginning as a boutique hospital led by India’s leading Obstetrician and Gynecologist, late Dr VN Shirodkar, who assisted in the birth of the former Prime Minister, the late Honorable Rajiv Gandhi, here.

The hospital was later managed by renowned cardiothoracic surgeon Dr KR Shetty, who expanded it into a tertiary care facility specializing in heart ailments under the new name Cumballa Hill Hospital and Heart Institute.

This location now has the added benefit of excellence in cancer care provided by Asian Cancer Institute which has been constantly awarded as the Western India’s Best Cancer Care Center for three consecutive years (Times of India 2017,18,19,20). This is because ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital provides excellence in all tertiary care disciplines as well as cancer care.

Fostering Compassionate Healthcare

ACI-CHH offers all the treatments in the modern state-of-the-art infrastructure with several characteristic features, including Top Notch doctors, Fast Investigations and Fast Treatment, Mammography, a Dedicated daycare unit for chemotherapy, Trained staff for chemotherapy, Medicine is prepared under proper techniques and a biosafety cabinet, Histopathology, Cases are Published as Research Papers, there are Weekly clinical meets where the cases have been discussed, and 24*7 laboratory and diagnostic centre.

The hospital is running a short-term oncology course for the nursing staff. Also, facilities like a Trained staff, Panel of Cardiologists and Cardiac Surgeons, 24*7 Cardiac Cath Lab and Cardiac OT are available for immediate treatment. ACI-CHHs well-equipped ICU manages cardiac patients and treats international patients too.

The Multidisciplinary Advantage

Orthopedics, ENT, Bariatric Surgery, Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery, Dentistry, Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, Surgical Oncology, Medical Oncology, Gastroenterology, General Medicine, GI Surgery and Proctology, Gynecology, Minimally Invasive surgeries of Laparoscopy/Thoracoscopy, and other services are available at the hospital. Nephrology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Pulmonology, Thoracic Surgery, Urology, Vascular Surgery, Radiology, and many other specialties are available.

ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital also offers comprehensive health checkup packages for people of all ages. There are facilities for pulmonary function testing, stress testing, 2D echo with dobutamine, ECG, mobile x-ray, digital x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, and interventional radiology. Accident and Emergency, Blood Storage Unit, Daycare, Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, 24×7 Pharmacy, and Mortuary are also available.

Recovered Patients Expressions of Gratitude

Manjula Kochher – “I had a very satisfying experience with the hospital. All staff – doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and room service staff- are very good and cooperative. Always prompt in replying to your queries. I am glad that I choose this hospital for my treatment. Thanks a lot for all your support and caring.”

Anuraj Anand – “Really good hospital, with awesome surgeons and health care staff. I was operated on for oesophagus cancer here. Dr Deshpande and his team of doctors took really good care of me and my health. Dr Anjali is an amazing physiotherapist who made sure I did all my exercises which really helped me get back on my feet. Thanks to the entire ACI for taking good care of me!”

Apurva Avarsekar – “The health care service provided at Cumballa Hill Hospital is excellent. The doctors are extremely efficient, proficient and friendly. The nursing team is very helpful and caring. I would especially like to thank Dr Anjali Parabh for the physiotherapy treatment that she gave me. She is an intelligent, bubbly and a sweet person who made all the sessions enjoyable. I would recommend this hospital for its atmosphere as well as the professional doctors and nursing staff.”

Pruthviraj Chaudhari – “Amazing support provided by Hospital doctors, sisters, brothers and medical staff. The facilities are very good. Communication with any staff/doctor is very convenient. Hygiene is up to the mark. The canteen food served is healthy. Thank you for your service.”

*ACI-CHH Hall of Fame*

The Asian Cancer Institute – Cumballa Hill Hospital has many awards and achievements as a testament to its humongous success and popularity amidst healthcare seekers.

  • 9th Empower Award 2023.
  • Critical Care Health Survey 2022.
  • Midday Health & Wellness Award 2021.
  • Multi-Speciality Survey 2021.
  • Emerging Multi-Speciality Hospital by Times Healthcare Leaders 2020-21.
  • Best Emerging Multi-Speciality Hospital by Times of India Healthcare Surgery 2020.
  • Iconic Emerging Multi-Speciality Hospital 2020 by Mid-Day Iconic Awards.
  • Best Emerging Multi-Speciality Hospital
  • Best Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Hospital Award
  • First position as a national single speciality hospital in all India critical care hospital ranking survey 2023.
  • Iconic Hospital in Oncology in Mumbai by mid-day Health & Wellness Icons.

An Empowering Leadership

Dr Ramakant Deshpande, Chairman of Asian Institute of Oncology Pvt Ltd – Cumballa Hill Hospital, has been the driving force behind the developments and exceptional services provided by ACI-CHH. Dr Ramakant specializes in the treatment of Esophageal, Lung, Chest Wall, Mediastinal, Pediatric, and Thoracoscopy/Robotic Surgery tumors.

Dr Ramakant is a well-known cancer expert with over 35 years of experience. He has been very active and passionate in providing dedicated services that not only cured the patients but also provided valuable guidance to the patients and their families in adhering to the procedures and protocols.

With his diagnosis and effective treatments, his vision and broader approach to the patient’s condition have been accurate. Throughout his distinguished career, Dr Ramakant has assisted and guided the development of several oncologists.


Technological applications in healthcare have brought about the much-needed transformation, allowing doctors to make more accurate and timely diagnosis. It has aided in efficient data management by creating, handling, analyzing, and comprehending data in real time. “Our operation theaters, modernized fully equipped Cath Lab, ICUs, pharmacy, laboratory, and radiology (X-ray and ultrasonography) services are open at all times, every day,” Dr Ramakant says.

He goes on to say that their advanced cardiology services are equipped with Western India’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based platform with Low Dose Technology in Best-in-Class Patient Care. Virtual Simulation with enhanced capabilities and 78% contrast volume reduction in structural heart procedures.

Words of Wisdom

Dr Ramakant advises aspiring cancer specialists to ‘have an approach to learning new things and observe doctors in their medical practice.’ Understanding the symptoms, scheduling proper diagnosis with tests, and determining the exact cause are all critical. As you work on more cases, you will gain confidence. Be curious about the treatments, duration, and results by monitoring the patient’s condition, health status, and repetitive diagnostic reports. Talk positively and give your best possible services and guidance.’’

Towards the Healthiest Future

Sharing ACI-CHH’s vision, mission and values Dr Ramakant says ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital, an innovative and leading tertiary care hospital is dedicated to transforming patients’ lives through clinical quality, patient-centric service and unmatched commitment. He states, “We are committed to providing compassionate, accessible, high-quality, cost-effective healthcare to the community.”

At ACI-Cumballa Hill Hospital, Dr Ramakant and his team recognizes the value of every person and are guided by their mission of commitment to excellence and leadership. He adds, “We at ACI-CHH believe in providing personalized medical treatment with a humane touch. And that is our future vision, too.”

He further says that they are investing in people, processes, technologies, infrastructure, and advancing themselves with a 360-degree holistic and sustainable strategic approach. “Getting patients from all parts of the country and the world, we have steadily designed our expansion plan, which has footprints in the making – Centers in UP, Bhuvaneshwar, Indore, Navi Mumbai, Borivali, Muscat, and Vietnam,” concludes Dr Ramakant.